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## CocoaHeads of Raleigh/Durham, NC
CocoaHeads in Raleigh-Durham, NC generally meets on the fourth Thursday of each month, switching between Raleigh and Durham. We also meet weekly in the form of an NSCoder Night. For more information about meetings and to register, visit [](
We are now recording video of our talks each month and releasing them on [](
Follow updates on twitter with [@trianglecocoa](
## Next Meeting
Our next meeting is __Thursday July 26__ in Durham, NC at the [Two Toasters]( office at [320 E. Chapel Hill St.](
__Agenda TBA__
## Previous Meetings
- __2012__
- __CocoaHeads June__ _in Raleigh_:
- Localization [by Ameir Al-Zoubi]( [[Watch the Video](]
- Animating Custom Layer Properties [by Rob Napier]( [[Watch the Video](]
- Building iOS Apps with Jenkins [by Bruce Shankle]( [[Watch the Video](]
- __CocoaHeads May__ _in Durham_:
- Accessibility [by Marty Cullen]( [[Watch the Video](]
- Bonjour [by Kevin Conner]( [[Watch the Video](]
- Taming Xcode [by Jay Thrash]( [[Watch The Video](]
- __CocoaHeads April__ _in Raleigh_:
- Notifications vs Delegation [by Jay Thrash]( [[Watch the Video](]
- Using Core Data with UIManagedDocument [by Alondo Brewington](
- How to get your Dream Job [by Mike Hay]( [[Watch the Video](]
- __CocoaHeads March__ _in Durham_:
- Building a (Core) Foundation by Rob Napier
- SkimLinks: Gotta make that paper by Scott Penrose
- Git Bisect by Scott Penrose
- __CocoaHeads February__ _in Raleigh_:
- Drawing with OpenGL by Jacob Beaudoin
- Parent/Child View Controllers by Bruce Ricketts
- __CocoaHeads January__ _in Durham_:
- Storyboards by Trevor Brown
- Twitter Framework by Marty Cullen
- __2011__
- __CocoaHeads December__ _in Raleigh_:
- Getting Started with iCloud by Andria Jensen
- GLKit by Kevin Conner
- __CocoaHeads November__ _in Durham_:
- Thanksgiving App Showcase where many members showed off their work.
- __CocoaHeads October__ _in Raleigh_:
- Rebooting Your App by Lawrence Ingraham
- ARC by Josh Johnson
- __CocoaHeads September__ _in Raleigh_:
- Beyond the SDK by Lawrence Roufail
- __CocoaHeads August__ _in Durham_:
- Three20 Navigation by Alondo Brewington
- __CocoaHeads June__ _in Durham_:
- OpenGL ES by Jacob Beaudoin
- __CocoaHeads May__ _in Durham_:
- Cocos2D by Jonathan Rippy
- __CocoaHeads April__ _in Durham_:
- RestKit by Jeremy Ellison
- __CocoaHeads March__ _in Durham_:
- Background Audio MP3 Streaming by Scott Klein
- My App Doesn't Sell, Help! by Lawrence Ingraham

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