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Samples For Demonstrating Bug Reports
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ARCBugCGColor Added sample for rdar://11717864
ActionsBug Added sample for rdar://19411256
CATiledLayerMemory Added sample for rdar://14942449
CompositionBug Added sample for rdar://19323748
ContainerViewDemo Added sample for rdar://11688188
CoreTextLineOrigins Added sample for rdar://10810114
DTCoreTextExceptionExample Added sample for rdar://15139980
InputViewScrollViewBug Added Sample for rdar://13836932
KerningTest Added additional example
LocalNotification Added sample for rdar://17976899
LogTest Added sample for rdar://14670536
MinMaxLineHeightBug Added sample for rdar://12863734
NSDictionaryCGRectParsing Added sample for rdar://12358120
PickerBug Added sample for rdar://18957593
QuickLookBug Added Sample for rdar://14216037
RelationBug Added sample for rdar://11541277
RoundedRectArtifact Added sample for rdar://14954549
ScanAreaBug Added sample for rdar://14427767
SizeClassBug Added sample for rdar://18893122
StatusBarBug Added sample for rdar://8313852
StoreKitSheetTest Added sample for rdar://20090284
StoreKitVCBug Added sample for rdar://20089825
TransitionTest Added percentage-driven transition sample
UIColorStrokeCrash Added sample for rdar://14952597
UIFontDemo Added demo for rdar://15166866 and rdar://15167061
UnitTestsTest Added sample for rdar://15085316
.gitignore Initial commit Added sample for rdar://20089825

Radar Samples

These are the sample projects we prepared to demonstrate issues we filed bug reports with Apple for. We are collecting here because they serve as nice reminders how much more likely Apple is to fix a bug if you can provide a concise sample.

Another good reason for creating a sample app is because some of those bugs make you doubt your sanity while you are stuck in your own code.

Making a fresh app project designed to only demonstrate the issue and nothing more can sometimes show you that indeed the problem is located in your own code. Or it gives you certainty that indeed you found a bug in Apple's APIs.

Open Bugs

iOS 8 Bugs

Xcode 5 Bugs

iOS 7 Bugs

Previous Bugs

Fixed Bugs

iOS 8.3

iOS 7

iOS 6

iOS 5

Not Bugs

These have turned out not to be actual bugs but "works as designed".

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