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Collection of my Ruby Scripts
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Cocoanetics Ruby

Collection of my Ruby Scripts


This script finds all .gcda files unterneath the current user's DerivedData folder. Since you get a fresh VM every time Travis-CI builds those should be the ones that you also want to submit.

Submission is done with cpp_coveralls

The script has a few options of which -x and -e are passed onto cpp_coveralls. Typically you want to limit processing to m extension for Objective-C projects.

Usage: coveralls.rb [options]
    -e, --exclude-folder FOLDER      Folder to exclude
    -h, --exclude-headers            Ignores headers
    -x, --extension EXT              Source file extension to process
    -?, --help                       Show this message

Example **.travis.yml**

language: objective-c

  - sudo easy_install cpp-coveralls

  - xctool -project DTFoundation.xcodeproj -scheme "Static Library" build test -sdk iphonesimulator

      - ./coveralls.rb --extension m --exclude-folder Demo --exclude-folder Test --exclude-folder Externals
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