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invalid numeric argument '/Wno-cpp' #51

Barfknecht opened this Issue May 22, 2017 · 10 comments


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Barfknecht commented May 22, 2017

After I run I encounter this:

cl : Command line error D8021 : invalid numeric argument '/Wno-cpp'
error: command 'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\\VC\\BIN\\x86_amd64\\cl.exe' failed with exit status 2

I have all C++ tools installed and have updated my pip and setuptools.

python 3.5.2
Anaconda 64 bit


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vignesh-m commented Jun 1, 2017

See #9 . They will not provide windows support for some reason


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fengzean commented Jan 8, 2018

That engage in wool

@bughunter99 bughunter99 referenced this issue Jan 23, 2018


coco issue #238


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yinyuecheng1 commented Feb 28, 2018

anyone knows how to solve this problem?


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TonyNgo1 commented Apr 9, 2018

After tons of digging I've found a way to make it work:


  1. First go to cocoapi\PythonAPI\ and change line 14 from:
    extra_compile_args=['-Wno-cpp', '-Wno-unused-function', '-std=c99'],
    extra_compile_args={'gcc': ['/Qstd=c99']},
    as pointed out in this issue: CharlesShang/FastMaskRCNN#173

  2. And then try to run make from cocoapi\PythonAPI\pycocotools again.

  3. If you get C1083: Cannot open include file: 'vcruntime.h': No such file or directory go to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\VC\Auxiliary\Build directory and run the following script from

    pushd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Professional\VC\Auxiliary\Build\"
    cmd /c "vcvars64.bat&set" |
    foreach {
    if ($_ -match "=") {
    $v = $_.split("="); set-item -force -path "ENV:\$($v[0])"  -value "$($v[1])"
    Write-Host "`nVisual Studio 2017 Command Prompt variables set." -ForegroundColor Yellow

    Then cd back to your cocoapi\PythonAPI\pycocotools and run make. It worked for me at this point :)


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AtotheY commented Apr 9, 2018

@TonyNgo1 THANK YOU!


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HarshalGarg commented Apr 10, 2018

cocoapi with windows support


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LongruiDong commented Apr 20, 2018

after step1,i get different error:
Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 23, in <module> cythonize(ext_modules) File "C:\Anaconda3\envs\caffe_env\lib\distutils\", line 151, in setup dist.run_commands() File "C:\Anaconda3\envs\caffe_env\lib\distutils\", line 953, in run_commands self.run_command(cmd) File "C:\Anaconda3\envs\caffe_env\lib\distutils\", line 972, in run_command File "C:\Anaconda3\envs\caffe_env\lib\distutils\command\", line 340, in run self.build_extensions() File "C:\Anaconda3\envs\caffe_env\lib\distutils\command\", line 449, in build_extensions self.build_extension(ext) File "C:\Anaconda3\envs\caffe_env\lib\distutils\command\", line 499, in build_extension depends=ext.depends) File "C:\Anaconda3\envs\caffe_env\lib\distutils\", line 547, in compile extra_postargs) TypeError: can only concatenate list (not "dict") to list make: *** [Makefile:3: all] Error 1
my :
ext_modules = [ Extension( 'pycocotools._mask', sources=['../common/maskApi.c', 'pycocotools/_mask.pyx'], include_dirs = [np.get_include(), '../common'], extra_compile_args={'gcc': ['/Qstd=c99']}, ) ]


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TonyNgo1 commented Apr 20, 2018

@LongruiDong Unfortunately that's the same thing I have and it works on my machine. I was also able to compile it by removing the line completely ie:

ext_modules = [
        sources=['../common/maskApi.c', 'pycocotools/_mask.pyx'],
        include_dirs = [np.get_include(), '../common'],

So you could try that too. I assume the system determines how to compile if extra_compile_args is not set so you may get something different.


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chrisrapson commented Jun 15, 2018

Thanks to the tips from @TonyNgo1 I managed to get through this. I didn't need any extra_compile_args, they just raised a couple of warnings when I included them. In addition to what was mentioned here, I had to add in a line with library_dirs = formatted the same as include_dirs. I ended up with

    include_dirs = [np.get_include(), '../common', 'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Windows Kits\\10\\Include\\10.0.17134.0\\ucrt', 'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Windows Kits\\10\\Include\\10.0.17134.0\\shared'],
    library_dirs = ['C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Windows Kits\\10\\Lib\\10.0.17134.0\\um\\x64', 'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Windows Kits\\10\\Lib\\10.0.17134.0\\ucrt\\x64'],

One final link error was a bit stranger: LINK : fatal error LNK1158: cannot run 'rc.exe'. For this one I had to add the folder with rc.exe to my PATH
$env:Path += ";C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\10.0.17134.0\x64"


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neoglez commented Aug 24, 2018

I made a repo to support To support Windows x64 build with Microsoft Visual C++ 9.0 standalone: Visual C++ Compiler for Python 2.7:

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