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COCO 2018 Panoptic Segmentation Task API (Beta version)

This API is an experimental version of COCO 2018 Panoptic Segmentation Task API.

To install panopticapi, run:

pip install git+


Evaluation script

panopticapi/ calculates PQ metrics. For more information about the script usage: python -m panopticapi.evaluation --help

Format converters

COCO panoptic segmentation is stored in a new format. Unlike COCO detection format that stores each segment independently, COCO panoptic format stores all segmentations for an image in a single PNG file. This compact representation naturally maintains non-overlapping property of the panoptic segmentation.

We provide several converters for COCO panoptic format. Full description and usage examples are available here.

Semantic and instance segmentation heuristic combination

We provide a simple script that heuristically combines semantic and instance segmentation predictions into panoptic segmentation prediction.

The merging logic of the script is described in the panoptic segmentation paper. In addition, this script is able to filter out stuff predicted segments that have their area below the threshold defined by --stuff_area_limit parameter.

For more information about the script logic and usage: python -m --help

COCO panoptic segmentation challenge categories

Json file panoptic_coco_categories.json contains the list of all categories used in COCO panoptic segmentation challenge 2018.

Visualization provides an example of generating visually appealing representation of the panoptic segmentation data.


If you have any questions regarding this API, please contact us at


COCO 2018 Panoptic Segmentation Task API (Beta version)




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