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# All connected peers
GET http://localhost:3001/peers
# Create genesis block
GET http://localhost:3000/genesis
# Mine block and include pending transactions
GET http://localhost:3027/internal/mine
# All mined blocks
GET http://localhost:3100/ledger
# All mined blocks
GET http://localhost:3100/candidates
# All mined blocks
GET http://localhost:3100/orphans
# All mined blocks
GET http://localhost:3100/blocks
# All candidate votes
GET http://localhost:3002/blocks
# All pending transactions
GET http://localhost:3100/transactions
# Create a new transaction
POST http://localhost:3001/transactions
Content-Type: application/json
"from": "06303644-4b41-46d6-a094-1393ff6e2521",
"to": "06303644-4b41-46d6-a094-1393ff6e2521",
"timestamp": 1449970561,
"amount": 87,
"hash": "a2e8a2181f2783594c8c30faeef2ff2a531e3abe00238d01b0fc2cd75408f791"
# Connect lonely nodes :(
POST http://localhost:3101/internal/handshake/3034
Content-Type: application/json
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