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require "./spec_helper"
require "../src/dag"
describe DAG do
v1 ="aa")
v2 ="ba")
v21 ="bb")
v3 ="ca")
v31 ="cb")
v32 ="cc")
v4 ="da")
v5 ="ea")
v6 ="fa")
v1.add edge_to: v2
v2.add edge_to: v3
v2.add edge_to: v21
v3.add edge_to: v31
v3.add edge_to: v4
v31.add edge_to: v32
v4.add edge_to: v5
v5.add edge_to: v6
# v1---v2---v3---v4---v5---v6
# \ \
# v21 v31--v32
context "Tips of branches" do
it "finds all tips of branches starting from given vertex" do
tips = v1)
tips = { |t| [t.vertex, t.distance, t.branch_root] }
expected_tips = [[v21, 2, v2],
[v32, 4, v2],
[v6, 5, v2]]
tips.should eq(expected_tips)
it "finds the tip of the longest branch (chain)" do
tip = DAG.tip_of_longest_branch(from: v1)
tip.vertex.should eq(v6)
tip.distance.should eq(5)
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