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Iceberg is well-designed, bluish color scheme for Vim and Neovim.


See the official site or the vimonline page for more information.




Creator of Iceberg talked about how to create your lovely color scheme in VimConf 2017, international Vim conference. This slides also explained the philosophy of Iceberg.

Creating Your Lovely Color Scheme

For other environments

IDEs and text editors

Terminal emulators

NOTE: provides configuration files for the 16 ANSI colors for many terminal emulators (e.g. GNOME Terminal, iTerm2, etc.). Use .Xresources file as import and export it for the emulator of your choice.


Building your own Iceberg

NOTE: This section is for color scheme developers. If you just want to use the color scheme, you don't have to follow these steps.

  1. Install cocopon/pgmnt.vim, a template engine for Vim color scheme, to your Vim.

  2. To modify a color palette, edit autoload/iceberg/palette/(dark|light).vim. If you make changes, be sure to :source this file before step 4 otherwise your color palette changes will not be reflected.

  3. To modify highlighting groups or links, edit src/iceberg.vim.

  4. After editing, compile the source file as below:

    :e src/iceberg.vim
    :cd %:h
    :source %

    Compiled files will be output into autoload directory.


MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.