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Lite version cocos2d-x based on Cocos Runtime
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Cocos2d-x, compact version

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It is based on cocos2d-x[version 3.9], but remove 3D and other features. It works on iOS,OS X, Android and Windows.

The major change:

  • Remove 3D features

    • Sprite3D
    • Skybox
    • Terrain
    • Light
    • Navmesh
    • Physics3D
    • BillBoard
    • Animate3D
    • Bundle3D
    • MeshSkin
    • etc..
  • Only support iOS, macOS, Android and Windows.

  • Remove support for LUA script

  • Remove deprecated classes and functions

  • Remove Camera

  • Remove Physics integration

  • Using FastTileMap instead of TileMap

  • Remove C++ implementations of CocoStudio parser

  • Remove C++ implementations of CocosBuilder parser

  • Remove AssetsManager, AssetsManagerEX

  • Remove Allocator

  • Remove AutoPolygon

  • Remove support for WebP, S3TC, ATITC

  • Remove support for game controller

  • Improved robustness and many bugs have been fixed

Git user attention

  1. Clone the repo from GitHub.

    $ git clone
  2. After cloning the repo, please execute to download and install dependencies.

    $ cd cocos2d-x-lite
    $ python
  3. After running

    $ git submodule update --init
  4. Build simulator

    $ npm install
    $ gulp gen-simulator
    $ gulp update-simulator-config

    If you need to debug the simulator on macOS, you should sign the "./simulator/mac/" by using codesign after build, or manually build the simulator project ("./tools/simulator/frameworks/runtime-src/proj.ios_mac/simulator.xcodeproj") in Xcode and enable Signing.

Contributing to the Project

cocos2d-x-lite is licensed under the MIT License. We welcome participation!

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