The engine for Cocos Creator
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Cocos Creator Engine Framework

This repo is the engine framework for Cocos Creator, Cocos Creator is a game development tool focused on content creation, which has realized features like thorough scriptability, componentization and data driven, etc. on the basis of Cocos2d-x.

Cocos Creator's in-editor scene view and web runtime share the same framework, which is the content of this repo. It's originally forked from Cocos2d-html5, we build up an Entity Component architecture on it to meet the needs of Cocos Creator.

This framework is a cross-platform game engine written in Javascript and licensed under MIT. It supports major desktop and mobile browsers, it's also compatible with Cocos2d Javascript Binding engine to support native platforms like iOS, Android, Win32, Mac OS X.

The framework is naturally integrated with Cocos Creator, so it's not designed to be used independently.




In cloned project folder, run the following command to setup dev environment:

# Initialize gulp task dependencies
# npm is a builtin CLI when you install Node.js
npm install

This is all you have to do to set engine development environment.


gulp build



  • Install express: npm install express
  • Install gulp-qunit: npm install gulp-qunit

Unit Test

Test in CLI
npm test
Test in browser
  1. Build for testing.

    gulp build-test
  2. Start express in cloned project folder.

    node test/qunit/server.js
  3. Open http://localhost:8511/bin/qunit-runner.html in your browser.


All the debug infos are defined in file
The file DebugInfos.json will be generated based on, when run gulp build* command.

For details below:

  1. Define log in


    ### 1001  
    cocos2d: removeAction: Target not found
  2. Define deprecated log in The log should be marked as DEPRECATED when then logId is no longer referenced in the project.


    ### 1000
    <!-- DEPRECATED -->
    cc.ActionManager.addAction(): action must be non-null