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CocosBuilder - Authors
Lead developer:
Viktor Lidholt (
People/companies who were/are contributing code to CocosBuilder (alphabetically ordered):
* Stacey Abshire (
Bug fix in sprite sheet generation
* Martin Côté (
Bug fixes to how CCLabelBMFont is displayed in the editor
Fixed memory leak in CCBReader
* Trey Davis (
Added disclosure triangles to property inpector
* Rohan Kuruvilla
Added support for running in CocosPlayer Android
* Donald Alan Morrison (
Fixed memory leaks
* Ian Oliver (
Made the help menu working
* Mark Onyschuk
Added support for ignoring directories in resource manager
* Joel Petersen (
Fixed crash in CCBReader
Added support for CCAnimations
Fixed bug when publishing files
Added script for copying CocosBuilder to build directory
Fixed compatibility issues with OS X Lion
Code for correctly opening ccb/ccbproj files by double clicking them
* Ricardo Quesada (
Updated CocosBuilder to work with cocos2d-iphone version 2
Lots of major and minor bug fixes related to compatibility with cocos2d
* Gwynne Raskind (URL
Added command line tool for publishing files
* Aris Tzoumas
Bug fixes
Fixed memory leaks
Added smoother zooming in canvas and timeline
Show/Hide functionality for Resources & Inspector Panels
Frame skipping for playback
Added padding to start/end of timline view
Speedup mousewheel scrolling for timeline
Added support for delegating interpolation frame drawing to the node-plugin