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version 3.0-alpha4 1-May-2012
. [NEW] Publish and run in browser
. [NEW] Improved autocomplete in text editor
. [NEW] Improved syntax coloring in text editor
. [NEW] Live syntax checks in text editor
. [NEW] Visual debugger for JS projects
. [FIX] Improved CocosPlayer for cocos2d-x
. [NEW] Publisher will ask to save files before publishing
. [NEW] New smart sprite sheet options for Android and web
version 3.0-alpha3 20-Mar-2013
. [NEW] Improved default project structure
. [NEW] Support for sound playback from timeline
. [NEW] Support for callbacks from timeline
. [FIX] Better JS support
. [NEW] Skew properties can now be animated on timeline
version 3.0-alpha2 7-Feb-2013
. [NEW] Much improved JS support
. [NEW] CocosPlayer support for Android (in cocos2d-x)
. [NEW] Support for PVR & PVRTC when exporting sprite sheets
version 3.0-alpha1 30-Jan-2013
. [NEW] Built in texture packer
. [NEW] Automatic scaling of assets
. [NEW] Sound conversions for different target platforms
. [NEW] Improved support for cocos2d-x
. [NEW] Improved publishing for Android
. [NEW] CocosPlayer
version 3.0-alpha0 12-Dec-2012
. [NEW] Added support for Javascript
. [NEW] Added smoother zooming in canvas and timeline
. [NEW] Show/Hide functionality for Resources & Inspector Panels
. [FIX] Fixed memory leaks in CCBReader and CocosBuilder
. [NEW] Frame skipping for playback
. [NEW] Added padding to start/end of timline view
. [NEW] Speedup mousewheel scrolling for timeline
. [NEW] Added support for delegating interpolation frame drawing to the node-plugin
version 2.1-rc2 2-Oct-2012
. [FIX] Fixed crashing bug when publishing
. [FIX] Nodes' visibility is now correctly saved
. [FIX] Old plug-ins should now work without change
version 2.1-rc1 25-Sep-2012
. [FIX] Content sizes are set correctly when importing from version 1.0 files
. [FIX] Root node properties are correctly enabled/disabled
. [NEW] Added documentation for usage of sticky notes and guides
version 2.1-rc0 24-Sep-2012
. [FIX] Animatable properties are now disabled for root nodes and ccb sub files
. [FIX] Anchor points displayed correctly for root nodes
. [FIX] Ignore anchor point now is inherited by sub ccb-files
. [FIX] CCScrollView correctly clipped on retina displays
. [FIX] Now opens old (v 1.0) files correctly
version 2.1-beta2 14-Sep-2012
. [NEW] Support for iPhone 5
. [NEW] Made it easier to add default set of resolutions in resolution settings
. [FIX] Chained timelines are now displayed correctly when sub ccb files are used
. [FIX] Split view is now correctly restrained
version 2.1-beta1 10-Sep-2012
. [NEW] Drag & drop supported for ccb-files
. [NEW] CCBActionManager is saved in each nodes userObject
. [FIX] Fixed broken links in CCBReader
. [FIX] Sprite positions are rounded when dropped in canvas area
. [FIX] Fixes crashing bug in publish function
version 2.1-beta0 5-Sep-2012
. [NEW] Much improved documentation and built in Help viewer
. [NEW] Menu options for accessing bug reporting and communtiy forums
. [FIX] Fixed issues related to anchor points and sub ccb-files
. [FIX] CCBActionManager has changed name to CCBAnimationManager
version 2.1-alpha1 30-Aug-2012
. [NEW] Support for multiple selections
. [NEW] Objects are now easier to move rotate and scale
. [NEW] Anchor points can now be visually moved
. [NEW] Added command for aligning objects
. [NEW] Added commands for arranging objects
. [NEW] Selections are now saved in undo/redo chain
. [NEW] Disclosure triangles added to inspector
version 2.1-alpha0 23-Aug-2012
. [NEW] Animation editor added
. [FIX] Overall fixes of look of components, selections and background colors
. [NEW] Easier to create projects and ccb-files
. [NEW] Buttons in the toolbar for adding nodes
. [NEW] New icon for application and 16x16 pixel icons for documents
version 2.0 RELEASE 23-Aug-2012
. [FIX] Updated keys for Sparkle (update) framework
version 2.0-rc4 12-Aug-2012
. [FIX] Issue with "too many directories..." message displayed
. [NEW] Added nodeGraphFromData method in CCBReader
version 2.0-rc3 06-Aug-2012
. [FIX] Improved error message when saving a project in a directory with too many sub directories
. [FIX] CCControlButton no longer responds to events if it is hidden
version 2.0-rc2 03-Aug-2012
. [FIX] Fixed problem with color panel not being updated correctly
. [FIX] Fixed issue with CCControlButton disabled state
. [DOC] Added info on how to use multiple resolutions
version 2.0-rc1 12-Jul-2012
. [FIX] Fixed issues with CCLabelTTF, CCLabelBMFont and CCControlButton
. [FIX] Fixed issues with CCScale9Sprite
. [FIX] Removed experimental support for JavaScript (real support coming in CocosBuilder 3)
. [FIX] Fixed crash when opening file with missing textures
. [NEW] Can now publish individual ccb-files
. [NEW] Option to only publish ccb-files (ignore other resources)
. [NEW] Support for Android resolutions
version 2.0-rc0 26-Jun-2012
. [FIX] Scale handle now works as expected
. [FIX] CCLayer's are enabled by default
. [FIX] Cleaned up Xcode project
. [FIX] Fixed bug when loading empty textures in CCBReader
version 2.0-beta1 24-May-2012
. [NEW] Added rulers and guides
. [NEW] Support for multiple resolutions
. [NEW] Sticky notes
. [NEW] Improved support for CCControlButton
. [NEW] Command line tool for publishing files
. [NEW] Added examples/test cases
. [NEW] CocosBuilder is now project based, with the capability to publish a complete project with a single click
. [NEW] Support for multiple resource directories
. [NEW] Support for publishing to zip-files
. [FIX] Various bug fixes, prevent crash when opening ccb files in directories with many sub directories
. [FIX] Snapping to pixels now work in Lion when dragging objects
version 1.1-beta1 30-Mar-2012
. [NEW] PlugIns: New plug-ins:
Added plug-in for CCControl and CCControlButton
Added plug-in for CCScrollView
Added plug-in for CCSlice9Sprite
Added plug-in for sub ccb-files
Much improved support for CCLabelTTF
. [FIX] Lots of bug fixes, especially when loading and writing files.
version 1.1-beta0 16-Mar-2012
. [NEW] Publish: Can now publish to compact binary (ccbi) format
. [NEW] PlugIns: Plug-in system for custom nodes and for publishing to ccbi
Added plug-in for CCLabelTTF
Added plug-in for nestled ccb(i)-files
Added support for a number of different property types
. [NEW] ResourceManager: New resource manager
Support for multiple directories
Support for sub directories
Resources are automatically updated when changed outside of CocosBuilder
. [FIX] All: Lion compatibility fixes