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1 parent 50e08bc commit a84998271d8584e72a9950fbe724649e5951160c Viktor Lidholt committed Mar 30, 2012
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@@ -13,6 +13,11 @@ xcodebuild -target CocosBuilder -configuration Debug build
# Create archives
cd ..
-zip -r "build/CocosBuilder-$" CocosBuilderExample/* Documentation/* CCBReader/*
+mkdir "build/CocosBuilder-$CCB_VERSION-examples"
+cp -RL CocosBuilderExample "build/CocosBuilder-$CCB_VERSION-examples/"
+cp -RL "Add to Your Project" "build/CocosBuilder-$CCB_VERSION-examples/"
+cp -RL Documentation "build/CocosBuilder-$CCB_VERSION-examples/"
cd build/
zip -r "CocosBuilder-$"
+zip -r "CocosBuilder-$" "CocosBuilder-$CCB_VERSION-examples"

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