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Cocos2d-html5-v2.1.0 @ Dec.4, 2012
* Improved cc.Class and add Release Mode.
* All tests and games can now be run on Cocos2d-html5, Cocos2d-iPhone and Cocos2d-x.
* Added support for google.base.
* Added support for CocosBuilder and Bone Animation.
* Updated API for Javascript Binding.
* Integrated Chipmunk physical engine and chipmunk tests.
* Added physicsDebugNode, physicsSprite, drawNode.
* Built cocos2d-js-tests repo for tests.
* Fixed support for mouse/touch/keyboard.
* Fixed bugs.
* Added WaterMelon with me and CocosDragon games for sample.
* Added Edit Box for input.
Cocos2d-html5-v2.0.0 @ Aug.28, 2012
* Updated API to Cocos2d-x V2.0.
* Updated template and directory name.
* Improved JS files loader.
* Added support for Dom rendering.
* Updated JSDoc comments and shell.
* Added TileMap property process and flip.
* Improved BMFont.
* Added Actions spline paths and cc.AnimationFrame.
* Added support for multi-touch.
* Added mini-framework for Dom manipulation.
* Changed cc.Animation, cc.AudioEngine, cc.LableTTF and cc.Sprite API.
Cocos2d-html5-v0.5.0-alpha2 @ Jun.18, 2012
* Changed API, use "create" to construct all objects.
* Fixed naming of variables.
* Added JSDoc comments and shell.
* Fixed Dom Menu flicker bug.
* Changed code for closure compiler Advance optional.
* Added version control.
Cocos2d-html5-v0.5.0-alpha @ May.28, 2012
* supports canvas and Dom Menu.
* part of test cases were added and tested in chrome.
* porting from cocos2d-x is not finished.
* files must load from http server.
Cocos2d-html5-v0.1.0 @ Jan.29, 2012
* Build the directory structure of Engine
* cocos2d-html5 first version
* more details:
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