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Cocos2d-html5 authors
(ordered by the join in time)
Core Developers:
Shun Lin (Sean Lin)
Hao Wu (WuHao)
Dingping Lv (David Lv)
Ricardo Quesada
Huabin LING (@pandamicro)
Sijie Wang (@VisualSJ)
Jialong Zhai (@JoshuaAstray)
Name GithubID Main contribution
Dali Kilani @dadilcool added instruction to read me
Chris @hannon235 added node.js api for box2d
added SocketIO and SocketIO tests
Jason Aeschliman @jaeschliman fixed cc.Node setposition
Zhuoshi Sun(Intel) @sunzhuoshi engine loader fixed
Alejandro Reyero @KaTXi fixed error message
Long Xiang @seanlong resource loader count
Timm Drevensek(Zynga) @timmjd cc.Class fixed
add CCScale9Sprite test
Lzzy Chen @czizzy audio engine fixed
cleanup comments
Mcscooter @mcscooter tilempapxml fixed
Roed @roed Mouse rightclick api
Mouse scroll fix for firefox
cc.Screen bug fix
Surith Thekkiam(Zynga) @folecr match Cocos2dx api
Robert Boyd @rboyd fixed stackable actions
Ivo Wetzel(Zynga Germany) @BonsaiDen Fixes for Audio Support Detection,
Texture Support in Particle System,
and Performance improvements
Mario Adrian @many20 Code review, multi touch improvements,
ccbi bugs fixed
keisuke hata(Square) @Seasons7 Code review, bug fix
Marat Yakupov @moadib Various bug fixes
Liang Wu @akira-cn Touch location fix for designResolution
ScrollView on paused bugs fix
Jimmy Sambuo @jsambuo AudioEngine improvements
Jose Antonio Andujar Clavell Scale9Sprite improvements
TadeuszWlodarkiewic @TadeuszWlodarkiewic Tizen Compatibility
smshuja @smshuja Parallax node bug fix
rickms @rickms EGLView Optimizations
Szymon Piłkowski @ardcore CCTexture Bug fix
Tomasz Tunik @tomasztunik CCNode Memory leak fix
Xuankang Lin(Intel) @AndriyLin cc.WebAudioEngine implements
Kang-Hao Lu(Opera/Oupeng) @kennyluck Optimize John Resig's inheritance pattern
cc.clone improvements
Mark Henderson @MarkEHenderson Code review, LabelTTF and Scale9Sprite bug fix
Jing Wang @06wj CCScheduler improvements
Js file loading image add
cc.RectApplyAffineTransform improvements
Fixed a bug of cc.Node.setPosition that parameter check is incorrect
Ze Wang @WanderWang Fix crash when BrowserTypes match nothing from navigator.userAgent
LabelTTF improvements
cc.TextureCache.dumpCachedTextureInfo 's bug fix
CCTween bug fix
CCScale9Sprite bug fix
sys.localStorage bug fix
CCArmature refactoring
cc.SpriteFrame and cc.SpriteFrameCache refactoring
Christian Schwartz @cschwartz SpriteFrame.initWithTextureFilename converted fix
XiaoJun Zheng @SmallAiTT _getResType error fix
cc.ScrollView bug fix
cc.LabelTTF bug fix
rewrite functions in CCNS.js with regex
refactor CCScheduler.js and CCCommon.js
cc.BMFontConfiguration bug fix
refactor cc.Application to
refactor cc.loader
refactor cc.Textur2D
refactor some functions about array operation
move to
refactor some public functions in cc to private
add node.js scripts for publishing game
refactor cc.CCBReader
cc.view bug fix
multiple property object supports in extend function
Guozhu Cheng @bengol cc.SimpleAudioEngine bug fix
Jing Xiao @xbruce cc.SAXParser bug fix
cc.ActionManager refactoring
cc.Scheduler refactoring
cc.LabelTTF refactoring
JiaHui He @garfield_ho cc.FileUtils bug fix
cc.Builder and SpriteLoader bugs fix
CCBAnimation bug fix
Luis Parravicini @luisparravicini cc.Director refactoring
cc.LabelTTF documentation
typo fix
Jose Antonio @jandujar cc.ParticleSystem bug fix for CocoStudio animations
SceneReader bug fix
BoHao Tang @btspoony cc.TableView bug fix
Claudiu @csaftoiu cc.LabelTTF bug fix
cc.DrawNode bugs fix
cc.NodeRGBA bug fix
cc.Texture2D bug fix
Pei Wu @rablwupei cc.ProgressTimer bug fix
cc.ParticleBatchNode bug fix
kuaipao @kuaipao CocoStudio GUIReader bug fix
CocoStudio UIScrollView bug fix
CocoStudio UIWidget bug fix
XieDaijin @NijiadeIX CCControl bug fix
samael @samael65535 CCPhysicsSprite bug fix
NatWeiss @NatWeiss Add analytics plugin protocol ,Flurry plugin and ProtocolAds.js plugin protocol
cc.FileUtils refactoring
cc.Audio bugs fix
cc.Texture2D bug fix
Andor Salga @asalga typo fix
erykwalder @erykwalder Function.prototype.bind bug fix
ZippoLag @ZippoLag cc.Application.getCurrentLanguage bug fix
typo fix
Asano @LaercioAsano cc.Node bug fix
Bruno Assarisse @bassarisse cc.LabelBMFont bug fix
Mykyta Usikov @musikov cc.ClippingNode bugs fix
cc.fontLoader bug fix
Inverted ClippingNode with DrawNode as stencil bug fix under canvas render mode
JumpTo bug with wrong _delta position bug fix
cc.ProgressTimer bugs fix
cc.Scale9Sprite bugs fix
cc.RenderTexture bug fix
cc.ParticleSystem bug fix
Han XiaoLong @kpkhxlgy0 cc.ParticleSytem bug fix
AaronRZH @AaronRZH Creation of a sequence objcet or a spawn object by using new method bug fix
Xiaodong Liu @tianxing113 cc.Spawn.create bug fix
ccui.LoadingBar.setPercent crash bug fix
Park Hyun Chen @sincntx Touch anywhere of screen to finish input when using cc.EditBox
ccui.TextBMFont bug fix bug fix
Fixed an issue of cc.ArmatureAnimation's setMovementEventCallFunc
Ninja Lau @mutoo A typo bug in UILayout fix
One-loop CCArmatureAnimation can't finish when setSpeedScale is less than 1.0 bug fix
A transform error in CCTransformHelp.js fix
ccs.DisplayManager bug fix
Fix child armature lost _parentBone issue
cc.eventManager bug fix
ccs.Bone bug fix
ccs.ActionFrame bug fix
ccui.Widget bug fix
ccui.LoadingBar bug fix
Taras Tovchenko @tovchenko cc.Skin bounding box calculation bug fix under canvas render mode
Minh Quy @MQuy cc.MenuItemSprite bug fix
Check empty string for textureData
Adds type check functions
Michael Yin @layerssss refactored
Yang Yuchen @yycdef cc.sys bug fix
K @kiwigrc cc.ParticleSystem bug fix
Claudio Freitas @claudiofreitas ccui.TextField typo fix.
nopakos @nopakos cc.Texture2D bug fix
Robert Rouhani @Robmaister cc.TMXMapInfo bug fix
cc.TMXLayer bug fix
Igor Mats @IgorMats cc.Scale9Sprite bug fix
Spine runtime update
Add getStroke and setStroke method to cc.MotionStreak
Tim @duhaibo0404 ccs.csLoader bug fix
Hermanto @man2 cc.loader bug fix
Long Jiang @jianglong0156 cc.LabelBMFont bug fix
KeyCode bug fix
ccui.ListView bug fix
Joe Lafiosca @lafiosca Added Javascript file loader
galapagosit @galapagosit ccs.actionManager bug fix
Dany Ellement @DEllement cc.FontDefinition & ccui.RichText improvements
cc.LayerGradient improvements
IShm @IShm cc.Screen bug fix
cc.ParticleSystem bug fix
ccui.PageView bug fix
Thomas Jablonski @thomas-jablonski cc.audioEngine bug fix
Cocostudio typo fix
WingGao @WingGao cc.TMXLayer bug fix
Skliar Ihor @igogo5yo Add Bower support
feijing566 @feijing566 cc.Audio bug fix
RackovychV @RackovychV Fixed a bug of `cc.Scheduler`'s `pauseAllTargetsWithMinPriority`
Retired Core Developers:
Shengxiang Chen (Nero Chan)
Xingsen Ma
Cocos2d-x and cocos2d-html5 can not grow so fast without the active community.
Thanks to all developers who report & trace bugs, discuss the engine usage in forum & QQ groups!
Special thanks to Ricardo Quesada for giving us lots of guidances & suggestions.