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"Texture mode" in particles does not work #620

ricardoquesada opened this Issue Nov 6, 2012 · 2 comments

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How to reproduce it:

  • Download cocos2d-html5 master
  • run the Particle test
  • Press "Left" arrow... It will take you to the "Phoenix" test
  • Press the "Shape mode" button

Crash (...)

The error in the console is:

[20:48:58.261] Image corrupt or truncated: ...
[20:49:10.920] NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE: Component is not available @ http://localhost/cocos2d-html5/cocos2d/sprite_nodes/CCSprite.js:50

Tested on:

  • Chrome 22 OS X
  • FF 16 OS X

Yes, this is a mistake in decode image data. Because ParticleDesigner encodes image data into a string, sometimes using tiff format, sometimes using png format. when using png format, ParticleSystem can decode the data, but if tiff format is used, the error is generated.


This problem has been solved at #847

Thank you, Riq.

@dingpinglv dingpinglv closed this Sep 16, 2013
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