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Cocos2D for iPhone Extensions authors
Repo Maintainer:
Stepan Generalov (twitter: @parkourDev) (
People/companies who were/are contributing code to cocos2d-iphone-extensions (alphabetically ordered):
* Alexey Lang (twitter: @alexeylang)
CCLayerPanZoom author.
Issue #56 (comments & refactoring for TMXGenerator) pair programming.
* Axel Roest (twitter: @axello)
CCVideoPlayer patch: new method +playMovieWithPath:
* Brian Feller (
CCScrollLayer#moveToPage: bounds checking
* Darren Clark (
CCSendMessages author
* Giv Parvaneh (twitter: @givp) (
CCScrollLayer co-author
* Israel Roth (
CCSliderControl author
* Jan Ekholm (
CCScrollLayer fix: restore blending functions (Pull Request #67).
* Jeff Keeme (cjkeeme) (
Fix for issue #23 (CCScrollLayer page indicator artifacts)
* Jeremy Stone (twitter: @slycrel) (
TMXGenerator author.
* Jonathan Dixon (
Solution for issue #31 (CCVideoPlayer toggleFullscreen support).
CCVideoPlayer#setNoSkip implementation.
* Marat Yakupov (twitter: @_moadib) (
CCScrollLayer improvement: marginOffset property.
* Matthew Herz (twitter: @biminiroad) (
Fix for CCMenuAdvanced (Issue #75 - wrong menu item positioning in bottom to top align).
* Patrick Wolowicz (twitter: @subzero_eu) (
CCVideoPlayer patch: preload movie, prevent flickering & hide controls when compiled on older SDKs.
* Ricardo Quesada (twitter: ricardoquesada) (
Pull Request #99: Initial Cocos2D-iPhone 2.x support
* Sapsaldog (github: @sapsaldog) (
CCScrollLayer: ability to change pages indicator color (Issue #84, Pull Request #87).
* Sergey Tikhonov (twitter: @sthaqu) (
Solution for Issue #53 fix (FilesDownloader compatibility with Mac OS X File System Guide).
* Simon Skinner (twitter: @vultuk) (
CCScrollLayer original author
* Todd Lee (
Subpaths support for FilesDownloader (Issue #40).
* Wilczarz (
CCScrollLayer: scroll with only one touch to avoid jumpy behaviour in multitouch (issue #35)
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