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cocos2d v2.0 support for cocos2d-extensions #99

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This is the initial cocos2d v2.0 support for cocos2d-iphones.

All iOS tests are working.

Todo: Make the Mac tests work.


I think the "pull request" was not clean... ouch.

Apparently I sent the pull request against "master" and not "develop"

This is the only important commit:


2 more commits:
Added mac support and fixed File Downlaoded progress test

psineur commented Mar 27, 2012

Ok, i just started trying to support this for main branch here:

I will mention #99 from all commits in that branch - so pull request feed should be updated.

Issue with progress: #100

@ricardoquesada What was changed in the mac xib file? Diff's of xib is always messy - hard to understand.


@psineur I renamed MacGLView to CCGLView.


You don't need CC_CONTENT_SCALE_FACTOR() here as it's already handled by ccPointSize. So this line should be:

ccPointSize( 6.0 );

@psineur psineur added a commit that referenced this pull request Apr 21, 2012
@psineur psineur Update fps_images from Pull Request #99 60b2354
psineur commented Apr 21, 2012

Merged 'feature-cocos2d_2.0-support' into develop in 60ae22d

@psineur psineur closed this Apr 21, 2012
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