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3rd party extensions for cocos2d-iphone
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Cocos2d Extensions

This repo is a collection of different 3rd party extensions for the Cocos2d-iPhone Engine.

How to get the source

While gh-pages is main branch you need to execute this, to clone the repo and get to the extensions source:

    git clone
    cd cocos2d-iphone-extensions
    git fetch origin
    git checkout -t origin/master
    git submodule update --init

Files & Folders

  • cocos2d - cocos2d-iphone submodule.
  • Extensions - folders with extensions sources, that can be inlcuded in your project.
  • Tests - sources & resources of Extensions demos.
    • SharedResources - resources shared between all tests (icons, fps images, etc...)
    • SharedSources - sources shared between all tests (appDelegates, pch's, etc...)
  • cocos2d-extensions-ios.xcodeproj - XCode Project containing all extensions and their demos/tests for iOS Platform.
  • cocos2d-extensions-mac.xcodeproj - XCode Project containing all extensions and their demos/tests for Mac OS X Platform.


  • [iOS/Mac] CCMenuAdvanced - CCMenu subclass with additional features: relativeAnchor, more align options, priority property, scrolling with swipe/trackpad/mousewheel
  • [iOS/Mac] CCMenuItemSpriteIndependent - CCMenuItemSprite Subclass, that doesnt add normal/selected/disabled images (sprites) as children. It retains them and delegates rect & convertToNodeSpace: methods to normalImage_. So it's possible to use CCSpriteBatchNode & add position sprites of menuItem anyway you want.
  • [iOS/Mac] CCVideoPlayer - Simple Video Player for Cocos2D apps.
  • [iOS/Mac] CCBigImage - Dynamic Tiled Node for holding Large Images.
  • [iOS/Mac] CCSlider - Little Slider Control to allow the user to set the music/sfx/etc level in the range of 0.0f to 1.0f.
  • [iOS/Mac] CCSendMessages - CCActionInstant subclass, that is more flexible than other CCActions that run functions. Can be used in many cases as blocks replacement.
  • [iOS] CCScrollLayer - CCLayer subclass that lets you pass-in an array of layers and it will then create a smooth scroller. Complete with the "snapping" effect.
  • [iOS/Mac] FilesDownloader - Downloader for a group of files with shared source path.

    Video Overview and more Info can be found on the Wiki
    Detailed README for each extension is available in it's folder (i.e. Extensions/CCSlider/
    On the GitHub it will be automatically shown under files list in the extension folder.

Building & Running Tests

Agregate target "BuildAllTests" will build all extensions tests - just set it as active target and change only active excecutable to choose the test.
Extension Test Template is used only as a template for new extensions test targets. It should not build, cause there's no ExtensionTest class implementation for this target.
SYNTHESIZE_EXTENSION_TEST() macro is used (only once in each extension test) to implement ExtensionTest class, that creates scene with default extension test layer.


Looking for Roadmap or TODO's? Check the issues page.
Want to share your own extension for cocos2d? Read this: Adding-new-Extension
Know something that should be inlcuded in cocos2d-extensions-repo? Got problems and/or found a bug? Create an Issue

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