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Welcome to the cocos2d-iphone-extensions wiki!

Looking for Roadmap or TODO's? Check the issues page.
Want to share your own extension for cocos2d? Read this: Adding-new-Extension
Know something that should be inlcuded in cocos2d-extensions-repo? Create an Issue

Working on this Repo

We use this well-known branching model: with few exceptions:

  1. If release branch isn't needed - it is not used (only one person have rights to push on develop, or theres no possible bugs, or no special versioning needed).
  2. Feature branches can be used only for experiments, which are complicated and may fail. Normally all new features should be added within develop branch. Exception are Pull Requests, one Feature = One Pull Requst from topic named branch to develop.

Pull Requests

How to make pull request(for example for fixing issue #38):

  1. Fork extensions on GitHub & clone YOUR fork to your machine.
git clone --recursive
  1. Create new branch "issue-38-fix" from latest state of develop branch
git checkout -t origin/develop   
git checkout -b issue-38-fix
  1. Make changes and commit them. Use "Fixes #38" in last commit name to mark this issue as fixed.
  2. push it to YOUR repo on the GitHub:
git push -u origin issue-38-fix
  1. Create a pull request from your issue-38-fix branch to cocos2d/cocos2d-iphone-extensions develop branch (make sure you checked develop instead of master)

If you'll do everything correct - it will be possible for me to merge your pull request in just one click & issue will be closed by you.

P.S. Make sure you have configured git for github right ;)

Extensions Overview

Extensions 0.1 Video Overview:
New extensions in v0.2 Video Overview:

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