Extensions and utility classes for Cocos2D-iphone
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Cocos2D extensions

Extensions and utility classes for cocos2d-iphone.

cocos2d-iphone-ext, will include various classes and libraries, not suitet for release with the official cocos2d-iphone. Some classes might initially be added to this repository, and then later be moved to cocos2d-iphone, when a new version is released.

Cocos2D Version

V3.1 release.

How To

All extensions are placed in the folder [Extensions]. There is no need to install anything. To use an extension with your project, simply copy the files from the extension folder, into your project. If an extensions uses other extensions, this will be listed in the extension description. These additional extensions should also be copied into your project.

If you download the entire repository, you will be able to find at least one test of each extension, showing the basics of how it is used. Please note, that as long as the repo is in beta stage, there might be changes to the extensions.


CCTransformationNode is still experimental

Work in progress

The following extensions are currently being worked on. If you have additional ideas, please contact @Birkemose in the forum.

Adding vertex animations. Requires rewrite of the render part.
Please note!
Esoteric has just released their 3.1 runtime.

In development

Review of existing code, and possible cocos2d'ification

Adding immediate mode drawing of primitives in node space

First version just added

Still needs to be improved on the matrix handling

In development