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Special thanks to: Lucio Torre, Alejandro Cura, Daniel Moisset & Rayentray Tappa.
cocos2d for iPhone wouldn't be possible without the help of the community who is
constantly adding new features, sending patches, opening issues:
cocos2d logos by Michael Heald (
cocos2d for iPhone 2.0 authors
Lead Developer:
Ricardo Quesada (
People/companies who were/are contributing code to cocos2d for iPhone (alphabetically ordered):
* Andrew0 (
Fixed crash on NSThread+block
CatmullRom action compiles OK on Mac Release mode
Fixed ccMouseEnter/Exit events on EventDispatcher
* Atte Kotiranta (
EaseActions: Ease Actions works OK with floating point values
Improved Texture2D API
* Brian Chapados (
Made easier to port to cocos2d v2.x from v1.x by adding alpha testing shader, added missing CCSpriteFrameCache
* calinseciu:
Fixed memory leak on CCDirector#createStatsLabel
* Chere Loque:
Added support for NPOT texture in CCRenderTexture
Added image offset in CCLabelBMFont in order to share the same texture
* CJ Hanson (myBuddyCJ) (
TextureCache: Use blocks instead of CCCall actions to dispatch code
TextureCache: Uses a serial queue to protect access to the texture dictionary. No need to use @syncronize on CCTexture2D
* Dmitry Kudryashov:
Director could be re-initialized. Patch.
* Dusan Lazarevic (AKA crmagicxxx):
LabelBMFont y-offset work as expected on RetinaDisplay (patch).
Fixed bug in iPad RetinaDisplay code
* Gene Peterson (
Dimension is a property on CCLabelTTF
Scheduler: Patch for when dealloc was also calling removeUpdateFromHash, causing a possible double free
* geraldtjy
Added Director.popToRootScene method
* Giles Hammond:
iOS Director uses DisplayLink timestamp for more stable delta times
* Goffredo Marocchi (
Original author/mentor of caching uniforms in CCGLProgram
* Justin Graham (
CCGLProgram: fixes in fragmentShaderLog
CCShaderCache: Added addProgram:forKey: method
CCArray: Fixed copyWithZone
* Kaicherry (
Fixed compiler warnings with format strings
* Karl Stenerud (
Added vertical alignment support for LabelTTF
Added PauseAll/ResumeAll in ActionManager
Added SystemPriority to Scheduler
Added tests for LabelTTF vertical alignment
Added tetts for Scheduler/ActionManager resume/pause all actions
Director doesn't raise assert when startAnimation is called twice
* Krzysztof Zablocki (
Added support for Depth Stencil in RenderTexture
* Lam Pham (
CCProgressTimer: Improved API
CCProgressTimer: Works with Tint and opacity
Added Tint + opacity test cases for CCProgressTimer
CCProgressTimer: Supports rotates SpriteFrames
* manucorporat (manu.valladolid) (
Author of new Retina Display code:
Intead of recalculating the position of the nodes, the Projection is increased, while the ViewPort has the size of the screen.
Code is much simpler to read and maintain
Author of new MotionStreak code:
Much faster rendering. No need to use Ribbon
* Mark Wei (
Added support for alignment in multiline in CCLabelBMFont objects
Author of alignment multiline test case
* Maarten Billemont (lhunath) (
Director: Enable depth testing only if the view has depth enabled
Texture: More permissive assert on NPOT & CLAMP options
* mlilback:
Added KVO pattern for CCDirector#isPaused
* Nestor Todorov ( ):
Particle handle premultiplied + opacity correctly
* Nicky Weber (
Added ccDrawFilledPoly to DrawingPrimitives
* Nicolas Gramlich (
Patch to use Cardinal Spline parametric formula instead of Catmull Rom
* Plangworthy:
Music: Fixed issue when Background music looping was not respected on resume if playback was stopped
* Scott Lembcke (AKA slembcke) (
Mentor & contributor of new Physics + cocos2d integration via nodeToParentTransform
* Sebastian Goztyla:
Fixed buffer overrun in CocosDenshion
* Serg Scout (
Fixed texture alpha when converting RGBA8 textures to RGB5A1
* Sergey Tikhonov (AKA haqu) (
Tests: Improved Shader test. Fixed memory leak in Guassian Blur test
Tests: Shader tests center the fragment shader effects on Mac
Director: On Mac, CC_DIRECTOR_INIT() centers the main window
* slycrel (
Added support for TMX rotated tiles
* Spencer Ho (
Fixed gl projection when iPad Retina Display is being used.
* Steve Kanter (
Added support for iPad Retina Display suffix in CCFileUtils
* TonicBom:
TileMap: TMX obtains poligon and polilines properties
* Viktor Lidholt (
Added setters/getters for fontName, fontSize, fntFile in LabelBMFont and LabelTTF
Added support for MainThread Mac Director
Particle can be resized in runtime
LabelTTF: can be init without params.
MenuItem: added setters for target:selctor, block and sprites
Node: zOrder property is readwrite
LabelBMFont: can be "init" without further arguments
LabelTTF: better custom TTF support for Mac
Mouse Events: onEnter/onExit are propagated correclty
* Vit Valentin:
Author of cocos2d-x's Catmull Rom actions.
* zergyo:
Grid: Fixed memory leak when setIsTextureFlipped is used
cocos2d for iPhone authors for v1.1
Lead Developer:
Marco Tillemans (
Former Lead Developer:
Ricardo Quesada (
Contributors (alphabetically ordered):
* Andreas Herbig (
fix for incorrect CCRepeat behavior
* akotiranta
backported CCLabelBMFont implementation from 2.0 branch
* Alexander Carter
Sprite: fixed possible opacity bug in setColor
* Christoph Winkler (
Word Wrap works on LabelTTF on Mac
bug fixes for failure to compile on 32-bit mac builds
created new drawPrimitives functions, ccDrawRect, ccDrawSolidRect and ccDrawSolidPoly.
bug fix for CCTMXXMLParser in release mode
* Fabian Rueger
Provided Beacon.png for new spriteTest
* Jerrod Putman (
Original author of ARC compatibility code
* jptsetung (
Patch for CCSprite, premade hierarchies of sprites will be rendered correctly by a batchNode
* John Wordsworth ( )
CCAnimationCache: Added animation data format. Can be loaded into the animation cache
* Karl Stenerud (
Author of ActionTargeted
* Marco Tillemans (AKA araker:
Texture2D: drawInRect / drawAtPoint disables color state
SpriteBatchNode: fixed bug in removeAllChildrenWithCleanup
Author of the new reorder Sprite/Node algorithm
Schedule: added support for delay and repeat
ESRenderer: don't recreate the renderer when it is not needed
Actions: Instant actions can be sequenceables
Actions: duration is not divided by zero
Actions: Repeat & RepeatForever work as expected
Co-author of animated particle system
Author of ParticleBatchNode node
Improved ESRenderer layoutSubview
Improved Debug Drawing for Sprite batched node
EAGLView destroys and recreates all OpenGL buffers correctly
TileMap: flipped tiles can be changed during runtime
* Mark Haylock
Fix for CCParticleSystem to unschedule update method when deallocated
* Martin
Co-author of animated particle system
* Nicky Weber (
Added convenience function to create a ccColor4F from color components
* Nicolas Barrios (
Fix for CCArray for ARC compatibility
TouchDispatcher: correctly handles addition and removal of handlers when being inside a touch handler. patch
* Ricardo Ruiz:
Added support for RGB888 textures
* Rick Smorawski
Added full unicode support to CCLabelBMFont
* Samuel J. Grabski
Created a new touchdispatcher implementation
New touchdispatcher performance tests
Fix for touchdispatcher
* Scott Lembcke (AKA slembcke) (
Improved ARC compatiblity code
* Sergey Tikhonov (AKA haqu) (
Removed warning in CCMenuItem
* Shakthi:
Added CCNode#onExitTransitionDidStart method
Fixed fading background music issue
Made CCLOG a bit more verbose
Fixed unrecognised clang pragma's on LLVM < 2.0.
* Skyhawk (
Fix for addFrame method in CCAnimation
* slycrel (
Added support for flipped tiles in TMX maps. Also added test case
Added support for in-memory TMX map creation. Also added a test case
TMX Map: fixed crash when multiple layers and tiles were used with rotation
* Spencer Ho
fixed 3d projection settings for ipad3
* Stepan Generalov (iPsi) (
FileUtils: Loads -hd resources even if the -sd resource is not present. patch
* Steve Kanter
new file extension for ipad retina
cocos2d for iPhone authors for v1.0
Lead Developer:
Ricardo Quesada (
Valentin Milea
Steve Oldmeadow (
People/companies who were/are contributing code to cocos2d for iPhone (alphabetically ordered):
* Alejandro Cura (
author of AccelViewPortDemo
* Alex Winston:
author of ParticleSnow
patches for CocosNode
* Alia Mc.Cutcheon:
scale & rotate order fixed in CocosNode.m
category is cocosLive is UTF8'ized
added sanity in scheduler
TileMapAtlas supports fullpath
* Andreas Löw (thesk) (http://
Added support for the PVZ file format
FileUtils doesn't convert full paths
* Andy Fitter:
patches for Texture2D
* Anton Zemlyanov:
patches for MenuItemToggle that supports selectedIndex
* arya.irani:
CCCallFunc supports class methods (patch)
* Asad ur Rehman (
Menu doesn't receive touches when it is invisible (patch)
Menu doens't receive touches when one if its acenstors is invisible
* Atte Kotiranta (
Implemented setPriority in TouchDispatcher.
Added setPriority test in MenuTest
* Aymeric Bard:
Repeat action works OK
* Barney Mattox:
templates use rfc1034identifier patch.
XCode doxygen script runs with spaces in subdirectories.
* Booyah (
Added support for GL sharegroup in EAGLView
* Brad Parks:
Web: Added google search on forum.
* Brian Chapados (
Author of SkewTo, SkewBy actions
Added Skew support to CCNode and CCSprite
Added Skew tests cases to ActionsTest.
Added support for LineBreakMode in CCLabelTTF and CCTexture2D
* Brian Hammond:
patches for Demos
* Bryan/Acceleroto (
patch for CocosDenshion
* chere.loque:
Fixed memory leak in CCGridBase when initializing the texture
* CJ Hanson (myBuddyCJ, wiseganesha, CJeazy) (
RenderTexture generates UIImages patch
correct channel in SimpleAudioEngine patch
Added Ease Elastic actions
oapcity + color works with premultiplied textures. patch.
Director: fixed startup flicker
Fixed the artifact in textures atlas with no border.
* cjlesh (cjl):
RotateTo action rotates to shortest angle patch
Templates: Installer can be run from any directory. patch.
* Clinth Harris:
patches for Doc generator script
* cmkilger:
TMX maps: supports loading images from a different path than the map. patch.
* Codemattic:
patches for CocosNode
patches for MenuItemFont
* Corey.B.Painter:
Speed action calls other#stop patch
SpriteFrame rect updates rectInPixels too. Patch
Added exchangeObject and exchangeObjectAtIndex in CCArray. Patch.
* craigching:
Correct type for objects in TMX maps. patch
* DaemonCollector:
patch for TMX per-tile properties
* Daniele Benegiamo:
Prevent possible memory corruption with particles when autoRemove is On. patch.
* David Deaco (
Author of RenderTexture Test #3
* David Hakim (
Event Dispatcher in Mac is synced. patch.
Dispatcher in Mac supports NSTimer events. patch.
Menu Mac: Track "touches" works as expected. patch.
* David Whatley (
Scheduler supports the repeat parameter. patch.
Author of perFrameUpdate in Scheduler
Scheduler supports scaleTime per node
ActionManager supports scaleTime per node
Author of tests for: Scheduler:repeat, Scheduler:perFrameUpdate, Scheduler:scaleTime
* ddoucet
CCLabelTTF with alignment works OK on Mac. patch.
* Derek van Vliet (http://
Added fix to make JPEG images work correctly in iOS4
* Dmitriy Vakhania
Added Xcode4 File templates
* Dominique Bongard:
patches for CocosDenshion
Scheduler fires Timer the 1st time with dt=0
Prevent crash with BitmapFontAtlas patch
Template: uses removeUnusedTextures patch
* Donald Alan Morrison:
actions uses FLT_EPSILON macro. patch.
* effervens:
patches for Director
* effervecents (
Sprite: Skew is performed after scale
* Ernesto Corvi & On-Core (
author of TGA RLE support
patches for TextureMgr
patches for Sprite
author of Effects and EffectsDemo
Added Support classes: Grabber, Grid, GridAction
Added Basic Effects: StopGrid, ReuseGrid
Added Grid Effects: Waves3D, FlipX3D, FlipY3D, Lens3D, Ripple3D, Liquid,
Shaky3D, Waves, Twirl
Added Tiled Grid Effects: ShakyTiles3D, ShatteredTiles3D, ShuffleTiles,
FadeOutTRTiles, FadeOutBLTiles, FadeOutUpTiles, FadeOutDownTiles,
TurnOffTiles, WavesTiles3D, JumpTiles3D, SplitRows, SplitCols
Added Composite actions: AccelAmplitude, AccelDeccelAmplitude, DeccelAmplitude
* Favo Yang:
patch for unschedule timer in CocosNode
* Fraggle:
Fix to make Sequence actions works with 1st action
* Florin Dumitrescu (
added "update score" in cocosLive
author of the sound engine: PASoundListener, PASoundMgr, PASoundSource
* fnkelton:
Performance improvements in ccpLineIntersect. Added ccpSegmentIntersect and ccpPointIntersect
* Fradj Johann:
patches for CocosNode
patches for Layer
patches for MultiplexLayer
* geefmijgratismail:
EAGLView supports resizing. patch.
* Gildas (
Fixed memory leak when loading ParticleDesigner particles.
* glimajr:
TextureCache: Prevents crash when adding a texture in multithreaded environments
* Graham Perks:
Atlas works with GL_CULL_FACE
FastDirector doesn't leak autorelease pool patch
* Greg Lington (
Added support for Touches in Mac. patch.
* Greg Woods:
Added Test case for bug 1159
* haikusw:
Action blink doesn't set frame as invisible when the action finishes. patch.
* hamm.hans:
Author of CrossFadeTransition
* Hans Larsen:
Possibility to create empty menus
Fixed CLang compiling warnings
* InsertWittyName (
Texture2D allocs the right memory (patch)
* iomac (
CocosDenshion: Cleanup buffers to prevent noise in Mac
* Ishaq Malik:
patches for CocosNode
* Jacob Eiting:
patches for Primitives
* Jason Booth (slipster216) (
author of the EaseAction actions
author of EaseAction demos
author of StreakDemo, MotionStreak and Ribbon
patch for ScaleTo/By action to support X and Y.
added endSize to ParticleSystem
added WorldSpace coordinates to ParticleSystem
author of RenderTexture class
author of RenderTexture sample
author of Joystick
author of ProximityManager
mentor of merging Sprite with AtlasSprite, and Zwoptex supports and improvements
added support for global NSBundle
* Jason Cecil:
Fixed memory leak in Director#FPSLabel
patches for CocosDenshion
CocosNode: parent set to nil after onExit patch
BitmapFontAtlas supports sub-directories patch
* Jason Felice (http://
convertToUI works OK in RetinaDisplay. patch.
* jkrippy:
patch for menu align. takes scale into account
* Joao Caxaria:
author of SimpleAudioEngine
* Joe Vennix:
patches for CocosNode
* Jon Kean (
PointParticle asserts if size > 64
Fixed memory leaks when initialization of some nodes failed
Added removeFromParent method in CCNode
Improved performance in CCArray
Simplified CCArray getNSArray code
Particles: Uses Quad in ARMv7 and Point in ARMv6. patch.
Particles Quad: code easier to read and optimize
Several patches that uses unsigned ints instead of signed ints
* Jose Miguel Gomez Gonzalez (
Web: Author and maintainer of the games tab in the cocos2d site
* Josh Heidebrecht (
Added SKIP_INSTALL=yes into Xcode4 project for the static libraries
* johnnyflash71:
TMX suports 1 tileset per layer patch supports spaces in the name
CCFileUtils loads .ccz files correctly. patch
* Jordan Schidlowsky:
Added "relative" mode to particles
* jszatmary:
QuadParticleSystem works with NPOT textures. patch.
QuadParticleSystem works with subrects. patch.
Menu items are not consumed if items are not enabled
Director#convertToUI works as expected. patch.
* jtbowden
RotateTo uses min distance patch
* Justin Graham (
AtlasNode: added init method
TextureCache: it is easier to subclass
* Karthik Chokkaram (
Added helper method to create CCSpawn and CCSequence with an NSArray
* kasatani:
AtlasSprite index 0 is not overwritten
* keisuke.hata:
TouchTest works in RetinaDisplay
Node: convertToNodeSpace works on RetinaDisplay
* kermidt.zed:
patches for absolutePosition in CocosNode
patches for Labels in Texture2D
* Keith Peters:
author of Bezier drawing primitives
* Kristoffer Grönlund
Added multiline support in CCBitmapFontAtlas
* Lam Pham (
Author of CCProgressTimer node
Author of CCProgressTo and CCProgressFromTo actions
Author of CCRadialCCWTransition and CCRadialCWTransition transitions
Added several functions to CGPointExtension like: clampf, ccpClamp, ccpFromSize,
ccpCompOp, ccpLerp, ccpFuzzyEqual, ccpCompMult, ccpAngleSigned, ccpAngle,
ccpRotateByAngle, ccpLineIntersect
Author of sample "CocosDenshion - Fancy Rat Metering Demo"
Added BarMid to CCProgressTo
CCProgressTimer: Improved API
CCProgressTimer: Works with Tint and opacity
Added Tint + opacity test cases for CCProgressTimer
* Leonardo Kasperavičius (
original author of QuadParticleSystem class
Author of the original Bezier action
* lukeman:
patches for MenuItem
* Maarten Billemont (lhunath) (
author of ParticleRain
added suport for particles' source
"Particles are updated on update, not draw" patch
fixed memory leaks in Sprite
fixed possible crashes in Sprite, Particles
optimizations in the whole code (using floats, not doubles)
removed useless GL commands in director
fixed Menu aligments
Treat warnings as errors patch
Action's elapsed is property patch
MenuItemFont label can be changed
Menu can be aligned in Columns and Rows
MenuItem supports LabelAtlas
Added RGB protocol in CocosNode, Atlas, Texture
Particle reset system works as expected
CocosNode: fixed "already scheduled exception" bug
Director: added converToUI method
Added support for FontLabel
Author of FontTest
PointParticleSystem doesn't draw if there are no particles patch
Actions: cleaner way to start/stop actions patches
author of CCPropertyAction
* Dusan Lazarevic (AKA crmagicxxx):
CocosLive client supports ranking request patch
* manucorporat (manu.valladolid) (
added isPaused property to Director
patches for the setColor API for the RGBA protocol
MenuItemLabel: color is saved when item is disabled
Update status in CocosDenshion patch
Added CocosNode#boundingBox method
Added debuging draw method to AtlasSpriteManager
ColorLayer supports blend protocol patch
performance improvement on particles
TextureAtlas uses VBO instead of vertex array list patch
Director: FPSLabel uses RGBA4444 texture (patch)
Node: Added cached GL matrix (patch)
CCArray: author of high performance array
Added CCArray in CCNode and CCSpriteSheet to improve performance
ccCArray: added missing functions so that it easier to wrap a fast enum object around it.
Improved performance in serveral places by using CCARRAY_FOREACH
Particles: also work with vertex array list (compile time option). patch.
Mac Port: Ported CCLabelTTF to Mac
MenuItems are disabled at exit time (patch)
Fixed possible crash with NPOT PVR images
Optimized the loading time of PVR images
CCArray: improved performance in insert & delete elements
Added option to enable/disable RetinaDisplay
Texture: Added possibility to subclass it using MutableTexture
Clean up several parts of the code
Added small performance improvements in several parts of the code
Fixed possible memory leak when popping a scene
Added MacWindow and the possibility to create a Mac Widnow programatically
Improved Mac Touch tests
Fixed bug regarding Mac touch test in Layer
Mac Director reuses OpenGL view in fullscreen mode
ccpLineIntersect: doesn't produce false positives for collisions. patch.
CGPointExtensions cleanup.
MenuToggleItem doesn't scale up if pressed several times. patch.
* marcofucci:
CCArray.fastRemoveObjectAtIndex patch.
* Marco Tillemans (AKA araker:
RenderTexture renders images with correct blend function. patch.
RenderTexture: performance fixes. Improved logic.
Added reorder node performance test
Added multisampling anti-aliasing support in EAGLView, ESRenderer
RenderTexture: getUIImageFromBuffer supports RetinaDisplay. patch.
CCArray: check for bounds in insertObjectAtIndex. patch.
TextureAtlas: added the possibility to draw the Quads in parts
TextureAtlas: Render "static" VBO batches between 6~10% faster. patch.
CCArray / ccArray: Added reverseObjects and reduceMemoryFootprint methods.
EAGLView: call ESRender#resizeLayer only if the new size is different
* marcu.catalin:
Menu items are not consumed is items are not visible
* Mark Cooke:
Added TintTo action
* mark at abitofthought:
author of the single threaded Fast Director
* Mark Sawicki:
Converted all transitions from: transitionName-Transition to Transition-trasitionName.
Converted TransitionTest to use the new naming convention
updated patch for TMX per-tile properties.
Added Test for TMX per-tile properties
* Math Sephton:
patches for Demos
patches for License
* Matt Oswald:
fix to set depthbuffer size on Director
TextureAtlas supports Texture2D objects
author of the original AtlasSprite and AtlasSpriteManager
* Matthias Hoechsmann:
author of tools/ script
* Michal Szymerski:
Added support for AtlasSprite as MenuItems
author of CCFollow action
Added a way to remove from the SpriteFrameCache frames given a dictionary, file or texture
* Michael Thornton:
TMXTileMap supports any kind of child. patch.
* Michael Witt:
Fixed leak in EAGLView multisampling code
* mike AT finklyinteractive:
fixed leak in ActionManager
* Mitch:
patches for Menu
author of MenuItemToggle
* mlmcgoogan:
SpriteFrameCache sets instance to nil when it is purged (patch)
* morten795 (
Device and Simulator behaves identically with premultiplied images. patch.
* Musical Geometry:
Improved SpriteSheet doxygen documentation (patch)
* mzornek:
ProgressTimer: setPercentage no longer has underflow (patch)
* nash8114:
Sprite#isFrameDisplayed works ok with offsets. patch.
GLES-DebugDraw#drawCircle draws non-solid circles. patch.
* Neophit:
Added support for object and objectgroup in TMXTiledMaps
TMXTiledMaps: objects supports offsets. patch.
TMXLayer: checks correct GID in tilemaps. patch.
* Nerezus:
Fixed compile error when keyboard registry is enabled
* NovaOblivion:
Author of bug #915 test case
* palter AT
Texture fails gracefully if PVR image can't be loaded (patch)
* Pascal Bourque (
Worked around memory leak in NSXMLParser used by TMXMaps
* Patrick Wolowicz:
mkatlas: added artifact removal by copying borders to margins
FontLabel: supports parenthese and apostrophes when word wrapping.
* Paul Hampson (TBBle) (
CCSpriteFrameCache textureFileName is relative to path
CCSprite: correctly overrides setIsRelativeAnchorPoint
libpng doesn't compile pngtest.c. patch.
Templates: HelloWorld -> HelloWorldLayer and other improvements. patch.
TextureCache: Added dumpCachedTextureInfo method. Shows used RAM by cached textures
* pfg2009:
RenderTexture doesn't enable default GL states. patch.
* Piero Tofy (
Web: Author of the scraper script used to parse games data in the cocos2d site
* Pieter van de Bruggen
Author of Gradient layer
* podhraski.tomislav:
Mac Director compiles when slow FPS are selected. patch.
* psionic81:
ActionManager doesn't purge running actions patch
* rac5372:
compiler warning in MenuItem
* ratman:
patch for TileMapAtlas: it works with 255 tiles
patch for TextureMgr: supports directory within image names
patch: Added support for tsx tilesets in TMX tiled maps
* Ray Wenderlich (
co-author of sample "CocosDenshion - Tom the Turret"
* rickms:
MenuItem: added support for class methods.
* Robert J Payne (
Author of Zwoptex editor. Added support for Zwoptex
Added support for left,right,top,bottom trim in CCSpriteFrameCache (patch).
Added support for Zwoptex rotated frames. patch
Author of Zwoptex Test
* Rolandas Razma (gamebit):
added support for auto-remove-on-finish in particles
TMX maps support visibility and opacity patch
TMX maps possibility to access the layers patch
Actions: Animate copy originalFrame patch
Director: fixed startup flicker
Actions: Repeat and RepeatForever has setter/getter for inner action
* Rolando Abarca (funkaster) (
XCode only displays the libz dependency just once
added userData property in CocosNode
migrated all cocos2d code and all test to using the CC namespace
ccArray: added assert in realloc
* sakamoto.kazuki:
2d projection works OK with HighRes. patch.
Performance improvement in CCNode#insertChild. patch.
* samkass: suports custom directory. patch.
install-template can be installed in user directory. patch.
* Scott Iisystems:
TextureAtlas signed math error patch
BezierBy#reverse patch
* Scott Lembcke (
Sprite#updateTransform can be overriden
* Serge Kolgan:
patches for CocosNode
* Sergey Tikhonov (AKA haqu) (
Sprite: Added texture debugging draw
Menu: MenuItemFont can change the font name and family once it is instanced
* sflory:
new way to added CGImageRef to TextureMgr
added unicode support in BitmapFontAtlas
* shaydn:
Fixed convertoWorld/Node AR methods
* shire8bit:
PageTurnTransition: fixed artifacts
* Sindesso Pty Ltd & David Durbin (
author of PageTurn3D action
author of PageTurn3DTransition
* slypete:
patch for FastDirector to run in the main thread
* SmallMike (
author of DisplayLink Director
* spoon.reloaded:
JumpBy/To uses parabolic function patch
* Steve Israelson:
patches for Scheduler
pactches for Actions
patches for Transitions
* Stanislav Skuratov (trump-card):
Author of ParticleView, the particle editor
* Stepan Generalov (iPsi) (
EventDispatcher: flagsChanged is triggered correctly. patch
Test case for issue 1071
FileUtils: Loads -hd resources even if the -sd resource is not present. patch
* Steve Oldmeadow (
Author and maintainer of CocosDenshion Sound Engine:
It includes patching, maintaing, porting it to Mac,
adding new features, adding documentation, etc.
co-author of sample "CocosDenshion - Tom the Turret"
Author of sample "CocosDenshion - Drum Pad"
Author of sample "CocosDenshion - Fade to Grey"
patches for Texture2D
Integrated Box2d physics engine
Created Box2d + cocos2d demo example
* Stuart Carnie (
Sprite with nil textures supports opacity & color. patch.
Added file templates: CCNode, CCLayer, CCSprite
Added git/github improvements: README.mkdown, and .gitingnore files
Added support for Blocks using PLBlocks:
Actions: Added CCCallBlock and CCCallBlockN
MenuItems: supports the "block" parameter
Tests: added Actions and Menu tests
Added ProfilingTimer: Director and Particles supports it when enabled
* svenito:
Fixed artifacts in PageTurnTransition
* TheArsenik:
added BezierTo action
* Thomas Hoechsmann (Zombie) (
update the VBO buffer with only the needed particles
Fixed possible crash in Scheduler when unscheduling a sibling
* Thomas Visser:
MenuItem#rect works with anchorPoint
* UD7 Studios (
RenderTexture: Possibility to save buffer in any directory. patch.
* Valentin Milea:
clean up CocosNode, added better comments to CocosNode
Set transformAnchor point in Sprite
Actions can have tags
Fixed memory leak in MenuItemFont
local to world coordinates (rotation,scale&position) functions
removed unused scale ivar in CocosNode
Layer conforms to TouchDelegate protocol
Ability to remove nil objects
ccArray: a fast alternative to NSMutableArray
improved Scheduler timer performance
improved CocosNode runAction/stopAction
fixed possible memory leak when running actions
AtlasSpriteManager#removeChild fixes
CocosNode#runAction doesn't run an already running action
Added improvements, fixes and documentation in CGPointExtension
Author of the TouchDispatcher/TouchHandler: handle each touch independently
CocosNode actions: patches that makes the actions run MUCH faster
Author of the transformations caches. world2local, local2world runs faster.
fixes for Repeat action. It doesn't skip integer values
CocosNode#children is an explicit property
* Wayne Marsh:
AnimationCache: patch to support animation cache
* yarrington:
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