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version 2.0 XX-Jul-2012
. [FIX] EventDispatcher: fixed ccMouseEnter/Exit
. [FIX] LabelTTF: supports multiline even if no dimensions are provided
. [FIX] Macros: CCLOGERROR defined in ccDeprecated as CCLOGWARN
. [FIX] Scheduler: removeUpdateFromHash calls [target release] at the very end to prevent a possible crash
. [FIX] TexturePVR: wrong type when calculating PVR lenght
. [FIX] Xcode: Fixed compile errors and warnings in Xcode 4.5
. [3RD] libpng: updated to 1.2.49
version 2.0-rc2 03-Jun-2012
. [NEW] Added Javascript test using JSCocoa (Mac only)
ActionTests, SpriteTests (WIP)
. [NEW] Director: Added popToRootScene method
. [NEW] RenderTexture: Added support for Depth Stencil
. [FIX] Actions: CardinalSpline#copy uses tension (issue #1377)
CallFunc: fixed possible crash when releasing the action (issue #1369)
. [FIX] ccArray: Implementation is no longer inlined. Needed for gen_bridge_metada.
Make it compatible with C99
Added __cplusplus #ifdef in header
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Fixed buffer overrun while resizing buffer (issue #1372)
. [FIX] Director: Fixed memory leak when createStatsLabel was called more than once (issue #1373)
. [FIX] FileUtils: easier to override the search folder
Added __cplusplus #ifdef in header
. [FIX] LabelTTF: improved loading time. Label is updated only if the string is set.
. [FIX] Macros: CCLOG doesn't log the function name. Only CCLOGWARN
. [FIX] MenuItem: setIsEnabled can be called before setting the images
. [FIX] Particle: Handles premultipled images correctly
Fixed possible memory leak when changing textures.
Examples: Removed ARCH_OPTIMAL_PARTICLE_SYSTEM since PointParticle is no longer supported
. [FIX] SpriteFrameCache: plist is not loaded again if it was already loaded (performance)
. [FIX] Texture2d: JPEG are loaded correctly on iOS4 (re-re-fixed issue #886)
Improved iOS5 allocation bug warning and internal conversions.
Fixed alpha when converting RGBA8 textures to RGB5A1
. [3RD] Chipmunk Physics: Updated to v6.1.1
version 2.0-rc1 19-Apr-2012
. [NEW] v1.1 Forward-ported changes:
CCArray: new sorting methods, replaceObjectAtIndex, isEqualToArray
CCArray: equalilty is tested by isEqual instead of comparing pointer addresses
CCArray: CCARRAY_FOREACH macro is now ARC compatible
DrawPrimitives: Added new functions: ccDrawRect, ccDrawSolidRect
Macros: CCLOG logs the class/method name
Particles: The scheduler is removed on dealloc
TMX: fixed bug on release when parsing errors.
. [NEW] Actions: Added Catmull Rom By/To and Cardinal Spline By/To actions
. [NEW] ActionManager: Added support for pause/resume all actions of target
. [NEW] Configuration: logs in which thread the director is running (Mac only)
. [NEW] DrawingPrimitives: added ccDrawCatmullRom, ccDrawCardinalSpline
. [NEW] FileUtils: It is a singleton (easier to subclass)
NSFileManager and NSBundle are properties (can be changed in runtime)
Added "fallback suffix" support for "get full path" and "remove suffix" (disabled by default).
On iPad the default suffix is "-ipad". Before it was ""
. [NEW] LabelAtlas: added .plist config file support. Easier to migrate games to higher resolutions.
. [NEW] LabelTTF: Added support for vertical alignment
. [NEW] Tiled: TMX tile rotation is supported (issue #1350)
. [FIX] All: Fixed compiler warnings. Format strings changed from %08X to %p
. [FIX] Deprecated: displayedFrame points to displayFrame avoiding infinite loop (issue #1347)
. [FIX] Director: Fixed projection. ViewPort is the size of the screen. Projection adjusted (issue #1355)
Fixed crash when calling "end" on RetinaDisplay
Only enable DepthTesting is the view has a depth buffer
Does not raise assert if startAnimation is called when it is already animated.
. [FIX] Events: onMouseExit/Enter fixed on Mac
. [FIX] LabelBMFont: can be "init" without further arguments
Glyphs with big yOffset are rendered correctly (issue #1343)
. [FIX] LabelTTF: Better support for custom TTF (Mac)
Alignments and LineBreak modes values are the both on iOS and Mac. Needed for editors.
. [FIX] MotionStreak: Fast mode works with textures (issue #1358)
The initial position will be the 1st "new" position. Prevents "tail" from (0,0)
. [FIX] NSThread+Block: fixed crash due to block not being copied to the heap
. [FIX] OpenGL: VAO are initialized on the cocos2d thread on machines that don't support shareables VAOs
. [FIX] Scheduler: Logs warnings with better precision (.4f instead of .2f) (issue #1362)
. [FIX] Sprite: setTexture when Batched, don't raise exception. Only if texture id is <> than batch.texture id
. [FIX] Templates: LICENSE_cocosdension -> LICENSE_CocosDension (issue #1363)
. [FIX] Texture: If defaultAlpha is RGBA8888 and image has no alpha, use RGBA8 instead of RGB565
PVR textures sets the glTexParams before creating the texture. faster.
PVR texture logs warning if NPOT + 16-bit textures, or if RGB888 textures are being used on iOS5
"PNG" textures: converts NPOT + 16 bit textures to POT on iOS5
More permissive assert on setTexParams() when CLAMP is used on NPOT textures
version 2.0-rc0a 13-Mar-2012
. [FIX] PerformanceTest: Compiles and run
. [FIX] Tests: fixed shaders tests
version 2.0-rc0 12-Mar-2012
. [NEW] v1.1 Forward-ported changes:
Actions: CCRepeat ends as expected (issue #1288)
ColorLayer: incorrect size in init method
Denshion: Background music fades ok (issue #1304)
MenuItem: removed warning when deleting item
ParticleSystem: prevent bursts of particles due to too high emitCounter (issue #1201)
Sprite: fixed possible setColor and opacity
TileMap: Flipped tiles can be changed during runtime (issue #1264)
TileMap: Fixed a problem with multiple layers and multiple tile sets that could cause TMX maps to not load if rotation is used (issue #1302)
Types: Added convenience function to create a ccColor4F from color components
. [NEW] Actions: Added ActionTargeted action. Useful to target other nodes from a sequence.
. [NEW] Animation: Added new animation format that supports delays per frame, loops and notifications per frame
. [NEW] Deprecated: Added CC_ENABLE_DEPRECATED in ccConfig.h. All deprecated functions, methods and classed are included by default.
. [NEW] Director: When the stats are on, the number of GL draw calls per frame are displayed
Added support for main-thread director (Mac only. Needed for some editors)
Added KVO for isPaused (issue #1324)
. [NEW] DrawingPrimitives: Added ccDrawPoly() free function
. [NEW] LabelTTF: fontName, fontSize and dimensions are properties.
It is possible to init one without parameters
. [NEW] LabelBMFont: added setFntFile method (issue #1119)
Added support for image offset in order to share the texture (issue #762)
Added support for any unicode char (issue #770)
Consumes less memory. Only defined Glyphs are allocated.
. [NEW] FileUtils: Added support for iPad RetinaDisplay files (default suffix is: -ipadhd )
. [NEW] Menu: could be created/initialized using NSArray
Menu could be created without items
Menu could be enabled/disabled (no events will be accepted when it is disabled)
It is possible to change its priority on runtime
Renamed kCCMenuTouchPriority -> kCCMenuHandlerPriority
. [NEW] MenuItem: SpriteItem: Added setters for enabled,disabled,selected sprites
Added setter for targe:selector and block
. [NEW] Node: Added userObject. Similar to userData, but it holds an id.
zOrder property is readwrite
. [NEW] Particle: It is possible to resize the particle in runtime
. [NEW] Sprite: spriteWithBatchNode / initWithBatchNode were removed. Use initWithTexture:batch.texture / spriteWithTexture:batch.texture instead
. [NEW] TextureAtlas: Added option to not use VAO (might be a bit slower, but it consumes less memory)
. [NEW] Texture2D: Added kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_RGB888 to the list of "default alpha pixel formats"
. [NEW] TileMap: polygon, polilines and gid are parsed from the objects (issue #1311)
. [FIX] All: replaced some NSLog() with CCLOG() is some parts of the code (issue #1250)
. [FIX] Actions: Instant actions are trigged on stop and not start (issue #1305)
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: fixed memory leak on CDBufferLoadRequest (issue #1286)
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: fixed issue when background music looping was not respected on resume if playback was stopped (issue #1284)
. [FIX] Director: It is possible to re-init a director after it has been quit (issue #1313)
. [FIX] Director: becomes firstResponder after toggling fullscreen (Mac only) (issue #1189)
. [FIX] DrawingPrimitives: drawColor4f() uses GLFloat instead of GLbyte (issue #1307)
. [FIX] GLProgram: report error correctly if vertex shader has compile issues
Base shaders are no longer parsed files. Instead they are parsed from memory. Faster and ease the migration to v2.0
. [FIX] GLView: Fixed memory leak while dispatching events (Mac only)
. [FIX] GLView: MSAA support is working (issue #1315)
. [FIX] Label: LabelBMFont fixed y-offset in RetinaDisplay (issue #1309)
. [FIX] Node: flip, visible are no longer bitfields to prevent signed issues (issue #1314, issue #1287)
. [FIX] Particles: Fixed memory leak in fillWithEmptyQuadsFromIndex
. [FIX] Progress: works with rotated sprite frames (issue #1303)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: If (running thread != cocos2d thread ) then it locks the OpenGL context. Prevents nasty crash
added newCGImage (issue #1214)
Added save buffer support on Mac
Refactored save code: easier to read and mantain
. [FIX] Sprite: adding family of sprites to a batchnode works as expected (issue #1217)
. [FIX] SpriteBatch: Quad extensions are public
. [FIX] Templates: added -all_load -ObjC on "other linkers"
. [FIX] Tests: LabelTest with custom TTF font works on Mac too
. [FIX] Texture2D: initWithImage renamed with initWithCGImage
JPEG: No need to convert JPG to PNG on iOS4 (issue #886 re-fixed)
BMP: Images are displayed on iOS4 like on iOS5 (without alpha channel) [iOS5 BUG]
'Delete texture' is executed on current thread (not on main thread)
. [FIX] TextureCache: async invokes callback on cocos2d thread (and not on main thread)
. [FIX] Types: kCCResolutionStandard renamed to kCCResolutioniPhone
version 2.0-beta2 17-Jan-2012
. [NEW] v1.1 Forward-ported changes:
LabelTTF: word wrap works on Mac (issue #1074)
Node: Added onExitTransitionDidStart (issue #792)
. [NEW] ActionManager: It is no longer a singleton. It is an ivar of director
. [NEW] Director: it is a subclass of UIViewController (iOS only)
. [NEW] Director: pushScene is the new recommended way to start the scene. Director will start the animation
automatically once the view is displayed (iOS only)
. [NEW] Director: FPS & seconds per frame are displayed at the same time
. [NEW] EventDispatcher / TouchDispatcher: They are no longer singletons. They are an ivar of director.
. [NEW] GL View: Some classes were renamed to have more API concistency:
MacWindow -> CCWindow (Mac)
MacView -> CCGLView (Mac)
EAGLView -> CCGLView (iOS)
ESRenderer -> CCESRenderer (iOS)
ES2Renderer -> CCES2Renderer (iOS)
GLProgram -> CCGLProgram
. [NEW] Macros: Using __CC_PLATFORM_IOS/MAC internally. Suggested way for games too.
. [NEW] Menu: API CHANGE. "itemFrom..." was replaced with "itemWith..."
. [NEW] Menu: target/selector pattern simulated with blocks. Before, blocks were simulated with target/selector
. [NEW] MenuItem: overrides "cleanup" in order to break circular references.
. [NEW] Node: Supports custom scheduler and actionManager
. [NEW] Scheduler: It is no longer a singleton. It is an ivar of director
. [NEW] Template: AppController use a navigation controller (like the cocos2d's tests)
. [NEW] Template: cocos2d v2 and v1 templates can be installed at the same time
. [NEW] Template: Added option for Device Family
. [NEW] Test: Added Director tests. Tests integration with GameCenter and other UIKit components (iOS)
. [NEW] Transitios: Added new transitions: CCTransitionProgressHorizontal, CCTransitionProgressVertical,
CCTransitionProgressInOut and CCTransitionProgressOutIn
. [NEW] Transitions: CCTransitionRadial... renamed to CCTransitionProgressRadial...
. [FIX] Actions: IntervalAction works OK in rewind mode
. [FIX] Actions: EaseIn/EaseOut actions support float arguments
. [FIX] Director: Uses DisplayLink timestamp. More stable delta times (iOS) (issue #1277)
. [FIX] Director: CC_DIRECTOR_INIT() centers main window (Mac)
. [FIX] Effects: 2D Effects and Transitions work as expected with a 2D projection
. [FIX] Events: Events are removed/added from outside an event (Mac) (issue #1282)
. [FIX] Events: Fixed memory leak when removing delegate (Mac)
. [FIX] Grid: Fixed two big memory leaks (issue #1280)
. [FIX] Grid: CCGrid3D was allocating 2x memory on Mac
. [FIX] Menu: Blocks API doesn't crash on Mac
. [FIX] RenderTexture: Works with RGB888 (issue #1293)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: Supports NPOT textures (issue #1291)
. [FIX] Shaders: example shaders have the "example_" prefix
. [FIX] Sprite: isFrameDisplayed takes into accout the offset (issue #1295)
. [FIX] Tests: ActionProgress, Box2dtest, ChipmunkTest, LayerTest, MotionStreakTest, NodeTest, RotateWorld and SceneTest work on Mac
. [FIX] Tests: MenuTestBlocks removed. Merged into MenuTest
. [FIX] Tests: ShaderTest works (issue #1285)
. [FIX] Tests: ShaderTest centers shaders (Mac and iOS Retina Display)
. [FIX] Texture2D: Uses CGImageRef instead of UIKit for iOS API
. [FIX] TileMaps: Re-added "cc_vertexz" property
. [3RD] Chipmunk: Using Chipmunk v6.0.3
version 2.0-beta 27-Nov-2011
. [NEW] v1.1 Forward-ported changes:
reorderSprite: faster reordering sprites/nodes
Particle batches: Particles support batch rendering
TMX parse from memory
events fixes
ARC compatible
. [NEW] Director: Added API to display Milliseconds Per Frame
. [NEW] LabelBMFont: Added support for alignment, also in multiline (issue #1178)
. [NEW] Node: Added glServerState property. Ideal to enable/disabled blending for certain nodes.
. [NEW] Particle: ParticlePoint removed
. [NEW] Shader: Added AlphaTesting shader
. [NEW] DrawingPrimitives: DrawPoint and PointSize fixed both on Mac and iOS. DrawPoly fixed on Mac
. [FIX] Node#draw() Added helper macro to setup draw
. [FIX] Node#draw() removed [super draw]. Draw() should be "atomic". It shall not depend on a possible state of super class.
. [FIX] ccGLState: Added cache for texture unit and GL_BLEND
. [FIX] Paticles: Faster initialization: texCoords are generated only once.
. [FIX] SpriteFrameCache: readded API to create spriteFrames from CCTexture2D
. [FIX] Shaders: Using correct precision. Fixed performance issue with iOS 5
. [FIX] Shaders: Improved internal API and constants names
. [FIX] Templates: Works when the project name contains spaces
. [3RD] Chipmunk: Using Chipmunk v6.0.2
version 2.0-alpha 18-Sept-2011
. [NEW] Action: Added new CallBlockO action
. [NEW] AtlasNode: added init method
. [NEW] ccConfig: removed CC_USES_VBO since VBO is always used
. [NEW] ccConfig: removed CC_OPTIMIZE_BLEND_FUNC_FOR_PREMULTIPLIED_ALPHA since the ccBlendFunctions keeps state
. [NEW] ccConfig: removed CC_SPRITEBATCHNODE_DEBUG_DRAW. CC_SPRITE_DEBUG_DRAW can be used both for batches and non batches.
. [NEW] ccGLState: added helper functions that keeps the GL state
. [NEW] CCProgressTimer:
- Convenience class constructor now passes in CCSprite (this gives developers easier access to timer with CCSpriteFrames, CCSprites, etc)
- Reduced the progress timer types to just radial and bar - added in reverse, midpoint, barChangeRate to be have more flexible options to modify the progress.
- Supports Tint + Color
. [NEW] Director: Removed Fast, FastThreaded and NSTimer director. The only one available is DisplayLink.
. [NEW] Director: Orientations are no longer supported. Only Portrait mode is supported. Use a ViewController to rotate the EAGL view.
. [NEW] Director: The FPS position can be configured via ccConfig.h file
. [NEW] Director: Fast FPS is the only supported way to display FPS. Removed the CCLabelTTF way of doing it
. [NEW] Macros: ccgl* replaced with ccGL*
. [NEW] Macros: CC_ENABLE/DISABLE_DEFAULT_STATE: Removed. No longer needed.
. [NEW] MotionStreak: Using new motion streak code. 10x faster than the old one.
. [NEW] OpenGL ES: Added support for OpenGL ES 2.0. OpenGL ES 1.1 is no longer supported
. [NEW] ParticleQuad: Uses VAO for rendering. Indices are part the VBO.
. [NEW] ParticlePoint: removed code. It is a subclass of ParticleQuad for compatibility.
. [NEW] Profiler: API heavily updated to make it easier to integrate into any kind of component
. [NEW] Sprite: initWithTexture:rect is the designated initializer
. [NEW] Sprite: removed pixels API.
. [NEW] Sprite: useSelfRender / useBatchNode replaced with setBatchNode
. [NEW] Sprite: Improved API in order to make it easier to create DoubleResolution sprites
. [NEW] SpriteBatchNode / Sprite / Node: Simplied rendering. Easiert to integrate with physics engines. Just subclass nodeToParentTransform().
. [NEW] SpriteBatchNode: Removed support for HONOR_PARENT_TRANSFORM.
. [NEW] SpriteFrameCache: addSpriteFramesWithFile:textureFile renamed to addSpriteFramesWithFile:textureFilename to be consistent with the new API
. [NEW] Templates: Removed Xcode3 templates. Updated Xcode4 templates.
. [NEW] Templates: Box2d & Chipmunk templates use new way to sync cocos2d and physics engine by using PhysicsSprite
. [NEW] Tests: All tests use RootViewController
. [NEW] Tests: Box2d + cocos2d test: Added PhysicsSprite and other Box2d best practices
. [NEW] Tests: Chipmunk + cocos2d test: Added PhysicsSprite and other Chipmunk's best practices
. [NEW] Tests: FontTest uses "bundle" fonts instead of FontLabel
. [NEW] Tests: Removed HelloWorld* tests
. [NEW] Tests: TextureTest has TextureCache#asyncWithBlock test
. [NEW] Tests: Removed Chipmunk iOS TestBed since it was outdated
. [NEW] Texture: Uses NPOT textures (gles20 already supports them)
. [NEW] Texture: PVRTC-RAW format is no longer supported. Use the non-raw format instead.
. [NEW] TextureAtlas: Uses VAO for rendering
. [NEW] TextureCache: Added asyncWithBlock method
. [NEW] Tiled: cc_vertexz property is no longer supported. Will raise exception if found.
. [FIX] All: Removed deprecated methods and classes that were scheduled for removal post 1.0
. [FIX] Node: slightly faster nodeToParentTransform()
. [FIX] ProgressTimer: reverse renamed to reverseDirection in order to prevent possible collision with action#reverse
. [FIX] RenderTexture: getUIImageFromBuffer doesn't return artifacs
. [FIX] TextureCache: Uses "self" instead of "CCTextureCache" in shared instance
. [FIX] Sprite: displayedFrame correctly returns originalSize
. [FIX] SpriteFrameCache: it doesn't retain the textures when they are loaded from a dictionary file (issue #1227)
. [FIX] Xcode: cocosLive: Removed. Use OpenFeint or GameCenter instead
. [FIX] Xcode: FontLabel: Removed since in iOS 4 you can load custom TTF
. [FIX] Xcode: TouchJSON: Removed. No longer needed since cocosLive was removed
. [FIX] Xcode: Tremor / vorbis: Removed. Experimental sound engine is no longer supported
. [FIX] Xcode: iOS 4 is minimun required to run
. [3RD] Box2d: Using Box2D 2.2.1
. [3RD] Chipmunk: Using Chipmunk v6.0.1
. [3RD] Kazmath: New external library. kazmath library for matrix and projection operations, and matrix GL stack
. [3RD] Kazmath: Added ARM NEON Matrix Multiplication from Oolong project
version 1.1-rc0 .. -..-2012
. [NEW] Macros: made CCLOG a bit more verbose
. [NEW] CCSprite: added useTrimmedFrameForAnchorPoint property. This makes the trimmed frame frame of reference for the anchorpoint and contentSize.
. [FIX] CCAnimation: bug in addFrames that resulted in incorrect delayPerUnit (issue #1341)
. [FIX] CCSprite: CCSprite bug in setDisplayFrameWithAnimationName
. [FIX] CCParticleSystem: unschedule update method when deallocated
. [FIX] CCParticleSystemQuad: Changed animation property to particleAnimation, for compiler warning
. [FIX] CCRenderTexture: fixed getUIImageFromBuffer
. [FIX] CCTouchDispatcher: fixed crash after showing UIAlertView (issue #1279)
. [FIX] CCGrabber: added log message to warn that grabber doesn't support transparent parts with a color buffer of RGB565
. [FIX] Compiler: fixed unrecognised clang pragmas so cocos can still be compiled with LLVM version < 2.0.
version 1.1-beta2b 14-Mar-2012
. [FIX] CCUtils: missing method declaration
version 1.1-beta2 12-Mar-2012
. [NEW] v2.0 forward ported changes:
LabelBMFont: added setFntFile method
Animation: Added new animation format that supports delays per frame and notifications per frame
Actions: Added ActionTargeted action. Useful to target other nodes from a sequence.
. [NEW] All: Code is compatible with ARC (issue #1199)
. [NEW] CCArray: new sorting methods, replaceObjectAtIndex, isEqualToArray
. [NEW] ccFileUtiles: new iPad retina file extension (ipadhd)
. [NEW] DrawPrimitives: Added new functions, ccDrawRect, ccDrawSolidRect, ccDrawSolidPoly
. [NEW] DrawPrimitives: Added batch drawing of lines, ccDrawLines (issue #1081)
. [NEW] Node: Added onExitTransitionDidStart (issue #792)
. [NEW] ParticleSystem: supports animations in new animation format
. [NEW] TileMap: supports in-memory TMX map creation (issue #1239)
. [NEW] TileMap: Flipped tiles can be changed during runtime (issue #1264)
. [NEW] Touchdispatcher: new implementation, supporting changing dispatchers based on (ranges) of properties, custom sorting and more (full list in online release notes)
. [NEW] Types: Added convenience function to create a ccColor4F from color components
. [FIX] Actions: incorrect behavior of CCRepeat
. [FIX] CCArray: equalilty is tested by isEqual instead of comparing pointer addresses
. [FIX] CCArray: CCARRAY_FOREACH macro is now ARC compatible
. [FIX] CCLabelBMFont: full unicode support
. [FIX] CCTMXXMLParser: removed unused variables in release mode
. [FIX] ColorLayer: incorrect size in init method
. [FIX] Director: 3d projection setting for iPad retina
. [FIX] Denshion: Background music fades ok (issue #1304)
. [FIX] EAGLView: always destroy and recreate OpenGL buffers completely (issue #1254)
. [FIX] MenuItem: removed warning when deleting item
. [FIX] Node: orderOfArrival is @synthezied correctly (issue #1273)
. [FIX] Node & Sprite: Scale before Skew to prevent issues with negatives scales.
. [FIX] ParticleSystem: prevent bursts of particles due to too high emitCounter (issue #1201)
. [FIX] ParticleSystem: CCParticleExamples on armv6 uses quad particle system by default, so CCParticleBatchNode can be used
. [FIX] ParticleBatchNode: removeChild error and 'freezing' particles (issue #1316)
. [FIX] ParticleBatchNode: memoryleak (issue #1306)
. [FIX] Sprite: fixed possible setColor and opacity
. [FIX] Sprite: fixed adding premade sprite hierarchy to batchnode (issue #1217)
. [FIX] TileMap: Fixed a problem with multiple layers and multiple tile sets that could cause TMX maps to not load if rotation is used (issue #1302)
. [FIX] TouchDispatcher: correctly handles addition and removal of handlers when being inside a touch handler (issue #1084, #1139)
. [FIX] TouchDispatcher: new implementation fixes multiple issues (issue #1173, #1267)
. [FIX-MAC] LabelTTF: word wrap works on Mac (issue #1074)
. [FIX-MAC] fix for failed to compile on 32-bit mac builds.
version 1.1-beta 11-Oct-2011
. [NEW] Animation: Added file format. AnimationCache can load animations from file
. [NEW] ccConfig: Removed CC_RETINA_DISPLAY_FILENAME_SUFFIX. Use CCFileUtils API instead
. [NEW] ccConfig: Removed CC_RETINA_DISPLAY_SUPPORT. It is always enabled.
. [NEW] FileUtils: Added iPad / RetinaDisplay extension. To use it, call [CCFileUtils setiPadSuffix:@"-ipad"] or setRetinaDisplaySuffix (issue #1211)
. [NEW] FileUtils: Added xxxFileExistAtPath for iPad and RetinaDisplay resources
. [NEW] Node: improved speed when reordering and adding nodes (integration of reorderSprite branch)
. [NEW] Particles: Added ParticleBatchNode (issue #955)
. [NEW] Sprite: improved speed when reordering and adding sprites (integration of reorderSprite branch)
. [NEW] Scheduler: Added support for delay and repeat (issue #630)
. [NEW] Textures: Added support for RGB888 textures (issue #958)
. [NEW] TileMap: TMX map supports flipped tiles (issue #1233)
. [FIX] TileMap: don't use new sorting for tilemap (issue #1262)
. [FIX] Actions: removed #undef CLAMP (issue #1210)
. [FIX] Actions: Repeat & RepeatForEver work as expected(issue #1247)
. [FIX] Actions: duration is not divided by zero (issue #615)
. [FIX] Actions: Instant actions can be sequenceables (issue #1166)
. [FIX] FileUtils: Loads -hd resources even if the sd resource is not present (issue #1179)
. [FIX] FileUtils: renamed ccRemoveSuffixFromFile to +[CCFileUtils removeSuffixFromFile:];
. [FIX] FileUtils: localized resources can be loaded using fullPathFromRelativePath (issue #1230)
. [FIX] LayerColor: init calls initWithColor:width:height (issue #1226)
. [FIX] Sprite: Debug draw fixed (issue #1069)
. [FIX] SpriteBatchNode: removeAllChildrenWithCleanup works correctly (issue #1216)
. [FIX] Texture2D: drawAtPoint uses the correct vertices
. [FIX] Texture2D: drawAtPoint, drawInRect disables color state (issue #1222)
. [FIX-MAC] Director: Only call set setAcceptsTouchEvents: when OS X >= 10.6 (issue #1225)
version 1.0.1 - 28-July-2011
. [FIX] All: Implicit atomic properties converted to nonatomic
. [FIX] All: Removed deprected code
. [FIX] CCArray: copyWithZone fixed
. [FIX] Director: frames -> totalFrames, and it works as expected. Value is not being reset.
. [FIX] Menu: If any ancestor is invisible, then touches won't be accepted
. [FIX] Node: vertexZ returns points, not "pixels"
. [FIX] LabelTTF: don't crash when calling description after dealloc
. [FIX] Tests: [window release] instead of [window dealloc]
. [FIX] Texture: TextureCache#dump reports the right info (issue #1205)
. [FIX-MAC] CocosDenshion: Cleanup buffers to prevent noise
version 1.0.0 - 13-July-2011
. [NEW] ccpSegmentIntersect & ccpPointIntersect: Added helper functions for ccpLineIntersect (issue #1193)
. [NEW] ccConfig: Added possibility to define the configuration as preprocessor macros
. [NEW] Director: frames is a readonly property
. [NEW] Menu: MenuItemFont can change size and font from instance (issue #1192)
. [NEW] Scheduler: Added isTargetPaused method
. [NEW] Sprite: Debugging draw for texture (issue #879)
. [NEW] Textures: PVR supports NPOT textures
. [FIX] CCArray: ForEach prepends "__" to inner variables to prevent conflict
. [FIX] ccpLineIntersect works as expected. Improved performance (issue #1174, #1193)
. [FIX] cocosLive: fixed memory leak in ScoreServerPost
. [FIX] Director: Added asserts to prevent calling startAnimation twice.
. [FIX] EAGLView: Fixed leak when using multisampling and resizing the layer (issue #1198)
. [FIX] Menu: Column aligment is centered. Removed the +10 pixels padding.
. [FIX] Node: Node#Draw calls super#draw
. [FIX] Tests: Fixed memory leak in ParticleTest
. [FIX] Tests: Fixed memory leak in cocosLiveTest
. [FIX] Tiles: Worked around memory leak in NSXMLParser (issue #1197)
. [FIX] TouchDispatcher: added setPriority (issue #757)
. [FIX] Xcode: cocos2d compiles OK with Xcode 4.2 + llvm 3.0
. [3RD] Chipmunk: updated to v5.3.5
version 1.0-rc3 - 31-May-2011
. [NEW] Actions: Added SkewTo and SkewBy actions
. [NEW] LabelTTF: Added support for LineBreakMode. Mac only supports Word-Break.
. [NEW] Node / Sprite: Added support for SkewX and SkewY properties
. [NEW] Tests: Added skewX, skewY tests for sprites and actions. Added linebreak tests for LabelTTF.
. [NEW] TextureCache: Added dumpCachedTextureInfo method. Shows the RAM used by the cached textures (issue #1154)
. [FIX] cocosLive: Fixed memory leaks in NSURLConnection
. [FIX] Sprites: DisplayedFrame returns the correct frame (issue #1182)
. [FIX] Templates: Supports spaces in project name (issue #1158)
. [FIX] TextureCache: Textures are autoreleased to prevent a crash in multi-threading environments
. [FIX] TexturePVR: clean glError() before creating textures
. [FIX] TMX Maps: Consume less memory (only what is needed), faster loading times (issue #1175)
. [FIX-MAC] Tests: Added test case for issue #1071
. [FIX-MAC] Director: Doesn't crash when entering fullscreen if window is not Key (issue #1185)
version 1.0-rc2 - 03-May-2011
. [NEW] CCArray: Added reduceMemoryFootprint and reverseObject (issue #1167)
. [NEW] Director: Use small dt when the game is being debugged.
. [NEW] Label: TTF supports new LA88 texture format instead of RGBA8888. A8 is still the default one.
. [NEW] Particles: Added support for ParticleDesigner 1.3.60 (spinning support)
. [NEW] Tests: Added test case for bug 1159
. [FIX] Particles: TTL is always >= 0.
. [FIX] Particles: texture coordinates are being used correctly when texture is NPOT.
. [FIX] Scheduler: Fixed possible crash when unscheduling a sibling (issue #1144)
. [FIX] Templates: Use NS_BLOCK_ASSERTIONS and NDEBUG in Release Mode to remove asserts
. [FIX] Templates: Xcode 3 templates fixed. Removed unused files in cocos2d lib. Added missing files from TouchJSON
. [FIX] Templates: ARMv6 devices uses "none" autorotation to improve speed
. [FIX] Templates: Added Xcode 4 "File" templates both for iOS and Mac OS X
. [FIX] Templates: Uses CFBundleIconFiles in Info.plist instead of "Icon Files" (issue #1151)
. [FIX] Templates: Xcode 4 templates generates "sub groups"
. [FIX] Templates: Xcode 4 Mac templates include CocosDenshion
. [FIX] TextureAtlas: Render "static" VBO batches between 6~10 % faster (issue #1150)
. [FIX-MAC] Templates: Generates by default an RGBA8 color buffer instead of an RGBA16
version 1.0-rc - 29-Mar-2011
. [NEW] Actions: Added the possibility to create a CCSpawn and CCSequence with an NSArray
. [NEW] CCArray: Added exchangeObject & exchangeObjectAtIndex (issue #1085)
. [NEW] Templates: Added Xcode4 templates for cocos2d, cocos2d+box2d, cocos2d+chipmunk both for iOS and Mac OS X
. [NEW] Templates: Possibility to run the installer from any directory
. [NEW] Tests: Added DirectorTest
. [NEW] Tests: Added Texture2d subtest for an unsupported PVR pixel format
. [NEW] TextureAtlas: added possibility to draw the quads in parts
. [FIX] All: Removed many deprecated methods and classes that were scheduled for removal on v1.0
. [FIX] Actions: Instant, "base" actions, ReverseTime, Spawn and Sequence don't leak memory if actions are reused
. [FIX] ccpLineIntersect: doesn't produce false positives for collisions (issue #962)
. [FIX] Director: convertToUI works OK in RetinaDisplay mode
. [FIX] Documentation: Drawing primitives fixed syntax error (issue #1127)
. [FIX] Documentation: onExit doxystring improved (issue #1135)
. [FIX] MenuItemToggle: Don't scale up if it is pressed several times (issue #948)
. [FIX] ProgressTimer: fixed underflow in setPercentage() (issue #1123)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: Only enable default GL states, without disabling them (mitigated issue #1145)
. [FIX] StreakMotion: fixed flicker introduced in v0.99.x (issue #1075)
. [FIX] Templates: Don't generate analyze warnings in Xcode4 (issue #1142)
. [FIX] Xcode: TexturePVR compiles when using cocos2d as an external library (issue #1132)
. [FIX] Xcode: Added SKIP_INSTALL=YES in libraries for Xcode4 (issue #1137)
. [FIX-MAC] All: Code is 64-bit friendly. No more warnings when casting from 64 to 32 bits
. [FIX-MAC] Director: Compiles in Mac when "slow" FPS are selected (issue #1126)
. [FIX-MAC] Director: Fullscreen reuses the OpenGL view.
. [3RD] FontLabel: Fixes issues with wrapping and apostraphes and hyphens (issue #1124)
. [3RD] TouchJSON: Updated to "master" from March, 5 2011 (issue #1128)
. [3RD] uthash / utlist: Updated to version 1.9.3
version 1.0-beta - 01-Mar-2011
. [NEW] Actions: Repeat and RepeatForEver has getter/setter for the inner action (issue #1110)
. [NEW] LayerGradient: Added "compressed interpolation" (default mode) in order to display all graident's colors in any vector
. [NEW-MAC] Added CC_DIRECTOR_INIT(). It is possible to create a Mac Window programatically
. [NEW-MAC] EventDispatcher: Added support for Touch events
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Improved logging
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Fixed excessively large or negative gain values cause distorted audio in the simulator.
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Added guards to prevent memory corruption caused by invalid parameters
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Define some constants for defaults, make const parameter on buffer asynch load method
. [FIX] CCArray: insertObjectAtIndex checks bounds (issue #1121)
. [FIX] Director: Fixed possible crash when purging the TextureCache
. [FIX] Layer: CCMultiplexLayer deprecated. New name is CCLayerMultiplex
. [FIX] Particles: consumes less memory (12 bytes less per particle) and are a bit faster
. [FIX] ProgressTimer: Consumes less memory
. [FIX] RenderTexture: Added possibility to save buffer in any place (issue #1100)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: re-added getUIImageFromBuffer method. Supports RetinaDisplay
. [FIX] Sprite: flipx/flipy don't modify the contentSize (issue #1073)
. [FIX] SpriteFrame: setRect sets pixels too. setRectInPixels sets points too (issue #1088)
. [FIX] Templates: ItunesArtwork renamed to iTunesArtwork (issue #1092)
. [FIX] Templates: HelloWorld -> HelloWorldLayer and other improvements (issue #873)
. [FIX] TextureCache: asyncObject#dealloc uses CCLOGINFO instead of CCLOG (issue #1096)
. [FIX] TiledMap: TMX maps work with zlib compression (Tiled v0.6)
. [FIX-MAC] Director: runLoop enables NSTimers events (issue #1107)
. [FIX-MAC] EventDispatcher: flagsChanged is triggered correctly (issue #1066)
. [FIX-MAC] EventDispatcher: queue & dispatch events are synced (issue #1083)
. [FIX-MAC] LabelTTF: alignment works OK (issue #1073)
. [FIX-MAC] Menu: Menu doesn't hang up with invisible menus (issue #1070)
. [FIX-MAC] Menu: Tracking "touches" works as expected (issue #1114)
. [FIX-MAC] Templates includes AudioToolbox and OpenAL frameworks
version 0.99.5 - 16-Dec-2010
. [NEW] All: small performance improvements in all the code
. [NEW] Layer: Added gradient layer
. [NEW] MenuItem: it also supports class methods
. [NEW] SpriteFrameCache: added method to load a plist file with a texture file name
. [NEW] Texture: It is possible to use a subclass like MutableTexture without modifying the code
. [NEW-MAC] Added Mac templates
. [NEW-MAC] Added "flagsChanged" keyboard event
. [NEW-MAC] Added support for Fullscreen / window mode
. [NEW-MAC] Added support for AutoScale if the window is resized / fullscreen (EXPERIMENTAL)
. [FIX] All: Misc cleanups in the code
. [FIX] Action: Blink restores doesn't set as invisible the frame when the action is done (issue #1061)
. [FIX] Camera: uses points intead of pixels. Works OK in RetinaDisplay mode (issue #1023)
. [FIX] CCArray: fixed possible crash
. [FIX] Configuration: checks for possible glErrors. Only ask for max samples if iOS >= 4 (issue #1041)
. [FIX] Director: Fixed possible memory leak when popping a scene.
. [FIX] FileUtils: loads .gz / .ccz files correctly in RetinaDisplay mode (issue #1037)
. [FIX] FileUtils: fixed big memory leaks on .ccz inflater
. [FIX] FileUtils: removes -hd suffix if the filename already has it (issue #1040)
. [FIX] Node: udpated doxygen strings regarding default anchorPoint (issue #1049)
. [FIX] Sprite: updateTransform can be overriden (issue #824)
. [FIX] Sprite: Assert if an sprite initialized with a batchnode and it is not using it (issue #1053)
. [FIX] Sprite: correctly overrides setIsRelativeAnchorPoint (issue #1055)
. [FIX] SpriteFrameCache: textureFileName is relative to path (issue #1044)
. [FIX] Particles: QuadParticle uses Points (issue #1057)
. [FIX] Templates: removeStartup compiles (issue #1059)
. [FIX] Texture: PVR with non-square mipmaps generates a warning log in debug mode (issue #1052)
. [FIX-MAC] Display Link thread: async images works as expected. Enabled by default.
. [FIX-MAC] EAGLView: VSync is enabled when the view is loaded from the NIB
. [TEST] Added Glyph Designer test case
. [TEST] Added LayerGradient test
. [TEST-MAC] Added cocos2d icon to Mac tests
. [TEST-MAC] Added EventTest
. [3RD] Chipmunk: Updated to v5.3.4
. [3RD] libpng: don't compile pngtest.c (issue #1058)
version 0.99.5-rc1 - 15-Nov-2010
. [NEW] Director: setProjection calls "updateProjection" delegate if "custom" projection is used
. [NEW] Label: The CCLabelProtocol implements the -(NSString*)string method.
. [NEW] Particles: Added a new type kCCPositionTypeRelative. Useful for "trail" particles. Added Test.
. [NEW] Textures: Added support for pvz.ccz and pvr.gz formats
. [NEW] Textures: TextureCache has a method to test if a texture is already cached (issue #793)
. [NEW] ZipUtils: Added generic functions to uncompress any .gz or .ccz file (issue #1016)
. [FIX] Actions: OrbitCamera doesn't crash on Simulator
. [FIX] CCArray: fastRemoveObjectAtIndex works as expected (issue #1024)
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Fixed possible loss of audio on iOS 4.2
. [FIX] config: CC_FONT_LABEL_SUPPORT is again, enabled by default
. [FIX] Configuration: removed main bundle from CCConfiguration (issue #839 issue #773)
. [FIX] Director: projection is doubled in RetinaDisplay mode
. [FIX] DrawingPrimitives: don't modify the buffer in RetinaDisplay (issue #995)
. [FIX] EAGLView: Doesn't crash in multithread environment (re-fixed issue #350)
. [FIX] Label: BMFontLabel simplified loading of atlas. Doesn't use CCFileUtils (issue #1031)
. [FIX] Label: setString copies the string, and not retain it (issue #1034)
. [FIX] Mac: Events are dispatched when CC_DIRECTOR_MAC_USE_DISPLAY_LINK_THREAD is used
. [FIX] Menu: MenuItems can draw its children (issue #458)
. [FIX] Menu: MenuItems positions can be controlled manually (issue #1013)
. [FIX] Menu: Menus uses touch priority kCCMenuTouchPriority (-128) (issue #1033)
. [FIX] Node: convertToAR method fixed (issue #1017)
. [FIX] Node: vertexZ works OK in RetinaDisplay mode
. [FIX] Particles: Improved doxygen documentation (issue #1026)
. [FIX] Particles: centerOfGravity renamed to sourcePosition (issue #1026)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: removed unneeded and dangerous assert in getUIImageAsDataFromBuffer
. [FIX] RenderTexture: fixed important memory leak when saving images
. [FIX] SpriteBatchNode: improved performance when drawing the batch (issue #824)
. [FIX] SpriteBatchNode: children sprites use the visible property correctly (issue #665)
. [FIX] TextureCache: Improved loading time of cached PVR images (issue #998)
. [FIX] Texture2D: addPVRTCImage: -> addPVRImage: since it also loads non-compressed PVR images
. [FIX] Texture2D: Use 32-bit textures when creating labels on ARM_NEON hardware. Performance improvement.
To enable it, edit ccConfig and set CC_USE_RGBA32_LABELS_ON_NEON_ARCH = 1
. [FIX] Texture2D: Improved creation time of texts. It's not so expensive to create ZFont labels (issue #971)
. [FIX] Tiled: images can be relative to source map (issue #787)
. [FIX] Tiled: TMXLayer checks for correct GID (issue #742)
version 0.99.5-rc0 - 25-Oct-2010
. [NEW] AnimationCache: New class. It deprecates the CCSprite#animation methods (issue #848)
. [NEW] Animation: simplified API. Name is no longer needed. Deprecated API that uses name.
. [NEW] Animation: Animation has its own file: CCAnimation.m
. [NEW] CocosDenshion: Added duration, freq and size queries for buffers
. [NEW] Director: Added "hook" for notifications or any other kind of object like CCNotifications
. [NEW] Director: Added "enableRetinaDisplay:(BOOL)enabled"
. [NEW] EAGLView: Added support for multisampling
. [NEW] EAGLView: Added support sharegroup
. [NEW] Templates: Install HD, iPad and spotlight icons
. [FIX] Blocks: Actions and MenuItems copy the blocks instead of retaining it (issue #1007)
. [FIX] config: CC_FONT_LABEL_SUPPORT is disabled by default since it performs really bad on iOS >= 4.0
. [FIX] Layer: register accelerometer onEnterTransitionDidFinsih (issue #624)
. [FIX] Node: converToNodeSpace works on RetinaDisplay (issue #1000)
. [FIX] Node: all transform methods uses Points instead of Pixels (issue #999)
. [FIX] Node: onEnterTransitionDidFinsih is also called when added a node to a running node (issue #1018)
. [FIX] Node: addChild returns void, and not self in order to simplify the API
. [FIX] Node: Initializes parent_ to nil at init time
. [FIX] Node: Performance improvement in insertChild (issue #909)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: improved performance, improved logic, no more glMaskColor() bugs (issue #1012)
. [FIX] Sprite: setPositionInPixels set to dirty when called (issue #1001)
. [FIX] Templates: Fixed startup flicker (issue #947)
. [FIX] Templates: Installs @2x, iPad and spotlight icons
. [FIX] Tests: Touch Tests works on RetinaDisplay (issue #1000)
. [FIX] Tests: box2d tests work with RetinaDisplay
. [FIX] Transitions: PageTurnTransition re-fixed. No more artifacts. This time is for real (issue #751)
. [3RD] Chipmunk: Using version 5.3.2
version 0.99.5-beta3 23-Sep-2010
. [NEW] RetinaDisplay supported automatically:
Director: winSize returns size in Points. Use winSizeInPixels for pixels
Node: position is in Points. Use positionInPixels for pixles
Node: contentSize is in Points. Use contentSizeInPixels for pixels
Node: boundingBox is in Points. Use boundingBoxInPixels for pixels
Texture2d: contentSize is in Points. Use contentSizeInPixels for pixels
FileUtils: Will try to load the file with the suffix "-hd" if RetinaDisplay is enabled, unless the "-hd" suffix is already present
The following objects were enhanced to work with points:
TMXTileMap, Sprite, SpriteFrame, Node, ParticleSystem, LabelBMFont, LabelTTF, Menu, MenuItem,
ColorLayer, RenderTexture, MotionStreak, Transitions, Actions, LabelAtlas, AtlasNode
and the drawing primitives
The nodes that weren't updated is because there was no need to update them.
. [NEW] SpriteFrameCache: Added a way to remove from the SpriteFrameCache frames given a dictionary, file or texture (issue #953)
. [FIX] CCArray: improved speed in inserting and deleting elements
. [FIX] ParticleSystem: fixed memory leak when using ParticleDesigner (issue #986)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: creates a POW texture, but this doesn't mean that it should be an squared texture (issue #993)
. [FIX] Templates: Default SDK is 4.1
. [FIX] Texture2d: Fixed possible crash in NPOT PVR images
. [FIX] Texture2d: If Text in context can't be created return nil (prevent possible crash)
. [FIX] Texture2d: Optimized loading time of PVR images
. [FIX] Transitions: PageTurn3D transition has fewer visible artifacts (issue #751)
version 0.99.5-beta2 31-Ago-2010
. [NEW] Actions: files renamed: CCXXXAction.[hm] -> CCActionXXX.[hm]
. [NEW] Actions: Using new naming convetion:
CCInstantAction -> CCActionInstant
CCIntervalAction -> CCActionInterval
CCEaseAction -> CCActionEase
CCCameraAction -> CCActionCamera
. [NEW] Action: CCPropertyAction renamed to CCActionTween
. [NEW] Director: New naming convention: CCnameDirector -> CCDirectorName
. [NEW] Director: DirectorIOS is responsible for swapping buffers
. [NEW] Label: CCLabelAtlas#labelAtlasWithString: -> labelWithString. Old method deprecated
. [NEW] Label: CCBitmapFontAtlas deprecated. Use CCLabelBMFont instead.
. [NEW] Label: CCBitmapFontAtlas#bitmapFontAtlasWithString -> labelWithString. Old method deprecated.
. [NEW] Label: CCLabel renamed to CCLabelTTF
. [NEW] Mac: cocos2d works on Mac. All objects works with the following exceptions:
- CCParticleSystemPoint is not supported. Use CCParticleSystemQuad instead
- CCRenderTexture doesn't save textures to images
- ZLabel (FontLabel) is not supported
- Mmm... probably a bit more.
. [NEW] Particles: New naming convention:
CCPointParticleSystem -> CCParticleSystemPoint
CCQuadParticleSystem -> CCParticleSystemQuad
. [NEW] Transitions: new transition naming convention (issue #946)
. [FIX] Actions: ivars 'duration', 'elapsed', 'tag' now have the '_' suffix in their names.
. [FIX] Artifact fixer is a compile time option in ccConfig. Disabled by default
. [FIX] ccCArray: off-by-1 offset, and lastObject fixed (issue #960 and #961)
. [FIX] ccTypes: using GL types for CC GL structures. Prevents possible errors on 64-bit machines
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Added SDK4.0 compile check in CDAudioManager
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: panning does not work correctly on iOS4 (issue #949)
. [FIX] Director: Works with Fast FPS disabled (issue #954)
. [FIX] Director: it's possible to set a custom projection before setting the openGL view (issue #952)
. [FIX] Label: BitmapFontAtlas supports empty strings (issue #950)
. [FIX] Label: LabelAtlas doesn't crash if the texture file can't be found (issue #965)
. [FIX] Layer: ivars isTouchEnabled / isAccelerometerEnabled have the '_' suffix in their names
. [FIX] Menu: Disabled possible menuItem on onExit (issue #969)
. [FIX] Sprite: little optimization when using BatchNode + children
. [FIX] Templates: Added missing keys in Info.plist (issue #939)
. [FIX] Tools: mkatlas supports artifact removal (issue #549)
. [FIX] Tools: mkatlas supports spaces in the name (issue #618)
. [3RD] Chipmunk: updated to Chipmunk v5.3 and Chipmunk Demos
version 0.99.5-beta 30-Jul-2010 - AKA 'CJ the artifact killer'
. [NEW] BitmapFontAtlas: added support for multilines labels
. [NEW] BitmapFontAtlas: added optional setCString method
. [NEW] Configuration: added a helper method to obtain the iOS version
. [NEW] Texture Atlas & Particles: Uses VBO on ARMv7 and iPhone Simulator.
Uses a vertex array list on ARMv6. Performance improvment.
. [NEW] Sprite: Added support for Zwoptex v1.0 (issue #913)
. [NEW] SpriteFrameCache: Added support for Zwoptex name aliases (issue #935)
. [NEW] SpriteSheet is deprecatd. Use SpriteBatchNode instead.
. [NEW] Support/ccUtils.h: added new file that contains some useful functions like nextPOT
. [NEW] RenderTexture: default blend function compatible with premultiplied alpha (issue #937)
. [NEW] Tests: Zwoptex Test added
. [NEW] Texture2D: Added support for Non compressed PVR images. New supported formats:
RGBA_8888, BGRA_8888, RGBA_4444, RGBA_5551, RGB_565, A_8, AI_88, I_8
. [NEW] Texture2D: PVR images can be treated as having alpha premultiplied with:
+(void) PVRImagesHavePremultipliedAlpha:(BOOL)
. [FIX] CCArray: conforms to NSCopying protocol (issue #934)
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Improved sound interruption code (issue #928)
. [FIX] Particles: Built-in particles use QuadParticles when compiled in ARMv7,
and PointParticles when compiled in ARMv6
. [FIX] Sprites: No artifacts when using spritehsheets (issue #938)
. [FIX] Templates & Tests: call CC_DIRECTOR_END() on AppDelegate Terminate
. [FIX] Templates: Use LLVM-GCC as default compiler
. [FIX] Tests: AtlasTest renamed to LabelTest
. [FIX] Tests: CocosLive Demo: added requestRank tests
. [FIX] TextureCache: JPEG workaround (issue #866) is only applied on iOS >= 4 (issue #932)
. [3RD] libpng: updated to v1.2.44 (libpng is only used by a cocos2d test)
version 0.99.4 - 14-Jul-2010
. [NEW] CocosDenshion: switching between background and foreground music (issue #928)
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: fixed memory leak weak reallocing buffers (issue #919)
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: SimpleAudioEngine's enable works as expected (issue #927)
. [FIX] ccCArray: ccCArrayAppendValueWithResize fixed function signature (issue #926)
. [FIX] Director: 2d projection + HighRes works OK (issue #918)
. [FIX] Director: purgeCachedData doesn't purge the SpriteFrameCache (issue #922)
. [FIX] EAGLView: removed unused 'delegate_' ivar
. [FIX] EAGLView: it is possible to resize the view (issue #914)
. [FIX] EAGLView: projection is recalculated after view is resized (issue #924)
. [FIX] GLES-Render: solid objects' colors synced with box2d repository
. [FIX] Scheduler: Doesn't reschedule already scheduled method. It only updates the interval.
. [FIX] Templates & Tests: added App Delegate foreground & background callbacks
version 0.99.4-rc3 - 01-Jul-2010
. [FIX] All: Import ccCArray instead of ccArray (compiles in case sentive file system)
. [FIX] CCArray: fixed overflow (issue #901)
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Fixed bug in CDBufferManager, added test case to FadeToGrey, fixed Info.plist
. [FIX] RenderTexture: works in HiRes mode (issue #898)
. [FIX] Director: Avoid re-scale initial issue (issue #899, issue #350)
. [FIX] Director: convertToUI works as expected (issue #902)
. [FIX] Director: renamed mainLoop -> drawScene
. [FIX] Director: appended '_' to ivars (eg: FPSLabel -> FPSLabel_)
version 0.99.4-rc2 - 24-Jun-2010
. [NEW] CCArray: Internally uses CCARRAY_FOREACH. Improved performance (issue #353)
. [NEW] Templates: BaseSDK 4.0. Deploy OS Target: 3.0
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: compiles with LLVM v1.5
. [FIX] Removed artifacts from PageTurnTransition (issue #751)
. [FIX] Templates: calls Director#purgeCachedData on memory warning
. [FIX] Templates: sets CD_DEBUG=1 in debug configuration
. [FIX] Texture2D: JPEG images are displayed correctly in iOS4 (issue #886)
version 0.99.4-rc - 22-Jun-2010
. [NEW] Director: supports "setContentScaleFactor" (high-res support natively)
. [FIX] Effects: Creates correct color buffer
. [FIX] Director: Sets correctly portrait upside-down orientation
. [FIX] Sprites: flipX/Y works with offsets (issue #732)
. [FIX] Templates: Bundle Version is 1.0 (issue #871)
version 0.99.4-beta - 14-Jun-2010
. [NEW] CDSoundEngine loadBufferFromData method added for loading custom buffer data.
. [NEW] CDSoundEngine channel groups renamed source groups to make function clearer.
. [NEW] CDSoundEngine source groups can be dynamically modified using defineSourceGroups.
. [NEW] CDSoundSource new object oriented sound API
. [NEW] CDSoundEngine added soundSourceForSound method to create CDSoundSource objects
. [NEW] CDSoundEngine buffers are automatically increased as needed (no more CD_MAX_BUFFERS)
. [NEW] CDPropertyModifier class for modifying properties such as pitch and gain over time
. [NEW] CDXPropertyModifierAction class for modifying properties such as pitch and gain using cocos2d actions
. [NEW] Convenience methods for fading volume of background music, sound effects and CDSoundSource objects
. [NEW] SimpleAudioEngine soundSourceForFile method for creating CDSoundSource objects
. [NEW] SimpleAudioEngine rewrote buffer management code using new CDBufferManager class
. [NEW] CDBufferManager - class for associating buffer ids with a file name
. [NEW] CDAudioManager simplified initialisation. Now by default creates a single source group containing all sources
. [NEW] CDAudioInterruptProtocol - implemented by classes that can be muted or enabled such as CDAudioManager
. [NEW] Mute now works like television mute i.e. audio continues but is silenced use the enabled property to disable sound.
. [NEW] CDAudioTransportProtocol - implemented by classes that can be played, paused, stopped and rewound.
. [NEW] CDAudioInterruptTargetGroup container for objects that implement CDAudioInterruptProtocol so that groups of objects can be set mute/enabled.
. [NEW] CCArray: added high performance array. Used by CCNode, CCSpriteSheet
. [NEW] Director: added support for high-res resolutions
. [NEW] EAGLView: renderer is an object. EAGLView creates a ES1Renderer object (issue #883)
. [NEW] EAGLView: it's possible to create a EAGLView manually, or by using Interface Builder
. [NEW] Particle: QuadParticle supports subrects (issue #870)
. [NEW] TextureCache: Added removeTextureForKey: instance method
. [NEW] Tests: Added PerformanceNodeChildren performance test
. [FIX] Particle: Added support for ParticleDesigner 1.2
. [FIX] Particle: QuadParticle renders the image correctly (not upside-down) (issue #872)
. [FIX] Particle: ParticleSamples are subclass of 'quad' particle and not 'point' particle
. [FIX] Tests: removed ParticleView, AccelViewPortDemo since they were deprecated
. [FIX] Tests: fixed some tests so they look OK on the ipad
. [FIX] Xcode: default family is: iPhone/iPad
version 0.99.3 - 25-May-2010
. [NEW] Animation: added 2 methods to create the Animation without delay (updated samples)
. [NEW] Director: added 'purgeCachedData' method. Should be called on memory-warning event.
. [FIX] ActionManager: Improved API, with better names (issue #835)
. [FIX] Action CCCallFunc: supports class methods (issue #868)
. [FIX] BitmapFontAtlas: Improved loading times (issue #833)
. [FIX] Node: Improved performance when rendering at the cost of 64 bytes more per node (issue #830)
. [FIX] Particle: Kill the particle if timeToLive < 0 before updating it.
. [FIX] Templates: Define DEBUG in Debug configurations
version 0.99.3-rc - 18-May-2010
. [NEW] License: Using MIT license
. [NEW] Node: added removeFromParentAndCleanup:(BOOL) (issue #566)
. [NEW] Particle: Added support for modes: "gravity mode" (old behavior) and "radial movement" mode
. [NEW] Particle: Added support Particle Designer (issue #XXX)
. [NEW] Scheduler: supports pause/resume/'update' with priority (issue #439)
. [FIX] ActionManager: using uthash instead of ccHashSet (easier to use)
. [FIX] Actions: CallFuncND can pass any void ptr, even 0 or 1.
. [FIX] BitmapFontAtlas: using uthash instead of ccHashSet (easier to use)
. [FIX] Grid: Fixed memory leak (issue #853)
. [FIX] Menu: If items are disabled or invisible, touch is not consumed (issues #779, #866)
. [FIX] Particles: Removed unnecesary assert (issue #851)
. [FIX] Particles: QuadParticle works with NPOT textures (issue #863)
. [FIX] Scheduler: Improved performance (issue #492)
. [FIX] Templates: Using uthash instead of ccHashSet (issue #860)
. [FIX] Templates: templates can be installed in user directory (issue #856)
version 0.99.2 - 28-Apr-2010
. [FIX] ActionManager: removeByTag doesn't crash if action is also running (issue #841)
. [FIX] cocos2d/*.m: fixed several memory leaks in cases where initXXX failed (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Director: fixed start-up flicker (issue #350)
. [FIX] EAGLView: If discard-framebuffer is supported and using depthBuffer, then discard it before swapping (SDK4.0 only) (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Grid: simplied code, easier to maintain, added support for flipped textures (part of issue #448)
. [FIX] Sprite/SpriteSheet: reorderChild works as expected when using subchildren (issue #767)
. [FIX] Templates: installer has better error messages and checks the installer conditions in a better way (issue #842)
. [FIX] Xcode: compiles OK with LLVM Compiler SDK 4.0beta2
. [3RD] Box2d: Updatd to SVN r100 (v2.1.2)
version 0.99.2-rc - 15-Apr-2010
. [NEW] Actions: Added blocks actions via PLBlocks: CCCallBlock and CCCallBlockN (issue #699)
. [NEW] Actions: Added CCFollow, an action that follows a CCNode (issue #738)
. [NEW] Actions: Added CCPropertyAction, a generic way to update properties using an action (issue #491)
. [NEW] MenuItem: MenuItems supports blocks via PLBlocks (issue #699)
. [NEW] Texture2D: added support for NPOT textures where available (issue #818)
. [NEW] Templates: file templates for CCLayer, CCNode, CCSprite (issue #XXX)
. [NEW] TMXMaps: added support for per-tile properties (issue #606)
. [NEW] ProfilingTimer: new class to test performance (issue #724)
. [NEW] Xcode: added "build all tests" target (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Box2d: GLES-DebugDraw draws non-solid circles as non-solid circles (issue #831)
. [FIX] Director: FPSLabel uses RGBA4444 texture to reduce possible performance impact (issue #658)
. [FIX] EAGLView: swapBuffers doesn't bind the color buffer. It assumes it is already bound (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Particles: constants stars with kCC (issue #809)
. [FIX] Particles: Asserts if start/end size is <0 or >64
. [FIX] Protocols: CCAnimationProtocol removed. Merged into CCAnimation (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Protocols: CCFrameProtocol removed. Merged into CCSprite (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Ribbon: fixed memory corruption bug (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Ribbon/RenderTexture: use objective-c like ivars (part of issue #733)
. [FIX] Templates: Improved logic in template installer (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Templates: Generates optimized binaries. ARMv7 binaries have thumb-2 enabled (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] SpriteSheet: Improved doxygen documentation (issue #827)
. [FIX] SpriteFrameCache: logs warning if frame is not found
. [FIX] Xcode: uses optimized binary. ARMv7 binary has thumb-2 enabled (issue #XXX)
. [3RD] Box2d: updated to SVN r91 (v2.1.1)
version 0.99.1 - 19-Mar-2010
. [FIX] Menu: If menu is not visible it doesn't receive touches (issue #88)
. [FIX] Menu: MenuItemLabel restores the scale property (issue #500)
. [FIX] SpriteFrameCache: set singleton to nil when it is purged (issue #814)
. [FIX] Templates: thumb-compilation turned off at project settings (already off in target settings) (issue #772)
. [FIX] Texture2D allocs the right texturememory when using the non-premultiplied alg.(issue #813)
. [FIX] Texture2D supports A8 textures (issue #816)
. [3RD] Libpng: updated to v1.2.43 (libpng is only used by a cocos2d test)
version 0.99.1-rc - 12-Mar-2010
. [NEW] Actions: new added actions: CCProgressTo, CCProgressFromTo (issue #783)
. [NEW] CGPointExtensions: new add functions: CGPointExtension like: clampf, ccpClamp, ccpFromSize,
ccpCompOp, ccpLerp, ccpFuzzyEqual, ccpCompMult, ccpAngleSigned, ccpAngle,
ccpRotateByAngle, ccpLineIntersect (issue #783)
. [NEW] Macros: added CCLOGINFO() and CCLOGERROR(). CCLOGINFO() disabled by default (issue #799)
. [NEW] SpriteFrameCache: added support for Zwoptex Desktop version (issue #812)
. [NEW] TMX: if layer contains cc_vertezx=automatic, tiles will use vertexZ and GL_ALPHA_TEST (issue #780)
. [NEW] TMX: TMXLayer supports Tiled offset property (issue #616)
. [NEW] TMX: Added support for .tsx tilesets (issue #619)
. [NEW] Transition: new added transitions: CCRadialCCWTransition, CCRadialCWTransition (issue #783)
. [FIX] All: cocos2d constants start with kCC. Change is backward compatible (issue #809)
. [FIX] Actions: CCRepeat works smoothly, without jerks (re-fixed issue #390)
. [FIX] Actions: CCAnimate frame calculation is more precise (issue #758)
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Fixed mute (issue #789)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: removed limit when saving images (issue #782)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: doesn't use GL_DITHER and restores glColorMask() (issue #796)
. [FIX] Sprite, LabelAtlas, TiledMap: opactiy + color works even when the texture is premultiplied (issue #668)
. [FIX] TMX: TMXTileMap supports any kind of objects, like CCSprite (issue #700, #765)
. [FIX] TMX: TMXLayer uses the opacity defined for the layer (issue #785)
. [FIX] TMX: TMXLayer raises exception if it receives the addChild message (issue #808)
. [FIX] Texture2D: removed NSLog when image was NULL (issue #802)
. [FIX] Xcode: hardware requirements in .plist: doesn't contain disabled features (issue #769)
. [3RD] Box2d: udpated to r66 (issue #795)
. [3RD] Chipmunk: updated to v5.2 (issue #784)
version 0.99.0 - 18-Feb-2010
. CocosDenshion: background music can loop (issue #774)
. CocosDenshion: allow audio session category to be changed (issue #775)
. CocosDenshion: can be initialized before cocos2d (issue #777, #773)
version 0.99.0-final - 15-Feb-2010
. Box2d: updated to r58 (issue #494)
. Director: Only send "cleanup" when the scene is replaced (re fixed issue #709)
. CocosDenshion: SimpleAudioEngine incorrectly accessing CDAudioManager (issue #748)
. CocosDenshion: added support for 22Khz OpenAL (issue #594)
. CocosDenshion: fixed wrong error check in CocosDenshion (issue #678)
. CocosDenshion: added shutdown method (issue #688)
. CocosDenshion: allow usage of alBufferDataStatic (issue #753)
. CocosDenshion: added stopAllSounds (issue #756)
. CocosDenshion: fixed small leak in background music file name string (issue #644)
. CocosDenshion: CDAudioManager support for multiple AVAudioPlayers (issue #764)
. Compatiblity: TextureNode is subclass of CCSprite (issue #755)
. Node: only uses bits as bools, when they are not properties (fixed issue #743)
. Node: relativeAnchorPoint renamed to isRelativeAnchorPoint (issue #749)
. Node: improved doxygen string in rotation (issue #761)
. Sprite: use correct blending functions (issue #728)
. Sprite: supports CGImageRef with key (issue #349)
. Sprite: when texture is nil, supports opacity & color (issue #741)
. Sprite: setTextureRect() and setColor() works OK with subchildren (issue #763)
. SpriteFrameCache: removed @syncronized() (issue #663)
. Template: box2d template treats warnings as erros, uses unroll loops for performance (issue #750)
. Template: Info.plist uses UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities (issue #769)
. Tests: SpriteTest uses GL_ALPHA_TEST is zVertex test (issue #XXX)
. TMX: filling empty tiles doesn't crash (issue #740)
. TMX: if compression is not "gzip", abort (tiled 0.4 feature) (issue #XXX)
version 0.99.0-rc - 31-Jan-2010
. Action: Improved CCSequence performance (issue #XXX)
. BitmapFontAtlas: huge performance boost in update/create time (issue #730)
. Box2d: updated to r39 (issue #494)
. Camera: Offset fixed in landscape mode (issue #378)
. Camera: It's possible to orbit around any point (issue #438)
. Camera: Doesn't reset affine matrix (issue #XXX)
. Chipmunk: Using Chipmunk v5.1.0 (issue #664)
. Configuration: added object that knows GL capabilities and other misc stuff (issue #712)
. Director/Particles/Grid: removed hardcoded display size values. Using variable (issue #XXX)
. Director: send "cleanup" message to root scene when it is being replaced (issue #709)
. Effects: works independently of the display resolution (issue #XXX)
. Grid: optimized code. Only call camera.locate if it is dirty (issue #XXX)
. Node: Uses cached Affine matrix to transform the nodes (2 GL calls vs. 5 GL calls) (issue #XXX)
. Node: uses bits instead of bools when compiled with SDK >= 3_0 (issue #726)
. Node: uses "_" suffix for ivars (children_, isRunning_, tag_, etc..) (issue #733)
. Scheduler: removed support of repeats. Postponed for v0.99.1 (rolling back issue #630)
. Singletons: removed @syncronized() since cocos2d is not thread safe (issue #663)
. SpriteSheet: reorder updates descendants. Added test for this case (issue #708)
. Sprite: can create sprite from SpriteSheet. deprecated creation method from SpriteSheet (issue #657)
. Sprite: optimized rendering when using spriteSheet and subchildren (issue #XXX)
. Sprite: flip only flips the texture (not the anchor point and children) (issue #725)
. Templates: Updated to support v0.99, Chipmunk v5.1 and Box2D r39
. Templates: supports custom directory (issue #736)
. Templates: box2d+cocos2d template doesn't generate warnings... well only 2 warnings (issue #739)
. Tests: Works independently of the display resolution
. TextureNode: Removed Node. Superseded by Sprite
. TMXMaps: objectGroup support offsets (issue #689)
. TMXMaps: objectGroup: Simplified object creation. All objects are NSDictionaries. For custom objects, subclass TMXTiledMap (issue #636)
. TMXMaps: groupNamed renamed to objectGroupNamed (issue #XXX)
. TouchDispatcher: StandardTouchHandler returns void (not BOOL). They are executed after the TargetedHandlers (issue #710)
. Xcode: doxygen scripts runs with spaces in subdirectories (issue #684)
version 0.9.0-beta2 - 11-Jan-2010
. Actions: added 2 new instant actions: FlipX and FlipY (counter-rollback of part issue #620)
. Actions: uses FLT_EPSILON constant (issue #701)
. Actions: prevent jerk in Repeat and RepeatForEver (issue #390)
. Actions: RotateTo can be repeated without losing information (issue #705)
. BitmapFontAtlas: doesn't override color when using setString (issue #610)
. Chipmunk: removed compiler warning on chipmunk demo (issue #680)
. CocosLive: added sanity checks on demo (issue #681)
. Director: removed compile warning on DisplayLink director (issue #682)
. Particles: prevent possible memory corruption when autoRemove is ON (issue #703)
. Scheduler: Supports repeat-number-of-times in scheduled selectors (issue #630)
. Sprite: anchor + offset + scale works (issue #671)
. Sprite: can create subclasses with an SpriteFrameName (issue #XXX)
. Sprite: flip works as scale * -1 (issue #690)
. Sprite: easier to subclass. [self init] is called (issue #485)
. Sprite: isFrameDisplayed works OK with offsets (issue #707)
. SpriteFrame: removed support for flipX and flipY (rollback of a part issue #620)
. SpriteFrameCache: If originalSize is not present, display warning (issue #670)
. SpriteSheet: adding grand-children doesn't crash (issue #676)
. SpriteSheet: child and children work OK with negative scales (issue #677)
. SpriteSheet: It is easier to subclass (issue #397)
. Templates: uses rfc1034identifier (issue #685)
. Texture2D: simulator treats pre-multiplied alpha images correctly (issue #697)
. TextureCache: doesn't crash when file not found. log error insted (issue #695)
. TMXTiledMap: added support for object and objectgroup (issue #636)
. TMXTiledMap: TMXLayer and TMXObjectGroup on it's own files (part of issue #636)
. TMXTiledMap: doesn't generate descendants when not necessary (works as fast as in v0.8.2)
. TMXTiledMap: removeChild works without corrupting the tilemap (issue #XXX)
version 0.9.0-beta - 14-Dic-2009
. ActionManager: fixed leak (issue #635)
. Actions: using [self class]. Easier to subclass (issue #655)
. Box2d: updated to r31 (pre 2.1.0) (issue #494)
. Chipmunk: updated to v5.0 (issue #664)
. CocosDenshion: support for detecting ringer/mute switch state (issue #593)
. CocosDenshion: doesn't crash when file has no extension (issue #595)
. ColorLayer: supports Blend Protocol (issue #597)
. Node: vertexZ is translated just once (issue #641)
. Director: call schedulers before glClear in mainLoop (part of issue #533)
. Director: "global" NSBundle to facilitate the integration of more than 1 game (issue #654)
. Particles: code easier to mantain, same performance
. Particles: small performance improvement (issue #661)
. SpriteSheet: supports any level of sub-children (issue #346, issue #665)
. Sprite: supports "honor parent transform" (issue #643)
. Sprite: displayFrame renamed to displayedFrame (issue #XXX)
. Sprite: fixed zwoptex offset & anchorPoint (issue #653)
. Sprite: setDisplayFrame works OK with different texture sizes (issue #666)
. Templates: using SDK 3.0 as base SDK
. Textures: supports mipmap generation (issue #632)
. Texture Atlas: uses VBO instead of vertex array list (issue #581)
. TextureCache: don't use autorelease pool to load images (issue #XXX)
. Tiles: TMX maps supports sub-directories (issue #539)
. Transition: added CrossFadeTransition (issue #646)
version 0.9.0-alpha - 18-Nov-2009
. All: using CC namespace (issue #520)
. All: prevents warnings with Static Analizer (issue #613)
. All: cocos protocols renamed to avoid confusion (part of issue #520)
. All: Added compatibility with v0.8 (part of issue #520)
. Animation: supports duration and reverse (issue #627)
. Tests: Performance Tests re-integrated to main Xcode project (issue #XXX)
. BitmapFontAtlas: works with subdirectories (issue #612)
. Box2d: updated to r26 (pre 2.1.0) (issue #494)
. CocosLive: Uses CL namespace (part of issue #520)
. CocosLive: Uses ASCII encoder (issue #617)
. Sprite: Sprite and AtlasSprite merged in just one class (issue #620)
. Sprite: AtlasSpriteManager renamed to SpriteSheet (issue #620)
. Sprite: Sprite Frames and animations supports flipx / flipy (issue #620)
. SpriteFrameCache: added an easier way to create animations and sprites (issue #620)
. Templates: updated (part of issue #520 and issue #620)
. Templates: includes cocos2d and CocosDenshion licences files
. TextureMgr: renamed to TextureCache (part of issue #620)
. Xcode: textures files in 1 Xcode group (Texture2d, PVRTexture, TextureAltas, TextureCache)
version 0.8.2 - 19-Oct-2009
. Actions: Animate copy restoreOriginalFrame parameter (issue #602)
. ChipmunkTest: uses new API to set director type (issue #XXX)
. CocosLive: doesn't use deprecated methods (issue #604)
. MenuItem: added isSelected property (issue #601)
. Tests: removed copyrighted fonts (part of issue #596)
version 0.8.2-rc1 - 14-Oct-2009
. Actions: start/stop sets the target (issue #489 and issue #589)
. Actions: Compound actions call "inner" stop (issue #489 and #issue #589)
. Actions: Fixed BezierBy reverse. BezierBy doesn't use startPosition (issue #586)
. Actions: added BezierTo (issue #562)
. Actions: RotateTo uses min distance (issue #584)
. Actions: JumpBy/To uses parabolic function (issue #324)
. BitmapFontAtlas: added limited unicode support (issue #596)
. Director: Rolling back buffer format. Default buffer format is RGB565.
. FontLabel: updates version from git 2009-10-07 (issue #582)
. Particles: FreeMovement uses World-Coordinates (issue #241)
. Tests: Added Particle + Parallax test (part of issue #241)
. TileMap: TMXLayers work without tiles (issue #587)
. TileMap: TMX maps HUGE performance boost (issue #574)
version 0.8.2-rc0 - 5-Oct-2009
. Actions: Added EaseBack family actios (issue #568)
. AtlasSprite: set atlasIndex to invalid on remove (issue #569)
. Box2d: using google code r22 (pre v2.1.0) (issue #494)
. CocosNode: Better message error on scale (issue #556)
. Effects: [effect copy] works (issue #573)
. Effects: restore orignal director projection (issue #573)
. Extras: added Joystick / ProximityManager (issue #XXX)
. FontLabel: updates version from git (issue #582)
. Macros: CCLOG uses the "cocos2d:" prefix (issue #XXX)
. Parallax: fixed limit of 5 children (issue #565)
. Templates: works with FontLabel (part of issue #534)
. Templates: added cocos2d+chipmunk template (issue #XXX)
. TextureAtlas: insertQuad fixed signed math (issue #575)
version 0.8.2-beta - 23-Sept-2009
. All: ccConfig.h file added (issue #551)
. Actions: added Ease Elastic actions (issue #530)
. Actions: added Ease Bounce actions (issue #546)
. Actions: added PageTurn3D action (issue #522)
. BitmapFontAtlas: fixed contentSize (issue #536, #538)
. BitmapFontAtlas: fixed offset/width (issue #537)
. BitmapFontAtlas: only supports Latin 1 chars (issue #517)
. Box2d: using google code r21 (pre v2.1.0) (issue #494)
. CocosDenshion: muted property in SimpleAudioEngine (issue #526)
. CocosDenshion: added preloadBackgroundMusic and willBackgroundMusicPlay to SimpleAudioEngine (issue #545)
. CocosNode: improved doxygen documentation (issue #XXX)
. CocosNode: added boundingBox method (issue #528)
. Director: added convertToUI and renamed convertCoordinate to convertToGL (issue #531)
. Director: fixed 2 leaks on Director#end (issue #524)
. Director: Added a threaded FastDirector (issue #560)
. Director: Added a CADisplayLink Director (issue #560)
. Director: buffer default pixel format is RGBA_8888
. Documentation: doxygen builds OK when there are spaces in the path (issue #540)
. Label / Texture2D: Supports any .ttf via FontLabel (issue #534)
. LabelAtlas: works with 256 different chars (issue #516)
. RenderTexture: added RenderTexture test (issue #191)
. Resources: improved directory structure (issue #552)
. Template: using removeUnusedTextures (issue #550)
. TileMap: TMX supports multiple tilesets (1 tileset per layer) (issue #510)
. TileMap: TMX raises expection if map is not encoded and/or gzipped (issue #559)
. Transition: ease actions can be overriden (issue #548)
. Transition: added PageTurnTransition (issue #522)
version 0.8.1 - 26-Ago-2009
. ActionManager: doesn't delete running actions (issue #481)
. Box2d: using google code r10 (pre v2.1.0) (issue #494)
. CocosDenshion: resumeBackground music (issue #513)
. MultiplexLayer: removes child using cleanup:YES (issue #466)
. Particles: no negative size (issue #514)
. Resources: added new cocos2d logos (issue #521)
. Template: added Icon.png and Default.png (part of issue #469)
. Texture2D: using CCLOG instead of NSLog+#ifdef (issue #519)
version 0.8.1-rc - 19-Ago-2009
. All: Using nonatomic properties (issue #509)
. ActionManager: fixed crash (issue #490)
. Actions: RotateTo always rotates to shortest angle fix (issue #499)
. Box2d: using google code r8 (issue #494)
. Box2d: added box2dTestBed (part of issue #494)
. CocosDenshion: correct channel in SimpleAudioEngine (issue #465)
. CocosDenshion: update buffer status after deletion ( issue #486)
. CocosDenshion: SimpleAudioEngine can stop sounds (issue #498)
. Parallax: update children at draw (issue #471)
. TileMap: TMX maps starts at 0,0 position (part of issue #462)
. TileMap: TMX getter/setters works OK with async maps (issue #506)
. TileMap: anchorPoint works OK (issue #508)
. Xcode: COCOS2D_DEBUG used instead of DEBUG (issue #507)
version 0.8.1-beta - 10-Ago-2009
. BitmapFontAtlas: .png image can be in subfolders (issue #464)
. Box2d: possibility to call world.DrawDebugData() from draw (issue #493)
. Box2d: updated box2d repository. using r228 (issue #494)
. CocosNode: parent is set to nil only after calling onExit (issue #476)
. CocosNode: added user data (issue #482)
. CocosLive: added support to request current ranking (issue #495)
. MotionStreak: moved from experimental to stable. uses v0.8 API (issue #484)
. MotionStreak: by default uses GL_SRC_ALPHA blend function (issue #405)
. ParticleView: integrated Particle visual editor (issue #480)
. Parallax: more precise absolute coords (issue #471)
. RenderTexture: let's you render CocosNode objects into a texture (issue #XXX)
. Template: added Xcode cocos2d Template (issue #469)
. TextureMgr: Async reuses EAGL context (issue #472)
. tools: added script (issue #483)
. TiledMap: Added support for the TMX format: iso, ortho and hex maps (issue #462)
. TouchDispatcher: don't dispatch empty touches (issue #468)
version 0.8 - 27-Jul-2009
. Action: Speed#stop calls other's stop (issue #460)
. BitmapFontAtlas: opacity and color work as expected (issue #463)
. CocosNode: setRelativeAnchorPoint error (issue #461)
. Director: convertCoordinate roundoff error (issue #453)
version 0.8-rc2 - 21-Jul-2009
. Actions: Repeat repeats OK (issue #424)
. Actions: Prevents division by 0 when duration==0 (issue #452)
. ActionManager: 5% increase in performance (issue #451)
. CocosDenshion: fixed clicking on looped waves sounds (issue #440)
. CocosDenshion: Added properties in SimpleAudioEngine (issue #454)
. CocosLive: using the deprecated CString API (issue #441)
. CocosLive: send-score object can be reused (issue #417)
. CocosNode: children is an explicit "property" (issue #411)
. CocosNode: relativeTransformAnchor -> relativeAnchorPoint (part of issue #303)
. ColorLayer: uses floats instead of ints for its size (issue #339)
. ColorLayer: updates contentSize when when size is used (issue #443)
. Demos: added basic template to start new projects (issue #447)
. Director: FastDirector with fast events or not at compile time (issue #449)
. FileUtils: Absolute paths are not converted (issue #352)
. Menu: MenuItems works with anchorPoint correctly (issue #412)
. Menu: ItemLabel disabled color is configurable. color is saved (issue #366)
. Particle: VBO update only the needed particles (issue #367)
. TextureMgr: new (and recommended) way to add CGImages (issue #349)
. TouchDispatcher: retains/releases the delegates (issue #422)
. Transitions: Fixed artifacts in Slide transitions (issue #442)
version 0.8-rc - 13-Jul-2009
. ActionManager: actions logic were removed from CocosNode (issue #437)
. Actions/Scheduler: the 1st time a Timer or Action is fired, is with dt=0 (issue #429)
. Actions: CallFuncND doesn't leak if reused (issue #336)
. AtlasSpriteManager: fixed blend function (part of issue #125)
. AtlasSprite: render in subpixel by default (issue #414, issue #399)
. BitmapFontAtlas: opacity and color are applied (issue #425)
. BitmapFontAtlas: cache the configuration. FASTER loading times (issue #382)
. CocosDenshion: improvements (issues #415, #431, #432, #433)
. CocosNode: RGBA protocol setColor new API (issue #273)
. CocosNode: removeAllChildren unschedules the timers correctly (issue #435)
. Director: added isPaused property (issue #375)
. Director: fixed memory leak in FPSLabel (issue #370)
. Layer: possibility to hook / unkook touches/Accelerometer in runtime (issue #164)
. ParallaxNode: uses world coordinates (issue #373)
. Particles: support for auto-remove-on-finish (issue #385)
. Scheduler: it's possible to scale the time (issue #236)
. Scheduler: removed unused API (issue #427)
. Scheduler: Added a way to remove all scheduled Timers (issue #421)
. Tests: ParticleTest tests 'free' and 'grouped' emitter (part of issue #241)
. TextureMgr: supports loading images asynchronously (issue #420)
version 0.8-beta - 17-Jun-2009
. Actions: Added BezierBy action (issue #313)
. Actions: improved performance when running Actions (issue #301)
. Actions: fixed Repeat skipping when duration not an integer (issue #394)
. All: removed deprecated classes/methods (issue #326)
. AtlasSprite: supports flipX and flipY properties (issue #343)
. BitmapFontAtlas: new features (issue #317)
. box2d: Integrated box2d physics engine (issue #406)
. CocosDenshion: new sound engine in experimental (issue #407)
. CocosNode: actions don't retain the target (issue #150)
. CocosNode: support real openGL Z vertex (issue #355)
. CocosNode: faster transforming of local/world coordinates (issue #263)
. CocosNode: anchorPoint uses normalized coords (0,0) to (1,1) (issue #303)
. Director: supports PortraitUpsideDown and Right orientation (issue #351)
. LabelAtlas: don't render in subpixel (issue #135)
. Menu: All MenuItems supports CocosNodeRGBA protocol (issue #347)
. Menu: Support for BitmapFontAtlas (or any other Label) (issue #365)
. Menu: Support for Sprite and AtlasSprite (or any other CocosNodeRGBA node) (issue #383)
. ParallaxNode: parallax code refactored (issue #358)
. Particles: Added QuadParticleSystem. renamed ParticleSystem to PointParticleSystem (issue #245)
. Particles: added support for endSize and endSizeVar (issue #241)
. Particles: added support for start/end/var spinning (issue #335)
. Particles: support for World/Local coordinates (issue #241)
. Primitives: added bezier path support (issue #380)
. Tests: Added PerformanceParticleTest (issue #331)
. Tests: Added TouchTest (issue #211, #402)
. Texture2D: new alias/antialias API (issue #226)
. Texture2D: supports 16-bit textures RGB4 and RGB5A1 (issue #356)
. Texture2D: blending mode varies according to texture (issue #125)
. Texture2D: Supports images up to 1024x1024. Assert if bigger (issue #396)
. TextureAtlas: uses interleaved vertex array (issue #359)
. TextureMgr: added method that removes unused textures (issue #117)
. Transition: onEnterTransitionDidFinsih added. OnExit and onEnter only once (issue #172)
. Types: types follows OpenGL "standards" (issue #360)
. Touch Events: support for Targeted touches (issue #211)
. Touch Events: menu uses new touch dispatcher (issue #362)
. Touch Events: supports priority (issue #307)
. Xcode: fixed compile error when keyboard registry is enabled (issue #387)
version 0.7.3 - 18-May-2009
. Actions: Sequence works when 1st action is an InstantAction. InstantActions are reversible (issue #348)
. CocosLive: Demo shows world rankings (issue #342)
. Director: "new" Fast Director. Attach/Detach, auto-lock, SDK 3.0 works (issue #145, #issue #239, issue #340)
. Texture2D: supports 16-bit textures RGB4 and RGB5A1 (issue #356)
. Support: CGPointExtension compatible with c++ (issue #369)
version 0.7.2 - 23-Apr-2009
. All: removed chipmunk macros. using CG macros (issue #290)
. Actions: Added TintTo and TintBy (issue #204)
. AtlasSprite: don't overwrite index 0 (issue #283)
. AtlasSprite: Supports Z-order (issue #275)
. AtlasSprite & Sprite: don't auto center sprite when setting frame (issue #281)
. AtlasSprite: don't render in subpixels (issue #135)
. AtlasSpriteManager: supports transformations (issue #308)
. AtlasSpriteManager: fixes in removeChild (issue #296)
. AtlasSpriteManager: works with capacity=1 (issue #305)
. CocosNode: CocosNodeExtras merged into CocosNode (issue #292)
. CocosNode: improved runAction/stopAction (issue #300)
. CocosNode: possible memory leak when running actions (issue #298)
. CocosNode: dont execute an already running action (issue #299)
. CocosNode: children referring to deallocated parent (issue #297)
. CocosNode: fixed "already scheduled exception" (issue #251)
. CocosNode: don't render in subpixels (issue #135)
. Demos: AtlasSprite with z-order (issue #275)
. Demos: ParticleDemo uses touches to move the center of the emitter (issue #138)
. Demos: organized tests folder (issue #280)
. Demos: Atlas and Sprites uses TintBy and TintTo (issue #204)
. Demos: Menu shows how to use padding / dynamic toggle items (part of issue #249, issue #224)
. Demos: added drawing primitives excample (part of issue #322)
. Director: Attach uses 'bounds' not 'frame' (issue #233)
. Director: runWithScene / end doesn't crash/leak anymore (issue #325)
. Director / Transitions: pushScene with Transitions works (issue #267)
. Documentation: API doc documents free functions (issue #314)
. Menu: an empty menu can be crated (issue #277)
. Menu: align supports padding (issue #249)
. Menu: align takes into account scale (issue #248)
. Menu: MenuToggleItem supports add/remove items in runtime (issue #224)
. Particles: Use by default fire.pvr (issue #276)
. Particles: resetSystem actually resets the system (issue #252)
. Particles: texture is a property (issue #282)
. Particles: colors and vertices in 1 VBO (issue #246)
. Primitives: deprecated all functions. New functions uses CGPoint (issue #322)
. Scheduler: improved timer performance (issue #309)
. SoundSupport: supports vorbis codec (issue #321)
. ccArray: a fast alternative to NSMutableArray (issue #304)
. TextureAtlas: fixed colorarray memory leak (issue #272)
. TextureAtlas: support for insert,remove,reorder (issue #275)
. TextureAtlas: free indices correctly when out of memory (issue #293)
. TextureAtlas: resizeCapacity returns BOOL instead of raise exception (issue #294)
. TextureAtlas: prevent crash when not enough memory while allocating color (issue #295)
. TextureNode: texture is "retain" not "assign" (issue #230 and issue #274)
. TileMapAtlas: supports fullpath (issue #220)
. TileMapAtlas: don't render in subpixels (issue #135)
. Xcode project: added class model (issue #312)
version 0.7.1 - 20-Mar-2009
. Actions: added tags to actions (issue #222)
. Actions: Spawns can be Speeded (issue #257)
. Actions: Speed can be altered in runtime (part of issue #236)
. AtlasSprite: Sprite sheet implementation (issue #238)
. Chipmunk: cpVect is defined as a CGPoint (issue #260)
. CocosNode: Camera is lazy alloced (issue #94)
. CocosNode: addChild, removeChild:cleanup, getChildByTag family functions (issue #253)
. CocosNode: added better comments, cleanup code (issue #219)
. CocosNode: added RGB protocol: Atlas,Texture & ColorLayer conforms it (issue #234)
. CocosNode: fixed memory leak when removeAndStop a node with children with actions (issue #254)
. CocosNode: added transform local to world coordinates that supports rotation,scale & position (issue #207)
. CocosNode: removed scale ivar (issue #231)
. CocosNode: improved handling of nil parameters (issue #262)
. CocosLive: filter by device id (issue #223)
. CocosLive: category is UTF8'ized (issue #227)
. CocosLive: using cc_playername instead of usr_playername (issue #242)
. CocosLive: supports "update score" (issue #250)
. Demos: added performance test (issue #243)
. Director: FastDirector doesn't leak autoreleased objects (issue #221)
. Director: prevents calling startAnimation twice in a row (issue #215)
. Menu: can be aligned in columns / rows. Updated menu example (issue #206)
. Menu: MenuItem supports LabelAtlas (issue #235)
. Menu: MenuItemFont fixed memory leak (issue #232)
. Menu: MenuItem improved hit testing (issue #214)
. Scheduler: if signature is not correct Assert (issue #218)
. Sprite: correct transform anchor point (issue #216)
. TextureAtlas: support for texture2D (issue #161)
. Tools: Added perf-test results (issue #243)
version 0.7.0 - 19-Feb-2009
. Action: elapsed is a property (issue #203)
. Actions: EaseIn/Out added. Cubic/Quad removed (issue #195)
. Atlas: Fixed black line (issue #135 and issue #47)
. Atlas: Works when GL_CULL_FACE is enabled (issue #179)
. Atlas: updateAltasValues renamed to updateAtlasValues (issue #198)
. CocosLive: added client and example that uses the CocosLive service (issue #175)
. CocosNode: children is a property (issue #185)
. CocosNode: rotate before scale (issue #217)
. Demos: Creating Window and attaching cocos2d to it (issue #180)
. Demos: Texture2dDemo shows how to load PVR images and PVR Mipmap images (issue #112)
. Demos: Added AttachDemo (issue #180)
. Demos: Added EffectsDemo and EffectsAdvancedDemo (issue #183)
. Director: OpenGLview is attached to a given UIView/UIWindow (issue #180)
. Director: winSize returns a CGSize (not a CGRect) (issue #159)
. Director: added FastDirector (issue #145)
. Director: dispatch missing events in main loop (issue #146)
. Director: renamed runScene with runWithScene (issue #194)
. Director: SignificantTimeChange fixed (issue #6)
. Effects: Added Effects support (Grid and TiledGrid) (issue #183)
. Effects: Basic: StopGrid, ReuseGrid (issue #183)
. Effects: Grid: Waves3D, FlipX3D, FlipY3D, Lens3D, Ripple3D, Liquid, Shaky3D, Waves
Twirl (issue #183)
. Effects: Tiled: ShakyTiles3D, ShatteredTiles3D, ShuffleTiles, FadeOutTRTiles, FadeOutBLTiles,
FadeOutUpTiles, FadeOutDownTiles, TurnOffTiles, WavesTiles3D, JumpTiles3D
SplitRows, SplitCols (issue #183)
. Experimental: Added StreakDemo (issue #171)
. Menu: aligItemsVerticallyOld removed. (issue #196)
. MenuItemFont: can be changed in runtime (issue #202)
. MenuItemFont: assign correct size and documented isEnabled (issue #132)
. Particle: Buffers updated on update (issue #163)
. Sprite: initWithPVRTCFile is deprecated. will be removed in v0.8 (issue #197)
. Texture: Support for full PVRTC (issue #112)
. Texture: Easier to set Alias and/or AntiAlias texture parameters (issue #135 and issue #47)
. TileMapAtlas: it is readable / writeable now (issue #200)
. Transitions: added new Effects transitions
SplitRowsTransition, SplitColsTransition, TurnOffTilesTransition,
FadeTRTransition, FadeBLTransition, FadeUpTransition, FadeDownTransition (issue #187)
. Xcode: treat warnings as errors (issue #201)
version 0.6.3 - 28-Jan-2009
. Actions: ScaleTo & ScaleBy supports X and Y factors (issue #156)
. Actions: Added collections of Ease Actions (issue #157)
. Chipmunk: cpFlaot is a float, not a double (issue #130)
. CocosNode: fixed absolutePosition (issue #140)
. CocosNode: unschedule timers only when running (issue #142)
. CocosNode: prevents crash under certain circumstances while executing actions (issue #141)
. Demos: Added Texture2dDemo example (issue #169)
. Demos: SpritesDemo has an improved Accelerate example (issue #168)
. Demos: ParticlesDemo has the Rain Particle example (issue #136)
. Demos: Added EaseDemo showing all the ease capabilities (issue #158)
. Director: allow cleanup when deallocing the director (issue #144)
. Director: avoid useless GL commands when displaying FPS (issue #162)
. Director: possibility to change the DepthBuffer size (issue #160)
. Label: possibility to create Label without dimensions and aligment (issue #154)
. Menu: MenuItemToggle supports assigning the selectedIndex (issue #152)
. Menu: aligment takes into account if status bar is present (issue #131)
. MenuItem: improved compiler warning (issue #147)
. Misc: added 'f' to numbers so they are floats, not doubles (issue #130)
. Particles: added ParticleRain (issue #136)
. Particles: center of emitter can be moved independently from position (issue #138)
. Sprites: fixed possible memory leaks (issue #139)
. Texture2D: prevent allocating more memory than needed (issue #154)
. TextureMgr: supports directories withing the image name (issue #151)
. TileMapAtlas: fixed bug when using TGA files (issue #124)
. TileMapAtlas: supports up to 255 chars (issue #153)
version 0.6.2 - 24-Dec-2008
. Actions: Accelerate & Speed ratios can be modified at runtime (issue #127)
. CocosNode: added absolutePosition (issue #9 & issue #122)
. CocosNode: tag is propagated when adding children (issue #118)
. CocosNode: change change z-order at runtime (issue #59)
. Demos: Chipmunk_Accel supports multiple touches (issue #129)
. Demos: fixed typo in MenuTest (issue #111)
. Demos: shows how to set multiple Touches and other options (issue #116)
. Director: Touches work fast again (issue #126)
. License: removed "GNU LGPL" from sources files (issue #115)
. License: fixed grammar errors (issue #120)
. Sprite & Animation: can be created from Texture2D, updated SpriteDemo example (issue #113)
. TextureMgr: Avois duplicate cache (issue #121)
. Transitions: FadeTransition supports variable color. Updated TransitionsDemo (issue #129)
version 0.6.1 - 08-Dec-2008
. Documentation: Generation of doc fixes (issue #105)
. Primitives: drawLine prototype fixed (issue #103)
. Xcode: all projects have "thumb compilation" turned off (issue #104)
version 0.6.0 - 05-Dec-2008
. Actions: Sequences of Repeats fixes (issue #80)
. Actions: Added RepeatForEver. Added example in SpritesDemo example (issue #93)
. Actions: Repeat can be reversed (issue #92)
. Actions: Memory leaks detected by static analyzer. (issue #90)
. CocosNode: added support for Parallax scroller. Created ParallaxDemo example (issue #89)
. CocosNode: removed deprecated 'named' methods (issue #91)
. CocosNode: lazy allocations with timers, children & actions (issue #94)
. CocosNode: added removeAndStop, removeAndStopByTag and removeAndStopAll (issue #101)
. Demos: fixed memory leaks in AnchorDemo, SpritesDemo and RotateWorld (related to issue #90)
. Director: propagation of Touch events can be stopped (issue #96)
. Documentation: properties are documented (issue #100)
. Menu: conforms to CocosNodeSize protocol (issue #99)
. Menu: support both vertical & horizontal alignment (issue #97)
. Menu: added MenuItemToggle (issue #83)
. Particle: Added ParticleSnow (issue #102)
. Texture2D: creates the textures with clamp to edge and mag filter to linear (issue #95)
version 0.5.3 - 18-Nov-2008
. Actions: Repeat fixes (issue #81)
. CocosNode: added numberOfRunningActions (issue #72)
. CocosNode: removeAll fixes (issue #74)
. CocosNode: stopAction fix (issue #82)
. CocosNode: supports flipX and flipY (issue #53)
. CocosNode: supports scaleX and scaleY (issue #54)
. Layer: isTouchEnabled, isAccelerometerEnabled are properties (issue #70)
. Menu: supports CocosNodeOpacity protocol (issue #76)
. MultiplexLayer: added switchToAndReleaseMe (issue #71)
. OpenGLSupport: performance improvements (issue #84)
. Particles: ParticleCount is a property (issue #68)
. Texture2D: images & RGBA8 fixes (issue #86)
. TextureMgr: Simulator supports PVRTC images (issue #75)
. TextureMgr: removeTexture fixed (issue #85)
. TextureMgr: supports CGImageRef (issue #87)
. TileMapAtlas: supports TGA RLE format (issue #38)
version 0.5.2 - 04-Nov-2008
. All: assign [super init] to self (issue #61)
. Documentation: Add AUTHORS file with the cocos2d's contributors (issue #62)
. CocosNode: added tags (getByTag, removeByTag) (issue #52)
. CocosNode: fixed big memory leak (issue #67)
. Director: able to remove event enabled nodes (issue #56)
. Director: can be hidden / unhidden (issue #55)
. License: Explicit paragraphs that allows cocos2d + closed source projects (issue #57)
. MenuItemImage: able to modify inner sprites (issue #58)
. OpenGLSupport: added PowerVR Texture Compression (PVRTC) format support (issue #66)
. Transitions: don't flicker (issue #60)
version 0.5.1 - 20-Oct-2008
. Actions: Animation has restoreOriginalFrame argument (issue #46)
. Actions: CallFunc retains target (issue #42)
. AtlasNode: renders some artifacts (partially fixed issue #47)
. Demos: Updated Chipmunks demos (issue #43)
. Demos: Elasticity fixed in Chipmunk_Accel (issue #45)
. Director: fps_images.png consumes much less texture memory (issue #49)
. Documentation: included LICENSE.artwork (issue #51)
. LabelAtlas: works with NxM size images (issue #50)
. MenuItem: supports enable/disable (issue #22)
. Particle system: exports more variables (issue #48)
version 0.5.0 - 05-Oct-2008
. Actions: copy protocol fixed on some actions (issue #27)
. Chipmunk: using newest version from svn (issue #34)
. CocosNode: Nodes not being dealloced with active actions (issue #25)
. CocosNode: Doxygen API reference fixed (issue #29)
. Demo: added test/example of the new Atlas feature (issue #40)
. Director: Doxygen API reference fixed (issue #29)
. Director: Display FPS are rendered 10 times per second (issue #37)
. LabelAtlas: Fast render update Label (issue #36) (*NEW_FEATURE*)
. MenuItem: sending correct 'self' as argument (issue #19)
. Misc: improved cocos2d icon and default image (issue #33)
. TextureAtlas: Object to render indexed vertex arrays from 1 texture (issue #32) (*NEW_FEATURE*)
. TileMapAtlas: Tile Map renderer (issue #35) (*NEW_FEATURE*)
. TextureMgr: added removeAllTextures (issue #31)
. Scheduler: retain arguments (issue #28)
. Scheduler: passes correct delta time (issue #26)
. Sprite: replaced xxxFromFile with xxxWithFile (issue #39) (*API_CHANGED*)
version 0.4.3 - 19-Sept-2008
. Demo: AccelViewPort using code without the VirtualAccelerometer
. Demo: TransitionDemo shows the 6 new transitions
. Demo: Updated Icon.png & Default.png files
. MenuItem: MenuItemFont are 3 pixels heigher.
. Transitions: all Flip transitions have orientation: Left<->Right, Up<-->Down (6 new transitions)
version 0.4.2 - 10-Sept-2008
. Action: FadeOut reverse fixed
. Demo: AnchorDemo using back, restart, forward arrows
. MenuItem: callback receives the sender as its argument (issue 14)
. Particles: added initWithTotalParticles method.
. Transitions: Fixed HUGE memory leak
. Transitions: Timing fix. Slide transitions don't show "black" space
version 0.4.1 - 08-Sept-2008
. Actions: commented an NSLog()
. CocosNode: added removeAll (by Codemattic)
. CocosNode: implementation file reorganized
. CocosNode: added stopAction method (to remove just 1 one action)
. CocosNode: sanity check when removing actions
. Demo: ClickAndMove demo working again (issue 12)
. Demo: SpritesDemo using back, restart & forward arrows
. Demo: TransitionsDemo using back, restart & forward arrows
. Demo: ParticleDemo using back, restart & forward arrows
. Director: added eventsEnabled. You can enable/disabled touch events globally (eg: Transitions want this feature)
. Director: implementation file reorganized
. Director: drawScene renamed to mainLoop
. Director: FPS are shown in the very bottom-left corner
. Transitions: Added new ZoomFlipXTransition transition.
. Transitions: Added new ZoomFlipYTransition transition.
. Transitions: Added new ZoomFlipAngularTransition transition.
version 0.4.0 - 30-Ago-2008
. CocosNode: private methods are private
. CocosNode: stop renamed to stopAllActions
. CocosNode: children does not use a auxiliar array (by Codemattic)
. Director: private methods are private
. Menu: removed setOffsetY
. Menu: can be positioned like any other CocosNode using the position property
. MenuItem: renamed to MenuItemFont
. MenuItem: added MenuItemImage
. MenuItem: uses target/selector, not receiver/selector
. MenuItem: MenuItemFont restore scale to 1.0 after being invoked (by Codemattic)
. MenuItem: can be positioned on runtime.
. TextureNode: renamed setR:g:b: to setRGB:::
version 0.3.3 - 23-Ago-2008
. Action: Added CallFuncND. Like CallFuncN but accepts data
. CocosNode: actions can schedule actions [FIXED CRASH]
. CocosNode: added default capacity to actions, children, & schedulers
. CocosNode: relativeTrasnformAnchor is property
. CocosNode: childrenAnchor removed (It wasn't working and it wasn't very useful)
. CocosNode: negative z-order working
. Demos: removed playgroud
. Demos: added AnchorDemo
. Demos: removed unused code from MenuTest
. Demos: removed TcpAccelClient (deprecated)
. Demos: AccelViewPort using VirtualAccelerometer
. Director: fixed memory leak. First scene wasn't released
. Director: fixed issue #6. Delta Time is never negative, and if a "Significant Time Change" is present, then DeltaTime will be 0.
version 0.3.2 - 14-Ago-2008
. Action: Animate was using the wrong index. Possible crash fixed
. ColorLayer: added support to change width & height at runtime
. Demos: IntervalDemo using relative path for file
. Demos: added filter to TcpAccelClient & Chipmunk_Accel demos (by Brian Hammond)
. Director: propagates TouchEvents to all registered layers
. Misc: Removed sound support. Not part of cocos2d
. Misc: Moved OpenGLSupport inside the cocos2d directory. cocos2d.h includes OpenGLSupport headers
. Misc: added getCocos2dVersion() function
. Particles: It was (mistakenly) using Z coordinate
. Sprite: added setDisplayFrame selector
version 0.3.1 - 30-Jul-2008
. All: methods that receives target/selector, are named:Target selector (unified API)
. All: added "cocos2d.h". applications should only import this file.
. Demos: added resume/pause to application
. Demos: chipmunk_accel is frame independent
. Demos: added IntervalDemo demo. Shows how to uses interval timers, and how pause/resume works
. Demos: removed JumpingSisters demo
. Demos: new Default.png
. Director: when paused don't consume CPU. Only renders the screen at 4 FPS.
. Particles: don't uses draw to update, uses scheduled step. (pause/resume works)
. Scheduler: added interval timers
. Transitions: they don't flickr (bug introduced in v0.3.0)
. Types: created ccTime type (float or double) used to calculate delta time
. Types: older types have the prefix "cc" (cocos)
version 0.3.0 - 27-Jul-2008
. Actions: they are not cloned. If you want to reuse them, clone them manually using the method 'copy'
. Actions: CallFunc, CallFuncN using performSelector instead of NSInvocator
. Actions: added CallFuncN action. First argument is the target node
. Core: Using own scheduler to schedule timers/etc.
. Demos: Added OrbitCamera demo in SpritesDemo project
. Director: can initialize the view with pixel format RGBA8 or RGB565 (default)
. Director: if in landscape mode, tells the application to be in landscape mode too
. Director: landscape mode is LEFT again, since "Touch fighter" (apple game) uses left landscape
. Director: setFPS, FPS renamed to setDisplayFPS, displayFPS
. Director: added pause/resume support
. Label: supports changing it's string
. Menu: added support for y-offset
. MenuItem: font size and font name are customizables
. MenuItems: doesn't have "artifacts"
. Texture Node: Added FadeIn/FadeOut support
. Texture Node: Added transform anchor support
. Texture Node: Added color suppport
. Texture Node: Added new cocos2d node. Base class of Sprite and Label
version 0.2.1 - 21-Jul-2008
. Director: landscape can be RIGHT or LEFT (at compile time)
. Director: proxies touchesCancelled
. Particle System: added smoke particle.
. Particle System: fire example improved.
. Particle System: supports for additive and blend colors
. Particle System: splited in 2 files: particle.[hm] and ParticleSystems.[hm]
. Particle System: doesn't iterate over dead particles
. Particle System: fire.png uses white color, so "blend" mode works ok. fire.png is smaller (less resources)
version 0.2 - 5-Jul-2008
. Replaced CGPoint with chipmunk's vector (cpVect) in CocosNode
. Added particle system.
. Built-in systems: Fire, Fireworks, Sun, Galaxy, Flower, Meteor, Spiral, Explosion
. supports: system duration, paticle duration, gravity, radial, tangential, color, size, texture, direction, spread (all of them with its variation)
. added support to display FPS
version 0.1 - 25-jun-2008:
. renamed MoveBy:actionWithDuration:delta to MoveBy:actionWithDuration:position
. added Animation, Animate classes to animates sprites
. removed box2d and related stuff to box2d
. added and ported Chipmunk Demo
. added primitives like drawCircle(), drawPoly(), drawLine(), drawPoint()
. moved all main.c and other tests files to tests/
. moved plists, sounds and images to Resources/
. removed unused images
. Using only one plist file in Resources
. cocos2d-port renamed to trunk
. Imported code from Assembla
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