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Hierarchical per-node time scaling #132

wants to merge 763 commits into from

This allows you to specify a time scale on a node in the scene, which causes all actions and schedules on it and all its children to get scaled in time. This is vital to slow down certain parts of a scene; eg. all the game but not the menus.


You probably don't want to apply 711da56


Interesting approach. Have you done any performance tests? How much does it affect the runtime.

For cocos2d v2.0 it is also possible to alter the speed of a tree of nodes by using multiple schedulers and/or action managers. I will create an example soon.


I haven't; but I don't expect the cost to be high, especially when the developer isn't using it explicitly. Then it's just the cost of respondsToSelector:. Worth testing, but I can't make any time for it lately, I'm afraid.

ricardoquesada and others added some commits
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada updated CHANGELOG 6a1886f
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Templates: better names bcf4659
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada TMX: if using AntiDiagonally flip, crash 0cd4e2a
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Oops... missing templates 6ea198b
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada ActionsProgress added to Mac b35179e
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada MotionStreak added to Mac ddd0f7d
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Tests: Added NodeTest, LayerTest, RotateWorldTest and SceneTest to Ma…
…c project
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Transition update:
CCTrasitionRadial... renamed to CCTransitionProgressRadial...

Added 4 new transitions:
    CCTransitionProgressHorizontal, CCTransitionProgressVertical,
    CCTransitionProgressInOut and CCTransitionProgressOutIn
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Templates: Using new renamed file: CCTransitionRadial.x 793f36c
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada EventDispatcher and TouchDispatcher are "part" of CCDirector and not …
…of its subclasses
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Effects & Transitions: 2d effects and transitions work as expected wi…
…th a 2d Projection
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Updated README 3187903
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada small fix on download link 10ebd4b
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Using Chipmunk v6.0.3 0429fc4
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Removed extras directory c21a625
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada PerformanceTests compiles and run with v2.0b2 25b7a3a
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada RetinaDisplay on performance tests f14c25d
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Events-Mac: Fixes crash when removing event delegate within an event 420c201
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada GLProgram renamed to CCGLProgram 878ccd1
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Important API changes
GLProgram -> CCGLProgram
EAGLView -> CCGLView
MacView -> CCGLView
MacWindow -> CCWindow
ESRenderer -> CCESRenderer
ES2Renderer -> CCES2Renderer
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Grid: Mac 64-bit Grid3D allocates only the needed memory 044ff40
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Removed Xcode4_template reference from project 6569217
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada PerfromanceTest: updated to use new cocos2d files d2e3268
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge branch 'gles20' of into gles20 1d3e8eb
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Box2d templates use CCGLProgram 4427f05
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Effects: Works again in RetinaDisplay 3061539
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Shaders: example shaders use the example_ prefix 347ef24
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada EAGLView -> CCGLView in unused code dfeac16
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada MacDirector: eventDispatcher is a property b6f2881
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Templates Shaders: added missing AlphaTest shader. Removed example_ s…
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Updated README: 10.5 is no longer supported 863e0b1
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada ARC: fixed compile error when using macro in ARC 2f965ff
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Doxygen fixes d031d36
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Little fix on README: Leopard -> Snow Leopard 1d902c4
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Fixed memory leak in particle#fillWithEmptyQuadsFromIndex 0cb8ae3
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada FontSize and FontName are properties of LabelTTF 196512a
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Adds setFntFile to LabelBMFont dc48556
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada SpriteBatch: Quad extensions are public. Moved from TMXMap.m to Sprit…
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Texture2D: initWithImage -> initWithCGImage 741b77b
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Compiles on Mac d2f9d23
@slycrel slycrel Fix to tile maps with multiple tile sets that have rotation
Fixed a problem with multiple layers and multiple tile sets that could
cause TMX maps to not load if rotation is used.
Fixed a theoretical problem with tile bounds checking.


@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Updated AUTHORS 3802b0f
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into gles20
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada DrawColor4F uses Floats instead of bytes. Issue #1307 6e7e142
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge branch 'develop' into gles20
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Added new animation format
Supports "delays" per frame.
Not fully tested
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada SpriteFrame: copyWithZone works as expected. Fixed memory leak in CCA…
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Fixed memory leak in CCAnimationCache 042d885
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Improved API for the new animation format 3765020
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Fixes issue #1312 1a72e18
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada use ` instead of ' in dfdb8f7
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge branch 'develop' into gles20
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada test 78a0f19
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada revert test test 2cd793b
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Update 8c4e9be
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge branch 'gles20' of into gles20 578bae8
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge branch 'develop' into gles20
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge branch 'develop' into gles20 f18e019
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge branch 'develop' into gles20 1fda368
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Fixes issue #1217 cb5df64
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada updated CHANGELOG 3b99766
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada PerformanceTest compiles 1358dea
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #1311 59dcd3f
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada New Animation format:
removed Offset
added notifications
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada TextureAtlas: added option to not use VAO 6f7eb07
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Sprite: only update texture if it is different than the original 2b36d6c
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Director: display number of GL draw calls per frame when stats are en…
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada updated schema for Xcode in box2d test 8cdf498
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada VAO should be enabled 7638061
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Performance tests use RGB5 and no depth buffer (as in v1.0) 01d79cf
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada if the string is the same, don't update it. bcc39d6
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada update the Seconds per Frame only when the FPS is updated 3d6193f
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Mac: If no OpenGL context, don't render it 577dced
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Added example of custom TTF in Mac 4ee832b
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Updated CHANGELOG 5bc2ebf
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada CCSprite:setDisplayFrameWithAnimationName works with the new animatio…
…n system
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Mac View: missing [glContext makeCurrent] // causing crashes ? b187cf4
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada MacView: resize bug fixed again 6712473
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada GLProgram: reports error correctly on vertex shaders 3b31cc4
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #1315 . MSAA working again on iOS 7ebfd8d
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Added Memory Test 8c0ef07
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge branch 'develop' into gles20
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Fixed v1.1 particle test where particles are added / removed 0ff8067
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Updated chagenlog e6aae3a
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Menu: added support for init/create with NSArray 4cff6d8
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Many menu improvements:
Menu could be created without items
Menu could be enabled/disabled (no events will be accepted when it is disabled)
It is possible to change its priority on runtime
kCCMenuTouchPriority -> kCCMenuHandlerPriority
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Improved FPS_images file 1bce3be
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada updates samples that use fps_images.png 3dc18f0

To be honest, previous one looked better for me. But anyway, this new font has some ghosts for space character I think. You tested only on black background so you can't see, try some brighter backgrounds and watch especially before number of GL draw calls...

ricardoquesada and others added some commits
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Improved fps_images based on Helvetica fonts 825682f
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Animation format changes
delay units ->  delayUnits
delay per unit -> delayPerUnit
restore original frame -> restoreOriginalFrame
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Menu withItem works when items are nil 1fe8cbf
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada initial support to run cocos2d for Mac on the Main Thread fcaaeca
Viktor Lidholt Added support for running CCDirectorMac in main thread f2dd979
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada updated AUTHORS & CHANGELOG 0b5a8da
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Importing only GLES 2 files 8195008
@Panajev Panajev (x): fixed new line issues.
(x): upgraded project's settings.
(+): added new TargetedAction action (developed by Karl Stenerud)
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge pull request #152 from Panajev/gles20
(x): fixed new line issues.
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada ActionTargeted: improved. added test e505ea3
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Added missing copyWithZone to CCActionTargeted c3c802a
@LamPham LamPham Fixed bug 1303: Progress timer now works with rotated sprite frames
Fixed a midpoint bug when midpoint's x is any value other than 0.5
@LamPham LamPham Fixed bug 1303 sprite frame with rotated texture in progress timer 2ab735a
@LamPham LamPham Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/gles20' into gles20 794e913
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge pull request #153 from LamPham/gles20
CCProgress Timer Fix #1303
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Updated designated initializer in CCProgressTimer 7a0cd41
@LamPham LamPham Removed standard init in CCProgressTimer 6c5ddde
@LamPham LamPham Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/gles20' into gles20
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada userData is a retained id and not a void * 5b890d1
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge pull request #154 from LamPham/gles20
CCProgressTimer: Refactored init method
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada ProgressTimer: init calls designated initializer 9369c54
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada userData is again a void*. It can be retained with a new method 5a16b6e

Hey Riq,

I would change the setter as it could cause problems this way, if userData is pointing to the same object as userData_.

CCNode:284, inside the actual method...

if (retainUserData_ && userData_ != userData) {
[userData_ release];

retainUserData_ = retainData;
userData_ = userData;

if( retainUserData_ && userData_ != userData ) {
[userData_ retain];


userData_ could be a reference to the same instance userData points at.

ricardoquesada and others added some commits
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada setDisplayFPS removed. Will be moved to cocos2d_compatibility 4c2bae8
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada setUserData:retainData:
Don't assing if userData is the same.
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #1313 962e0bd
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada compatibility files to easy to migration from v1.0 bcfbd63
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Updated AUTHORS & CHANGELOG 72a171f
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada UPdated AUTHORS 7c4895b
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Fixes issue #1313 2nd part. 0ddb5a2
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada CC_DIRECTOR_FPS_INTERVAL -> CC_DIRECTOR_STATS_INTERVAL 866371e
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada ccBackwardCompatibility
ccBackwardCompatibility is compiled only when a preprocessor macro is defined.
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Backward compatibility file added to Mac 2699e74
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Backward compatibility works on Mac and iOS c863152
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada backward compatibility fixes
Added MenuItems, and ivars in order to make migration to v2.0 easier.
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada GL state cache: disabled by default. Compatibility: enabled by default 91487cf
Nicky Weber Added a new function to draw filled polygons with a given uniform color. 71de58d
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge pull request #164 from nickyEnjoysWoogoo/Feature/PrimitiveDrawing
Feature/primitive drawing
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada ccDrawPoly() changed a bit the API. Updated AUTHORS/CHANGELOG/tests 120bc4c
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Updated chagenlog 01b5c2f
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge branch 'develop' into gles20
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Updated CHANGELOG 5198d4d
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada issue 1201
prevent bursts of particles due to too high emitCounter.

@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Added convenience function to create a ccColor4F from color components. 365922b
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Shaders: Added uniform cache
if the uniform is going to have the same value, don't set it again.
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #1314 9f70fd1
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada CCSprite: displayedFrame -> displayFrame 149d3bb
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #1305 3d4895a
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #1286
fixes memory leak on CocosDenshion
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Fixes shader uniform error with Sampler. It should use "1i" instead o…
…f "1f"
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Fixes shader uniform error with Sampler. It should use "1i" instead o…
…f "1f"
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge branch 'gles20' of into gles20 332da6d
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #1250
Replaced NSLog() with CCLOG()
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #1189 782fed8

This is not good fix as it raises more problems. Please check my comment on this issue:

Apparently 'bool' works correctly, but I reverted these changes.

Could you test again to see if the 'action' bug is still present ? Thanks.

Well, you're right, BOOL/bool is not a problem. Commit that breaks action is actually this
fixes issue #1305 - 3d4895a

So latest commit in which actions work is:
CCSprite: displayedFrame -> displayFrame - 149d3bb

Sorry for mislead, I really thought the problem was with bools

What is the best way to reproduce the issue ? Do you have a test case ? Should the one that you posted on issue #1314 reproduce it ?

fixed. Could you try again please ?

Yes, fix works now... At least for test case I provided for issue #1314.

Uh, found another problem. Here is the test case:

CCSprite *spr = [CCSprite spriteWithFile:@"Icon.png"];
spr.position = GDMANAGER.ccp_center;
[self addChild:spr];

id act1 = [CCCallBlock actionWithBlock:^{ NSLog(@"%f", spr.rotation); }];
id act2 = [CCRotateBy actionWithDuration:0.25 angle:45];
id act3 = [CCCallBlock actionWithBlock:^{ NSLog(@"%f", spr.rotation); }];
id act4 = [act2 reverse];
id act5 = [CCCallBlock actionWithBlock:^{ NSLog(@"%f", spr.rotation); }];

id actF = [CCSequence actions:act1, act2, act3, act4, act5, nil];
[[[CCDirector sharedDirector] actionManager] addAction:actF target:spr paused:NO];

Expected output would be:

Instead the output is:
2012-02-22 01:57:57.016 CocosTemplate[4421:fb03] 0.000000
2012-02-22 01:57:57.266 CocosTemplate[4421:fb03] 45.000000
2012-02-22 01:57:57.532 CocosTemplate[4421:fb03] -2.985996

So, actions didn't finish their cycles to the end. Even worse is if you put final sequence in CCRepeat or CCRepeatForever...

Yes, the CCRepeat bug is that issue. But test case above isn't related to CCRepeat bug, it's only part of it, as if you even run actions only once it still produces the bug with different ending and starting rotation/position/scale/etc...

I know the test case isn't related to the CCRepeat bug, my comment was directed on the part that it was worse in a CCRepeat or CCRepeatForever.

This bug is obviously not related to CCRepeat so I opened new issue

@crmagicxxx: yes, added test case. I will try fix it tomorrow.

fixed. It was a bug that I introduced when I did a CCSequence cleanup for issue #1305.

Wow, that was fast. I can confirm that fix works now :)

Viktor Lidholt and others added some commits
Viktor Lidholt Added fntFile property ffbdb60
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #1314, issue #1287 again e5a51f4
Viktor Lidholt Added default init methods for CCLabelBMFont and CCLabelTTF 24125b9
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #1309 c600bb1
@cwinkler cwinkler Bugfixing
fixes a bug causing the compiler to fail on 32-bit mac builds.


@cwinkler cwinkler Bugfixing
Fixes a bug which caused the compiler to fail due to unclear data types.


@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada updated AUTHORS eb9164e

Riq, can you please change my credentials to:
Dusan Lazarevic (AKA crmagicxxx)
here on this row and downthere for cocos v1.0

Thanks :)




This is a interesting approach indeed, but I rather keep the action manager as agnostic / simple as possible.

A alternative is to use the new CCTargetedAction, which gives a target to a action to make it possible that a node can run actions that aren't applied to the node itself. Using a sequence of targeted actions wrapped in a CCSpeed would do the same as this extension..


Actually, even this test case proves fix is not good. If you inspect grossini moves, you'll see he always ends in slightly different position. Just compare his legs position to the green left arrow. But I don't think CCRepeat bug is completely responsible for this behavior, even if you run this act3 only once, grossini will not have same ending position. Also use this test case for checking the fix: 9f70fd1#commitcomment-994129

ricardoquesada and others added some commits
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Fixes issue #1288. Repeat one time works as expected 1d5a87a
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #1284 01f7263
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada CC_DIRECTOR_INIT doesn't call enable retinaDisplay by default 1fd8223
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #1324
Added KVO for Director#isPaused
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Add another GlyphDesigner test bb6199d
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Texture2DTest: Don't enable RetinaDisplay fffd546
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada LabelBMFont: code easier to read. 876acb3
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Updated CHANGELOG with issue numbers 55e2a5c
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #762
BMLabelFont supports "image offset" in order to share the texture with other images.
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada updated BMlabelFont docstrings with more editors be5c661
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #770
CCLabelBMFont supports any unicode character.
Added test for it.
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada LabelBMFont: takes less memory 2638181
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Issue #886 re-fixed. Added support for RGB888 on "default pixel forma…
…t" as well
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Added test case for another aciton bug b09644d
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Sequence bug fixed 3419a40
Viktor Lidholt Added support for growing the total number of particles in CCParticle…
@Panajev Panajev (x): fixes documentation issue with CCSpeed. 799a130
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge pull request #173 from Panajev/gles20
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada renamed issueXXX to issue1327 46cf93c
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge branch 'gles20' of into gles20 8dea3ac
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Animation: deprecated animationWithFrame... use animationWithSpriteFr…
…ame instead
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Animation: added support for loops
Also deprecated some confusing methods on Animation/Animate
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Added kCCLabelAutomaticWidth enum. Replaced -1 on width 7fa9eba
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada dimension is a property on LabelTTF 302dd76
Viktor Lidholt Made improvements to CCParticleSystem and added spriteFrame setters f…
…or CCMenuItemImage
Viktor Lidholt Merge branch 'gles20' of…
…phone into gles20

@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Added -merge too to .gitattributes a6ca983
Viktor Lidholt Made CCNode zOrder a writeable property 215ea55
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge remote-tracking branch 'vlidholt/particleimprovements' into gles20
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge remote-tracking branch 'vlidholt/nodeimprovements' into gles20
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada RenderTexture: Locks OpenGL context before calling any OpenGL command d92cdff
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Texture & TextureCache: uses current thread and cocos2d thread
Texture2D: uses current thread for glDeleteTexture()
TextureCache: uses cocos2d thread to invoke async callback()

These bugs were causing kernel panics on Mac
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada RenderTexture: saves image in correct path 5861a85
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Templates: fixes memory leaks on templates 4db5d5c
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Templates: added NSThread+performBlock 0b291c6
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Templates: added missing files and added -all_load -Objc on OTHER_LIN…
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Added more deprecated methods and enums in ccDeprecated 9e14bb2
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes memory leak on DirectorTes 24658bb
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada remove "-all_load" from OTHER_LINKER_FLAGS
Apparently it is not needed, only -ObjC is needed

Further info:
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Fixes memory warning reported by static analyzer 9c5735b
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Added retro test 0d98834
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada RetroEffect with scale 0a68097
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Retro effect: with negative scaling b19932d
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada schemes optimized for Xcode 4.3
schemes uses LLDB as default debugger.
Changes made automatically by Xcode 4.3
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada tests: removed duplicated entries 41f780f
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada basetest supports retina disabled de07a54
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Test: shader works on iOS 4.3 using lowp 76c34bc
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada install-template: removed -u option
Since -u option was not used, it was removed
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada RenderTexture: Don't force the cocos2d's opengl context
Since it should be possible to use RenderTexture from another thread, it is not forced the use of cocos2d's main thread opengl context
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada RetinaDisplay disabled on shaders dcc5631
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Added -ipadhd support on iPad Retina Display 9217089
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Added -ipadhd support on iPad Retina Display 84d7edd
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Merge branch 'gles20' of into gles20 d11b0e1

There are few inconsistencies in comments regarding iPad retina suffix. I believe default is "-ipadhd" but on few locations you stated default is "-ipad-hd"

thanks. fixed.


Here too and all other files below...


Here you're missing this code:

if( ! ret ) {
    *resolutionType = kCCResolutioniPhone;
    ret = fullpath;

I suppose you mistakenly deleted lines 174-176? Without this piece of code CCFileUtils returns nil for valid files without "-hd" extension for example...

thanks. fixed.


Hey guys. Any chance to get this fix merged into 1.x as well?

ricardoquesada and others added some commits
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Performance tests compile and run with v2.0-rc0 a182272
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Test Xcode project: Updated schemes to use lldb 1b33596
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Tests: Shaders tests works 75e4ea3
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada revert doxygen changes 770b86c
@lhunath lhunath Use correct type for action in ActionInterval users. e2bdd40
@lhunath lhunath Hierarchical slow-motion support.
Without this patch it's impossible to apply slow-motion to a whole
subset of your scene hierarchy without having to manually apply ccspeed
actions to each of the hierarchy's actions and trying to keep it updated
when you want to activate the slow-motion.


@lhunath lhunath Fix: don't use depth testing when no depth buffer will be used. ac08149
@lhunath lhunath Rename speed to timeScale to avoid ambiguity with other nodes that al…
…ready have a 'speed'. Also add support for node-schedules.


@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada CCFileUtils: many improvements
Added support for fallback suffixes
It is an singleton (easier to subclass)
NSBundle and NSfileManager are properties (easier to customize)


@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada CCFileUtils: Adds a cache to remove/obtain path to improve the speed a21a028
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Director: purge CCFileUtils cache if FPSLabels are going to be recreated 1a84ac6
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixes issue #1344
FileUtils returns a valid path even if the no-suffix file is not present.


@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada Improved tests for iPad

@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada CCFiletutils: remove suffix supports "fallback" for removing suffixes 95ef8d7
Viktor Lidholt Better support for custom fonts in CCLabelTTF for Mac and added align…
…ment property.
Viktor Lidholt Fixed LabelTTF, according to comments. 16d868f
Viktor Lidholt Fixed compile issue in iOS 274d313
@ricardoquesada ricardoquesada fixed compiler warning 0d44739
@lhunath lhunath Fix depth test toggle to cocos2d 2.0 API. 93f7ca7

I fail to see how a CCTargetedAction could affect all actions and schedules previously applied to a tree of nodes.


Given that action managers manage time for a target, I think it's acceptable that it also manages the scaling of that time allocation. I wouldn't call that bloat.

I haven't tried the multiple schedulers/action managers approach yet, I don't know what it would involve, but ideally, it shouldn't require all nodes in a tree or all actions and schedules applied to them to perform some special logic such as wrapping actions or assigning special managers to each node in the tree.

@lhunath lhunath More permissive texture clamping check and assert that a shader progr…
…am is set during CCNode's draw setup.

-[CCTexture2D setTexParameters:] currently asserts that textures are
either POT or use clamping.  This is too restrictive and doesn't permit
things like REPEAT on POT dimensions while the other dimension isn't

CC_NODE_DRAW_SETUP() enables the node's shader program.  Usage of this
macro indicates that the node is about to draw something.  This draw
operation requires that a shader program is set on the node, otherwise
the resulting draw operation is undefined (it's indetermined which
shader program will be used for it).  Therefore, it's safe to assume
that no shader program being set on the node is a bug and we can assert
during the function that a shader program is actually set to catch these
bugs fast.

Using CCTargetedAction would mean flatten the tree, wrap all actions in a CCTargetedAction and put them in a sequence/spawn which is wrapped in a CCSpeed. Changing the rate of the speed action would then give the same result. I have to admit, it's certainly not as convenient as your code.

Using a seperate manager for a certain hierarchy of nodes would be a interesting approach as well.


This change will lead to another issue! Plz see

@Birkemose Birkemose closed this
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