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66b9623 @totallyevil fix for a bad index in the test case when it starts
totallyevil authored
2 CCSprite: Fixed setTextureRect to set the m_obTextureRect member so that textureRect returns a non-null value.
3 MotionStreakTest: Fixed bad scene=-1 init that caused an exception if you restart the first run of the test.
4 Box2D: First implementation
bcc482a @totallyevil change log for the audio changes
totallyevil authored
5 CocosDension : Added automatic restoring of the song playback state after the game terminates.
cbeb9fb @totallyevil spelling fix for sheduleX
totallyevil authored
6 CCNode: Renamed unsheduleAllSelectors to unscheduleAllSelectors
7 CCNode: Renamed sheduleUpdate to scheduleUpdate
371a302 @totallyevil added director test fix notes
totallyevil authored
8 DirectorTest: fixed the touch test logic and printing of the touched location.
1f070f1 @totallyevil CCTouchDispatcher: Fixed a class cast exception caused by inconsisten…
totallyevil authored
9 CCTouchDispatcher: Fixed a class cast exception caused by inconsistent management of the touch delegates.
371a302 @totallyevil added director test fix notes
totallyevil authored
66b9623 @totallyevil fix for a bad index in the test case when it starts
totallyevil authored
12 cocos2d-x for xna 0.1.3 Sep.28 2012
14 CCNode: Fixed a bad static init of an array.
15 MusicPlayer: [pkayatt] Added #if ZUNE checks on the stop() method per pkayatt suggestions (Forum #13744)
16 CCSpriteFrameCache: [c.a.] Changed check on "dict" to be "metadataDict" to stop an erroneous file not found error.
17 CCSAXParser: [c.a.] Added a check for 'true' and 'false' to handle the rotated property in plist defintions. (Forum #11355)
18 CCTexture2D: Fix for GitHub issue #22 that fixes scaling problems with grid-based transitions.
19 CCGeometry: Added a copy ctor for CCSize.
20 CCApplication: Moved the scheduler tick call out of the draw() pipeline and moved into the update() pipeline.
21 CCDirector: see CCApplication changes, schedule tick() is no longer called out of here.
22 CCScheduler: Added Jiri Formanek's changes for concurrent modification support.
23 Test: SchedulerAutoRemove: Fixed "onEnter" method that was not overriding base and was not setting up the test.
24 Test: SchedulerAutoRemove: Fixed the debug output of the current time in the first scheduled task.
25 Test: SchedulerUpdate: Fixed "onEnter" method that was not overriding base.
26 Test: SchedulerUpdateFromCustom: Changed debug output to use G2 formatting.
27 CCGridAction: Removed Debug.Assert(false) in startWithTarget. Exceptions should be used instead of assert.
28 CCTiledGrid3DAction: added implementation for actionWithSize.
29 ccUtils: Added comments for the ccNextPOT function.
30 action_tiled_grid.*: Added defensive checks to accommodate the Scheduler tick() move into the update pipe.
31 CCTiledGrid3D: Added virtual to the tile/originalTile methods.
32 CCTiledGrid3D: Added overloaded methods that don't take ccGridSize (avoid temporary object creation)
33 action_tiled_grid.*: Converted from using lots of new ccGridSize() to explicit x,y int value passing (performance).
34 CCLayerMultiplexer: Made all of the methods to be virtual.
35 CCLayerMultiplexer: Changed switchTo() to NOT set the "cleanup=YES" flag when hiding the child layer.
36 CCActionTween: Taken from cocos2d-x as it was missing from the xna api.
37 CCCatmullRomTo: Taken from cocos2d-x (missing Action)
38 CCCatmullRomBy: Taken from cocos2d-x (missing Action)
39 CCCardinalSplineBy: Support class for CCCatmullRomBy
40 CCCardinalSplineTo: Support class for CCCatmullRomTo
41 CCPoint: Added the geometry methods that are required for the CCCardinalSpline actions
42 ccUtils: Added a cardinal spline calculator for the CCCardinalSpline actions.
43 CCActionTween: Added a test case and fixed the reverse() override.
44 ccTypes: Added copy ctor and copy methods to the color classes.
45 ccColor4B: Changed init of green component to be green from the XNA color object.
46 ccColor3B: Changed init of green component to be green from the XNA color object.
47 CCVertex: Added vertex support methods for the CCMotionStreak class.
48 CCMotionStreak: Added the code for this class.
49 CCTexture2D: Added automatic setting of the uName to make animations with non-sprite-sheet frames work properly.
50 CCNode: Fixed world transform being clobbered after each visit to child nodes.
52 cocos2d-x for xna 0.1.2 Aug.05 2012
53 CCLabelBMFont: Added handling of missing characters in a BM font definition with an exception.
54 CCMenu: Fixed the CCMenu layout of a grid of menu items that are larger than a certain width that would cause overlap.
55 CCMenu: Added use of kDefaultPadding instead of the hard coded value of 5 in the CCMenu layout functions.
56 CCLabelBMFont: Added a check for the FNT file being XML and to throw an exception when this occurs.
57 CCMenuItem: Added a check for a null m_pfnSelector during activate()
58 CCSequence: Added a null ref check in the actionsWithArray method.
59 CCActionManager: Topic 11072 - added a key check on the m_pTargets dictionary during the update() method.
60 CCNode: Removed asserts on child and parent references in addChild(). Replaced with Debug output and short circuit return.
61 CCLayer: Removed the assert in ccTouchBegan.
62 CCLayerGradient: Removed extraneous using statements.
63 CCSprite: Removed some asserts during texture initialization.
64 CCSprite: Changed the draw() method to not clobber the blend state when it changes.
65 CCSpriteBatchNode: added a setting for the contentSize in the initWithTexture method.
66 CCSpriteBatchNode: Topic 10592 - fixed re-entrant call to removeAllChildrenWithCleanup.
67 CCTexture2D: Removed the hard coded YellowGreen color reference during string rendering in lieu of a fore and back color specification.
68 CCTexture2D: Changed scope of the texture2D member to be private.
69 CCTextureAtlas: Added implementation for the removeQuadAtIndex from the forum.
70 CCConfiguration: Changed the getGlesVersion method to return the version that is appropriate for the hardware platform.
71 CCDirector: Added the clearing of all touches for the scene before transiting to the next scene.
72 CCDirector: Forum topic regarding the invocation of onEnterTransitionDidFinish on scenes that are not CCTransitionScene implementors.
73 CCTexture2D: Added a public accessor for the XNA Texture2D named Texture (CCTexture2D.Texture)
74 CCApplication: Added support for non-480x800 display layouts.
75 CCTransitionCrossFade: Removed init of the fade layer with a background color.
76 CCDirector: Added a call to game.exit() when the director is ended when the scene stack is zero.
77 GitHub #17: Added invariant culture to the parsing of int and float values requested by Evgeniy Rojkov.
78 Pull 12: Added fix for multitouch problems from moswald.
79 Added a setup project to install the framework as a binary with source.
82 cocos2d-x for xna 0.1.1 Apr.20 2012
83 Bug 1153 The isBlendadditive attribute has affected other sprites
84 Bug 1154 The single particle can't rotate
85 Bug 1049 CCMenuItemToggle will grow large after quick clicking
86 Bug 1048 ccBlendFunc doesn't work
87 Bug 1021 It's invalid to set color of cclayercolor
88 Bug 1012 it crashes when using the plist created by Particle Designer
89 Bug 1013 in the parser of CCTMXTiledMap, MapSize and TileSize are the same
90 Bug 1016 CCMenu::menuWithItem will cause crash
91 Bug 989 The particle turns black when it expires
92 Feature Part of scene transitions
93 Feature Part of effects
97 cocos2d-x for xna 0.1.0 Feb.17 2012
98 * This is the 3d-alpha version of cocos2d-x for xna.
99 * And the primary features of the engine have been realized.
101 Primary Features
102 ------------------
103 director:manages how and when to execute the Scenes
104 node:the main element, anything thats gets drawn or contains things that get drawn is a CCNode
105 layer:inherites from node and implements the TouchEventsDelegate protocol
106 scene:organizes the nodes and then run, actually shown, by the director
107 sprite:a kind of node binding a 2d image with corresponding features
108 menu:responses to the clicks
109 labelttf:be used to render text labels
110 particle system:nearly thirty particle examples are shown in tests, supports plist
111 tilemap:a kind of map that is composed of many texture tiles
112 cocosdenshion:offer the interfaces to play background music and sound effect
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