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cocos2d-x for xna 0.1.1 Apr.20 2012
Bug 1153 The isBlendadditive attribute has affected other sprites
Bug 1154 The single particle can't rotate
Bug 1049 CCMenuItemToggle will grow large after quick clicking
Bug 1048 ccBlendFunc doesn't work
Bug 1021 It's invalid to set color of cclayercolor
Bug 1012 it crashes when using the plist created by Particle Designer
Bug 1013 in the parser of CCTMXTiledMap, MapSize and TileSize are the same
Bug 1016 CCMenu::menuWithItem will cause crash
Bug 989 The particle turns black when it expires
Feature Part of scene transitions
Feature Part of effects
cocos2d-x for xna 0.1.0 Feb.17 2012
* This is the 3d-alpha version of cocos2d-x for xna.
* And the primary features of the engine have been realized.
Primary Features
director:manages how and when to execute the Scenes
node:the main element, anything thats gets drawn or contains things that get drawn is a CCNode
layer:inherites from node and implements the TouchEventsDelegate protocol
scene:organizes the nodes and then run, actually shown, by the director
sprite:a kind of node binding a 2d image with corresponding features
menu:responses to the clicks
labelttf:be used to render text labels
particle system:nearly thirty particle examples are shown in tests, supports plist
tilemap:a kind of map that is composed of many texture tiles
cocosdenshion:offer the interfaces to play background music and sound effect
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