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cocos2d-x for xna 1.0.0 Feb.17 2012
* This is the 3d-alpha version of cocos2d-x for xna.
* And the primary features of the engine have been realized.
Primary Features
director:manages how and when to execute the Scenes
node:the main element, anything thats gets drawn or contains things that get drawn is a CCNode
layer:inherites from node and implements the TouchEventsDelegate protocol
scene:organizes the nodes and then run, actually shown, by the director
sprite:a kind of node binding a 2d image with corresponding features
menu:responses to the clicks
labelttf:be used to render text labels
particle system:nearly thirty particle examples are shown in tests, supports plist
tilemap:a kind of map that is composed of many texture tiles
cocosdenshion:offer the interfaces to play background music and sound effect
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