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maintainer "DataStax"
maintainer_email ""
license "Apache License"
description "Install and configure Cassandra in a multi-node environment"
long_description, 'README.rdoc'))
version "0.1.4"
depends "apt"
recipe "cassandra::default", "Runs the full list of scripts needed."
recipe "cassandra::setup_repos", "Sets up the Apache Cassandra and DataStax Repos."
recipe "cassandra::required_packages", "Installs required packages, primarily sun-java-sdk."
recipe "cassandra::optional_packages", "Installs extra tools for Cassandra maintenance."
recipe "cassandra::install", "Installs the actual Cassandra package."
recipe "cassandra::additional_settings", "Additional settings for optimal performance for the cluster."
recipe "cassandra::token_generation", "Generates the token positions for the cluster."
recipe "cassandra::create_seed_list", "Generates the seed lists for the cluster."
recipe "cassandra::write_configs", "Writes the configurations for Cassandra."
recipe "cassandra::restart_service", "Restarts the Cassandra service."
attribute "setup",
:display_name => "Setup Configurations",
:description => "Hash of Setup Configurations",
:type => "hash"
attribute "setup/deployment",
:display_name => "Deployment Version",
:description => "The deployment version for Cassandra. Choices are '07x', or '08x'",
:default => "08x"
attribute "setup/cluster_size",
:display_name => "Cluster Size",
:description => "Total number of nodes in the cluster",
:default => "4"
attribute "setup/current_role",
:display_name => "Current Role Being Assigned",
:description => "The role that the cluster is being assigned",
:default => "cassandra"
attribute "cassandra",
:display_name => "Cassandra",
:description => "Hash of Cassandra attributes",
:type => "hash"
attribute "cassandra/cluster_name",
:display_name => "Cassandra Cluster Name",
:description => "Keeps clusters together, not allowing servers from other clusters to talk",
:default => "Cassandra Cluster"
attribute "cassandra/commitlog_dir",
:display_name => "Cassandra Commit Log Directory",
:description => "The location for the commit log (preferably on it's own drive or RAID0 device)",
:default => "/var/lib"
attribute "cassandra/data_dir",
:display_name => "Cassandra Data Directory",
:description => "The location for the data directory (preferably on it's own drive or RAID0 device)",
:default => "/var/lib"
attribute "cassandra/token_position",
:display_name => "Cassandra Initial Token Position",
:description => "For use when adding a node that may have previously failed or been destroyed",
:default => "false"
attribute "cassandra/initial_token",
:display_name => "Cassandra Initial Token",
:description => "The standard initial token",
:default => "false"
attribute "cassandra/seed",
:display_name => "Cassandra Seed Server",
:description => "The comma seperated list of seeds (Make sure to include one seed from each datacenter minimum)",
:default => "false"
attribute "cassandra/rpc_address",
:display_name => "Cassandra RPC Address",
:description => "The address to bind the Thrift RPC service to (False sets RPC Address to the private IP)",
:default => "false"
attribute "cassandra/confPath",
:display_name => "Cassandra Settings Path",
:description => "The path for cassandra.yaml and",
:default => "/etc/cassandra/"
attribute "internal",
:display_name => "Internal Hash",
:description => "Hash of Internal attributes",
:type => "hash"
attribute "internal/prime",
:display_name => "Internal Hash Primer",
:description => "Primes a datastore for internal use only",
:default => "true"