Azure CosmosDB REST API Wrapper for PHP
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Azure Cosmos DB (Document DB) REST API Wrapper for PHP.
Pear HTTP_Request2 module needed.


  • Add "replaceDocument" method (2.8)
  • Add "Trigger" support (2.7)
  • Add "User Defined Function" support (2.6)
  • Add "Stored Procedure" support (2.5)
  • Add "Permission" support (2.4)
  • Add "Offer" support (2.3)
  • Update API versipon "2017-02-22" (2.2)
  • Add "DocDB" Command Line Tool to check SQL directly.
  • Add "deleteDocument" method (2.1).
  • HTTP_Request2 needed (2.0).


For using Azure Cosmos DB, select API "SQL (DocumentDB)". Now these APIs are supported.

  • Database
  • User
  • Collection
  • Document
  • Attachment
  • Offer
  • Permission
  • Stored Procedure
  • User Defined Function
  • Trigger


require_once 'phpdocumentdb.php';
$host = '';
$master_key = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=';

// connect DocumentDB
$documentdb = new DocumentDB($host, $master_key);

// select Database or create
$db = $documentdb->selectDB("db_test");

// select Collection or create
$col = $db->selectCollection("col_test");

// store JSON document ("id" needed)
$data = '{"id":"1234567890", "FirstName": "Paul","LastName": "Smith"}';
$result = $col->createDocument($data);

// run query
$json = $col->query("SELECT * FROM col_test");

// Debug
$object = json_decode($json);

// get document ResourceID
$json = $col->query("SELECT col_test._rid FROM col_test");
$object = json_decode($json);

// replace document (specify document _rid when created)
$rid = "In4LANe-bbAAAAAAAAAAAA==";
$newData = '{"id":"1234567890", "FirstName": "Jane","LastName": "Doe"}';
echo $col->replaceDocument($rid,$newData);

// delete document (specify document _rid when created)
$rid = "In4LANe-bbAAAAAAAAAAAA==";
echo $col->deleteDocument($rid);

DocDB (Command line tool for executing SQL on Azure DocumentDB)

Before execute, you don't forget to install "HTTP_Request2" !!

usage: php DocDB -h URI -k PRIMARY/SECONDARY_KEY -d Database -c Collection -q SQL

DocAdd (Command line tool for creating documents on Azure DocumentDB)

Before execute, you don't forget to install "HTTP_Request2" !!

usage: php DocAdd -h URI -k PRIMARY/SECONDARY_KEY -d Database -c Collection -f JSON_file