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Web app for drag drop building bootstrap forms.
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Bootstrap Form Builder

What's this?

A Drag-and-drop form builder for twitter bootstrap.

Currently using v. 2.3.1 :dolphin:

Where can I see it in action?

It's hosted on github pages here.


  • For development & debugging change the data-main for the require script tag in index.html to point at assets/js/main.js. (Look just before the closing <body> tag!)

  • Once done, change it back to build for production using the build.js script in the assets/js/lib folder and r.js. Then revert to assets/js/main-built.js

  • The full command is r.js -o assets/js/lib/build.js which should be run from the base directory.

Adding new form elements

  • In the js/data/yaml folder are yaml files, each of which corresponds to a tab in the form builder.
  • If you just want to add a new element you need to:
  • If you want to add a new tab, you'll also need to adjust the app.js file to make sure the tab is loaded.

Don't forget to switch to main.js rather than main-built.js, or the changes you make before compiling with require.js won't show up!

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