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jQuery is all like "You images done yet or what?"
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A small jQuery plugin that triggers a callback after all the selected/child images have been loaded. Because you can't do .load() on cached images.

$('#my-container').imagesLoaded( function( $images ) {
  // callback provides one argument, the jQuery object of child images
  console.log( $images.length + ' images have been loaded in ' + this )

You can call imagesLoaded on a set of images as well.

$('.article img').imagesLoaded( myFunction );

See demo

Used in Masonry and Isotope.


It ain't easy knowing when images have loaded. Every browser has its own little quirks that make this a difficult task to develop a cross-browser solution. Pull requests, testing, issues, and commentary are all highly encouraged (pleasepleaseplease) and very much appreciated.


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