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Release Notes
After merge/release:
Implementation notes
* Cannot get rid of interactive stuff for IE because requirejs supports loading
plain JS files that may not call define(). Since they do not call define, if
they are loaded in between anon define call scripts, since onload on scripts
do not fire immediately after script execution, the wrong names can be associated
with scripts.
- robust handling for anon modules loaded outside loader.
- Just remove packages config altogether, suggest volojs for making adapter modules.
-> Allow 'module': '' and 'module/': '' config instead of packages config.
Tests to write:
- mapConfig test for packages.
Next release
- ie 10, order plugin not working?
- add pluginBuilder to the load api
- require-cs circular ref:
- make a decision matrix of when to use what. Mention lowercase names for file name convention.
- paths entry for to remote domain/port, but then do a require.toUrl('') and it returns
a local path instead of the remote path?
- has() source trimming, needs brace matching?
- Update the coffeescript plugin to use the writeFile API?