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SC17 showfloor heatmap

Reads data from a Cisco Prime and turns it into a heatmap of clients associations. Needs manual input for AP locations. It also supports live bandwidth heatmaps, which update in realtime with sFlow-RT.


See the following youtube video:

How to run

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Create a config.ini (based on config.ini.EXAMPLE)
  3. Get current ap_list.json from a Prime: ./ > website/ap_list.json
  4. Get a floormap image (in SVG and PNG) and save it to website/floormap.*
  5. Use ./ to create website/ap_loc.json file
    1. Load File... (website/floorplan.png)
    2. Load AP List.. (website/ap_list.json)
    3. See terminal for AP name and click on location (Zoom with CMD++ and CMD+-)
    4. Skip APs with CMD+n and go back to last AP with CMD+b
    5. Save AP Locations to website/ap_loc.json
  6. Point browser to website/index.html (e.g., with ./ in website)
  7. Add ?show_aps to URL to also show AP placement on showfloor.

Live sFlow-RT version

  1. Create an sFlow-RT app, as described here with the following script:
controller = ""; // needs to be changed

  keys: "if:ipsource:"+controller+":ipdestination:ipsource",
  filter:"(ipsource="+controller+" & udpsourceport=5247) | (ipdestination="+controller+" & udpdestinationport=5247)",
  t: 10
  1. Update the sFlow-RT URL in the index_traffic.html file, to point to your app.
  2. Open up website/index_traffic.html, which will update every 200ms.
  3. To change interval use ?interval=1000 (for 1 second updates).


  • Center map (currently it is aligned left)


  • Julian Hammer
  • Neil McKee (sFlow-RT integration)


GNU Affero General Public License Version 3.0