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  • v5.1.0
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  • v5.1.0
  • 8e8915f
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@netcanvas-bot netcanvas-bot released this Jan 21, 2020 · 71 commits to master since this release

Welcome to Network Canvas 5.1.0

This release includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • Support for four new input types: Slider, DatePicker, Relative Date Picker, and Text Area.
    • Slider: An input that allows you to implement a Visual Analog Scale (VAS) on a form.
    • DatePicker: This input allows you to capture data information in various resolutions (Year/Month/Day, Year/Month, Year).
    • Relative Date Picker: As above, except automatically bounded by distance from an "anchor date". Allows questions such as "Within the past 6 weeks...".
    • Text Area: A text input for longer format text entry.
  • Support for protocol schema version 3.
  • Fixes for rendering issues that were impacting Android devices.
  • Changed the behavior of the finish interview screen to not default to deleting the interview session on finish.

Known Issues

  • On the ordinal bin interface with devices running Android, individual bins cannot be scrolled and there are rendering glitches. We are investigating a fix targeted for the next release.
  • Switching between protocols on the start screen is stuttery on iOS. We are investigating the cause of this issue.
  • When scrolling on Android devices, scrolling momentum sometimes abruptly stops/reverses. We are investigating the cause of this issue.
  • Information interfaces using video may not be working on Android devices. We are investigating the cause of this issue.
  • Loading CSV formatted data performs poorly, particularly on mobile devices. This operation is CPU intensive, and causes devices to stall, sometimes for multiple seconds.
    • Strategies for mediation: Use alternative data formats, and/or minimise the size of external data files. Use more powerful devices. Use the Name Generator Roster (Large) interface, which performs slightly better.
    • Long term resolution: Parse external data when session starts (potentially to temporary storage), and stream it into memory on stage load.
  • The Name Generator Roster (Search) interface does not work well on devices with software keyboards.
    • Strategies for mediation: Use alternative platforms if this feature is important for your research.
    • Long term resolution: Adjust the styling to better work within the constraints of devices with limited vertical space.
  • Large protocols may cause the app to crash during import on iOS.
    • Strategies for mediation: Do not include large assets in protocols. Avoid using iOS if large assets are essential.
    • Long term resolution: Attempt to implement unzipping within a stream.

This app is part of a free, open-source suite of tools for the collection of social network data developed through the Complex Data Collective, a registered not-for-profit, and funded by the National Institutes of Health (R01 DA042711). Network Canvas is a collaboration between Northwestern University and the University of Oxford managed out of Northwestern’s Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing.

For documentation, further information about the project, and download links for the other apps in the suite, visit

Please also support this project by providing feedback! To contribute feedback, email our project team at

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