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@netcanvas-bot netcanvas-bot released this Jun 17, 2019

Welcome to Server Beta 1!

Server is a data management tool that allows you to securely deploy interview protocols to Network Canvas devices, and receive data back from them. It provides an overview dashboard where you can see the status of your data at a glance, and allows you to export this data in a format of your choosing.

This app is part of a free, open-source suite of tools for the collection of social network data developed through the Complex Data Collective, a registered not-for-profit, and funded by the National Institutes of Health (R01 DA042711). Network Canvas is a collaboration between Northwestern University and the University of Oxford managed out of Northwestern’s Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing.

For documentation, further information about the project, and download links for the other apps in the suite, visit

Please also support this project by providing feedback! To contribute feedback, email our project team at

Release notes:

  • This release contains several small fixes since our initial beta release, and is recommended for all users.

There are several "known issues" with this release. Please find them below.

  • There are no charts for Ego variables on the overview screen.
    • Strategies for mediation: None.
    • Long term resolution: We hope to implement these charts in the next release
  • Attempting to import an invalid protocol may cause the app to crash
    • Strategies for mediation: Ensure your protocol is valid before importing, and report instances where crashing occurs (including the protocol file that caused the crash wherever possible).
    • Long term resolution: Handle protocol import errors more effectively.
  • Session list is limited to 100 sessions. More sessions can be imported and exported, but they are not shown in the session list.
    • Strategies for mediation: None. Please contact us if you wish to collect more observations than the current limit.
    • Long term resolution: Implement pagination or lazy loading for the session browser.
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