Git versioning used in Codacy
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Git versioning used in Codacy.

The goal is to have a simple versioning system for our internal projects that we can use to track the different releases.

This tool returns in standard output the current version (e.g. to be used for tagging) depending on the git history and commit messages.

The versioning scheme is assumed to be Semver.


To use this tool you will need to install a few dependencies:


sudo apt-get install \
  libevent-dev \


sudo dnf -y install \
  libevent-devel \


apk add --update --no-cache --force-overwrite \
  gc-dev pcre-dev libevent-dev \


brew install \
  libevent \

Versioning Model

Creates a version with the format MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH

To use this you need to be in the working dir of a git project:

$ ./git-version

Versions are incremented since last tag. The patch version is incremented by default, unless there is at least one commit since the last tag, containing feature: or breaking: in the message.

On branches other than master and dev the version is a variation of the latest common tag with master, and has the following format:


On the dev branch the format is following:



---A---B---C <= Master (tag: 1.0.1)        L <= Master (git-version: 1.0.2)
            \                             /
             D---E---F---G---H---I---J---K <= Foo (git-version: 1.0.2-foo.5e30d83)

Example2 (with dev branch):

---A---B---C <= Master (tag: 1.0.1)        L <= Master (git-version: 1.0.2)
            \                             / <= Fast-forward merges to master (same commit id)
             C                           L <= Dev (git-version: 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT.5e30d83)
              \                         /
               E---F---G---H---I---J---K <= Foo (new_version: 1.0.1-foo.5e30d83)

Example3 (with breaking message):

---A---B---C <= Master (tag: 1.0.1)        L <= Master (git-version: 2.0.0)
            \                             /
             D---E---F---G---H---I---J---K <= Foo (git-version: 2.0.0-foo.5e30d83)
                                         message: "breaking: removed api parameter"


Use this image directly on CircleCI for simple steps

version: 2
    machine: true
    working_directory: /app
      - checkout
      - run:
          name: get new version
          command: |
            NEW_VERSION=$(docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/repo codacy/git-version)
            echo $NEW_VERSION

Build and Publish

The pipeline in circleci can deploy this for you when the code is pushed to the remote.

To compile locally you need to install crystal and possibly all required libraries

You can also run everything locally using the makefile.

To get the list of available commands:

$ make help


Great inspiration for this tool has been taken from: GitVersion

What is Codacy

Codacy is an Automated Code Review Tool that monitors your technical debt, helps you improve your code quality, teaches best practices to your developers, and helps you save time in Code Reviews.

Among Codacy’s features

  • Identify new Static Analysis issues
  • Commit and Pull Request Analysis with GitHub, BitBucket/Stash, GitLab (and also direct git repositories)
  • Auto-comments on Commits and Pull Requests
  • Integrations with Slack, HipChat, Jira, YouTrack
  • Track issues in Code Style, Security, Error Proneness, Performance, Unused Code and other categories

Codacy also helps keep track of Code Coverage, Code Duplication, and Code Complexity.

Codacy supports PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, and Scala, among others.

Free for Open Source

Codacy is free for Open Source projects.


git-version is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.