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[ABANDONED] Simple, fast actors for Scala.
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Simple, fast actors for Scala.


  • Java SE 6
  • Scala 2.8 Beta1
  • JetLang 0.2.0

How To Use

First, specify Metrics as a dependency:

val codaRepo = "Coda Hale's Repository" at ""
val guild = "com.codahale" % "guild_2.8.0.Beta1" % "0.1.0" withSources()

(Or whatever gets Ivy or Maven to work for you.)

Second, write an actor:

import com.codahale.guild.Actor

class MyActor extends Actor[Any, Any] {
  def onMessage(msg: Any) = {
    msg match {
      case i: Int => i + i
      case s: String => println("Hello " + s)

(Yes, that's it. No partially applied functions, just a method.)

Third, start the actor:

val actor = new MyActor

Fourth, send the actor a message asynchronously:

// prints out "Hello world!"

Fifth, synchronously send the actor a message and get a response:

// prints out "40"

(No, there isn't a ! method or a !? method or a \m/ method. If you feel that they add clarity to your code, feel free to add them to a trait and extend your actor classes with them.)

For your Asynchronous Message-Passing Merit Badge, check out actor pools, which dispatch messages to a pool of actor workers:

import com.codahale.guild.{Actor, ActorFactory, ActorPool}

class StringCounter extends Actor[String, Int] {
  def onMessage(s: String) = s.length

class StringCounterFactory extends ActorFactory[String, Int, StringCounter] {
  def createActor() = new StringCounter

val factory = new StringCounterFactory
val counterPool = new ActorPool(factory)

pool.start(4) // start up 4 instances of StringCounter"yesssss")


Copyright (c) 2010 Coda Hale; Published under The MIT License, see LICENSE.