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v0.5.0: Oct 07 2011

  • Added canSerialize and canDeserialize.
  • Upgraded Jackson to 1.9.0.
  • Dropped support for Scala 2.8.1, added support for 2.8.2. Upgrade.
  • Dropped support for 2.9.0-1. Upgrade.

v0.4.2: Sep 16 2011

  • Added support for case classes with multiple constructors.
  • Added support for snake_cased JSON field names via the @JsonSnakeCase annotation.

v0.4.1: Sep 13 2011

  • Added @JsonIgnoreProperties support.
  • No longer serializing transient members of case classes.
  • Upgraded to Jackson 1.8.x. (Jerkson will now track the highest available version in the 1.8.x series.)

v0.4.0: Jul 25 2011

  • Upgraded to Jackson 1.8.3.
  • Fixed deserialization of empty JSON objects as JValue instances.
  • Fixed deserialization of Map[java.lang.Integer, A] and Map[java.lang.Long, A] instances.
  • Fixed deserialization of case classes in weird bytecode environments like Play.
  • Added support for case classes nested in objects.
  • Allowed for deserializing BigInt and BigDecimal instances from anything those classes can parse as text.
  • Added a cache for type manifests.

v0.3.2: Jun 09 2011

  • Added[A](Reader).
  • Fix NullPointerException when deserializing Map instances from weird JSON values.

v0.3.1: Jun 05 2011

  • Added support for deserializing Map[Int, _] and Map[Long, _] instances.

v0.3.0: Jun 04 2011

  • Added a very comprehensive set of tests, refactored around support for various types. (h/t Daniel Brown)
  • Added support for StringBuilder, Array[A], immutable._, mutable._, collection._ classes, AST classes, and others.
  • Fixed error messages when parsing empty JSON objects as case classes.
  • Enabled caching of all serializers and deserializers.
  • Switched to Maven for builds.
  • Removed the deprecated Parser#parseStreamOf.

v0.2.2: May 18 2011

  • Upgraded to Jackson 1.7.7.
  • Fixed bugs in parsing case classes with other specially-namespaced types.

v0.2.1: May 12 2011

  • Fixed bug in parsing case classes with List[A] members (and anything else which is typed in the scala package.

v0.2.0: May 12 2011

  • Now cross-built for Scala 2.9.0.
  • Changed to parse the embedded Scala signature in case classes by using an embedded version of scalap. No longer depends on Paranamer.
  • Serializing a case class with a None field now elides the entire field instead of serializing the Option[A] as null.
  • Removed explicit flushes to output.

v0.1.8: May 05 2011

  • Upgraded to Jackson 1.7.6.
  • Added selectors to JValue and friends.
  • Extracted out the Json trait for extensibility.
  • Added support for Iterator and Set instances.
  • Fixed deserialization of empty Maps.

v0.1.7: Mar 31 2011

  • Upgraded to Jackson 1.7.4.

v0.1.6: Feb 18 2011

  • Serialize None instances to null. (h/t Alex Cruise again)

v0.1.5: Feb 18 2011

  • Added ability to actually serialize Option instances. (h/t Alex Cruise)

v0.1.4: Jan 17 2011

  • Upgraded to Jackson 1.7.1, which fixes the buffer overruns
  • Handle empty JSON documents w/o resorting to EOFException

v0.1.3: Jan 12 2011

  • Quick fix for potential buffer overrun errors in huge case classes (JACKSON-462).

v0.1.2: Jan 07 2011

  • Upgraded to Jackson 1.7.0.
  • Added support for Either[A, B] instances.
  • Internal refactoring of Json.

v0.1.1: Dec 09 2010

  • Upgraded to Jackson 1.6.3.
  • Added StreamingIterator,, and deprecated Json.parseStreamOf.
  • Fixed support for lazy val and var members of case classes.
  • Added support for @JsonIgnore for case classes.

v0.1.0: Dec 03 2010

  • Initial release. Totally awesome.