Dev_Issue tracking

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This page describes how to file and track issues for the CodaLab project. All bugs are tracked as issues in the CodaLab GitHub repository.

Entering bugs:

  • Add a meaningful title.
  • Add the 'Bug' and 'New' labels, to identify the issue as a bug.
  • Assign a priority - 'P1' or 'P2' or 'P3' (see priority definitions below).
  • Mark the but as either 'Worksheets' or 'Competitions'.
  • Assign the issue to the appropriate person if known, otherwise leave it unassigned.
  • Select the appropriate milestone if known, otherwise leave it unselected.
  • Use the Comment field to describe the issue. Be sure to include the appropriate repro steps, screen shots, and so forth, as well as the expected outcome.

Priority Definitions:

  1. Ship Blocker - Must be fixed before shipping
  2. Should be fixed before shipping, painful to cut
  3. Nice to have

Triaging Bugs:

  • Remove the 'New' label.
  • Add or adjust Priority label, as appropriate.
  • Assign the issue to the appropriate person.
  • Select the appropriate milestone.

Closing Bugs:

  • Add the appropriate comments.
  • Close the issue.

Searching bugs

GitHub provides quite a few options to search issues. Options are explained in this article. For example, if you wanted to find all opened bug with “About” in the title, then use the search string:

about in:title state:open

To further restrict the results to P2 bugs:

about in:title state:open label:Bug label:P2