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Scenarios targeted for November

1 Upload to & download from MyCodaLab using the CodaLab execution client

I have installed the CodaLab execution client on my machine.

As a registered user of CodaLab, I can obtain a token which allows the client tool to connect to my account on the CodaLab site.

I create a bundle locally. Then, using the client tool and appropriate credentials, I can issue a command to upload the bundle to my account.

Likewise, given the URL for a bundle in my account, I can issue a command in the client tool to download it.


  • How are bundles named? What does the URL to my bundle look like?
  • Need to agree on an archiving format for bundles: ZIP? A key attribute is that we must be able to read part of a bundle without having to decompress the entire bundle.
  • Checksums should be used to validate the integrity of a bundle (see current prototype)
  • Thoughts on dealing with dependencies. In particular what does it mean to upload a bundle that has dependent bundles which only exist locally. In the first pass, we could assume that bundles do not have dependencies.
  • What are notes in the current prototype.

2.1 View my bundles on the CodaLab web site

After I login on the CodaLab web site, I can access pages under MyCodaLab that allow me to see the bundles that I have uploaded with the client tools. Each item in the bundle list view shows key attributes of the bundle (e.g. title, when created, type...)

2.2 View the details of my bundle.

(Not sure if that's important in the short term) From the list view for my bundles, I can select a bundle and see more information about it.

2.3 Download a bundle from the CodaLab web site

From the list view for my bundles, I have the option to download any bundle that I choose. I download them one at a time.

2.4 Upload a bundle to the CodaLab web site from a page on the site itself.

On the CodaLab web site, I can access a page that allows me to upload a bundle to the site. I must be logged in to do the upload.