Test_Update a Windows Azure Ubuntu Virtual Machine

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  1. Now Launch PuTTy from your Start menu

    For our project, include the following Host Name information

    Linux - dev: cl-dev-ubuntu.cloudapp.net 
    Linux – test: cl-test1-ubuntu.cloudapp.net
  2. Login to your VM via ssh as: azureuser <password provided at vm build - Step 3)

If no breaking changes have been made to the CodaLab codebase (which should be communicated in the github issue),

  1. Update CodaLab
    1. kill -9 ps auwx | grep -e "python \./.*py" | awk '{ print $2 }' | xargs
    2. cd codalab
    3. git pull
    4. source venv/bin/activate
    5. rm dev_db.sqlite
    6. python codalab/manage.py syncdb
    7. python codalab/scripts/initialize.py
    8. python codalab/scripts/users.py
    9. python codalab/scripts/competitions.py
    10. ./run_on_linux_vm.sh

Otherwise, if breaking changes are made,

  1. Update CodaLab (if breaking changes have been made)
    1. kill -9 `ps auwx | grep python | grep codalab | awk '{ print }' | xargs`
    2. rm -rf codalab
    3. Follow the instructions to run CodaLab from github on Linux

Now you should be able to open a browser and type in your DNS URL to access CodaLab. In this example it would be http://cl-dev-ubuntu.cloudapp.net/