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Dockerfile to build an Errbot (the pluggable chatbot) container image.

Current Version: 4.3

Quick Start

docker run -d \
    --name err \
    -e BOT_USERNAME=err@xmmp.local \
    -e BOT_PASSWORD=errbotpwd \
    -e BOT_ADMINS=admin@xmpp.local \
    -e CHATROOM_PRESENCE=err@conference.xmpp.local \
    -e "TZ=Europe/Berlin" \

or try the docker compose example

docker-compose up


Image Runtime Config

  • WAIT: Seconds to sleep before starting the bot. Defaults to None

Bot Runtime Config

Below is the complete list of available options that can be used to customize your Err bot. See for complete settings documentation.

  • BACKEND: Chat server type. (XMPP, Text, HipChat, Slack, IRC). Defaults to XMPP.
  • BOT_LOG_LEVEL: Change log level. Defaults to INFO.
  • BOT_USERNAME: The UID for the bot user.
  • BOT_PASSWORD: The corresponding password for the user.
  • BOT_TOKEN: Token for HipChat and Slack backend.
  • BOT_SERVER: Server address for XMPP and HipChat.
  • BOT_PORT: Server port.
  • BOT_SSL: Use SSL for IRC backend. Default to False.
  • BOT_ENDPOINT: HipChat endpoint for hosted HipChat.
  • BOT_NICKNAME: Nickname for IRC backend.
  • BOT_ADMINS: Bot admins separated with comma. Defaults to admin@localhost.
  • CHATROOM_PRESENCE: Chatrooms your bot should join on startup.
  • CHATROOM_FN: The FullName, or nickname, your bot should use. Defaults to Err.
  • XMPP_CA_CERT_FILE: Path to a file containing certificate authorities. Default to None.
  • BOT_PREFIX: Command prefix for the bot. Default to !.
  • BOT_PREFIX_OPTIONAL_ON_CHAT: Optional prefix for normal chat. Default to False.
  • BOT_ALT_PREFIXES: Alternative prefixes.
  • BOT_ALT_PREFIX_SEPARATORS: Alternative prefixes separators.
  • BOT_ALT_PREFIX_CASEINSENSITIVE: Require correct capitalization. Defaults to False.
  • HIDE_RESTRICTED_COMMANDS: Hide the restricted commands from the help output. Defaults to False.
  • HIDE_RESTRICTED_ACCESS: Do not reply error message. Defaults to False.
  • DIVERT_TO_PRIVATE: Private commands.
  • MESSAGE_SIZE_LIMIT: Maximum length a single message may be. Defaults to 10000.


For storage of the application data, you should mount a volume at

  • /srv

Create the directories for the volume

mkdir /tmp/errbot /tmp/errbot/ssl /tmp/errbot/data /tmp/errbot/plugins
chmod -R 777 /tmp/errbot

Use your own config file

curl -sL -o /tmp/errbot/

Run Err with extra arguments

If you pass arguments to Errbot you have to set the -c /srv/ argument by your self to run with the default config.

Alternative config file

docker run -it -v /tmp/errbot:/srv rroemhild/errbot /app/venv/bin/ -c /srv/

Err Help

$ docker run rroemhild/errbot /app/venv/bin/ -h

Run with text debug backend

docker run -it -v /tmp/errbot:/srv rroemhild/errbot /app/venv/bin/ -c /srv/ -T

Exposed Ports

  • 3142 (Webserver if configured)