A browser extension that shows the current week!
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Week Ly - Week Number

GitHub version License: MIT

A simple Firefox Extension, designed to show you the currrent week of the year.

Please feel free to report any bugs you may find as an issue or via Git Reports.

Our quotes are all from www.brainyquote.com. All quotes are the property of their respective owners.

Official Page: https://codarren.com/2017/05/week-ly-browser-extension-shows-current-week/


Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/week-ly/?src=github

Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/week-ly/endnddbohopbmapkpghdigekfngmjldj

Opera: https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/week-ly-week-number


1.2.4 fix

  • fix issue with image number

1.2.2 WK33 -14 August

  • Week 33 quotes updated

1.2.2 WK32 -06 August

  • Week 32 quotes updated

1.2.2 WK31 -30 July

  • Week 31 quotes updated

1.2.2 WK30 -27 July

  • Week 30 quotes updated

1.2.3 - Bugfix for 15 quotes

  • Corrected a bug that would not show any quotes above 10
  • Following increase in the number of quotes

1.2.2 WK27 - 02 July

  • Week 27 quotes updated

1.2.2 release - Security and performance improved

  • Improved performance
  • Sanitized parts of code

1.2.1 release - Completely Reworked Week Ly

  • Quotes and authors are now synchronized to external .json file
  • Weekly no longer needs to be updated.

1.2.0 pre-release - Added quotes in json format

  • Quotes are now retrieved from .json

1.1.8 release - Updated weekly quotes

  • Minor update Week ly quotes (WK 25)

1.1.7 release - Updated weekly quotes

  • Minor update Week ly quotes (WK 24)

1.1.6 release - Updated weekly quotes

  • Minor update Week ly quotes (WK 23)

1.1.5 release - Updated weekly quotes

  • Minor update Week ly quotes (WK 22)

1.1.4 release - Updated weekly quotes + check frequency

  • Updated Week ly quotes
  • Fix Week Ly check frequency

1.1.3 release - Code Sanitization

  • Sanitized some parts of the code

1.1.2 release - Added quotes

  • A random quote will show up when clicked

1.1.1 pre-release - Added tooltip

  • Tooltip shows current week number

1.1.0 release - product logo - set to 09

  • As a tribute to my very supportive girlfriend's Birthdate

1.0.0 was born - 15/05/2017

  • Just does the job, calculates week number