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For a non developers, the front end is pulled from SVN and loaded into the JCR, so there is no action necessary,
you can mount the JCR repository with webdav and work from there, however, you may want to work with SVN directly
in which case the procedure outlined below can be used to mount normal file system space from your development machine into
the URL space of the SlingK2 server.
The front end is stored on the filesystem, at least for now. Checkout dev and devwidgets somewhere on
your filesystem.
The next thing you need to do is to tell the backend where you've put that, so that it can map it into the
URL space. That mapping is done by the currently poorly named uxloader service. This uses the
uxloader.config configuration parameter. The syntax of that is as follows:
A semicolon-separated list of colon-separated pairs. The first part is the url prefix, and the second part
the corresponding filesystem prefix. The default is /dev:/tmp/dev;/devwidgets:/tmp/devwidgets .
If that's not acceptable to you, you will need to override that setting by providing an can be in any directory between where the app thinks it's running and /. You might want to
put it into "osgikernel" or perhaps your homedirectory or /usr/local if you're running it from there.
For example
That's for these frontend checkouts:
svn co dev
svn co devwidgets