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Added Comment to discussion types.

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commit f5ede44334fd3a510b0bfa58e50a94c010a6bfae 1 parent b088e1d
@ieb ieb authored
7 .../osgikernel/bundles/discussion/src/main/java/org/sakaiproject/kernel/api/discussion/
@@ -3,6 +3,13 @@
public enum DiscussionTypes {
discussion, comment;
+ // TODO: IMHO, hasValue should not do things like this. We have an enum, and we are
+ // encouraging abuse of the enum since Discssion DiScUsSiOn are all ok, but wont be
+ // searchable, and can't be coerced into the DiscussionType I would rather using
+ // DiscussionTypes.valueOf(string) and catch
+ // the InvalidArgumentException
public static boolean hasValue(String s) {
DiscussionTypes[] types = values();
for (DiscussionTypes t : types) {
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