Automatically convert markdown/rst/textile/etc documents to PDF/HTML/etc when uploading to JIRA.
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Automatically converts many kinds of markup into fancy PDF files when uploading to JIRA.

For example: it transforms markup like this into markup like this.


  1. Install from PIP:

    pip install jirafs-pandoc
  2. Enable for a ticket folder:

    jirafs plugins --enable=pandoc

Note that you can globally enable this (or any) plugin by adding the --global flag to the above command:

jirafs plugins --global --enable=pandoc


Depending upon which output format you utilize, your requirements may vary:

  • PDF Output: Both pandoc and xelatex are required.
  • Other output formats: Only pandoc is required.

Supported Input Formats and Extensions

  • Text Formats (extra)
    • *.text
    • *.txt
  • HTML (html)
    • *.html
    • *.htm
  • JSON (pandoc AST) (json)
    • *.json
  • Latex (latex)
    • *.latex
    • *.tex
    • *.ltx
  • Markdown (markdown)
    • *.markdown
    • *.mkd
    • *.md
    • *.pandoc
    • *.pdk
    • *.pd
    • *.pdc
  • Native Pandoc (native)
    • *.hs
  • reStructuredText (rst)
    • *.rst
  • Textile (textile)
    • *.textile

Supported Output Formats

Common output formats include:

  • PDF (pdf)
  • HTML (html)
  • RTF (rtf)

But, you can use any output format supported by Pandoc. Please check which formats your version of Pandoc supports by running:

pandoc --help

Optional Configuration

  • Default Input Formats: markdown, reStructuredText, and textile. See Configuring Input Formats for details on how to limit or expand which files will be transformed.
  • Default Output Format: PDF. See Configuring Output Format for details on how to set which output format will be used.

Configuring Input Formats

By default, only markdown, reStructuredText, and textile files are transformed, but you can change which files will be transformed on a format or extension basis using either the pandoc.enabled_input_extensions or the pandoc.enabled_input_formats settings.

To limit to only specific extensions, set the pandoc.enabled_input_extensions setting; for example, to only transform reStructuredText and textile documents into PDFs, you would run:

jirafs config --set pandoc.enabled_input_extensions rst,textile

To limit to only specific formats, set the pandoc.enabled_input_formats setting. To limit to transforming only markdown and textile documents, you could run:

jirafs config --set pandoc.enabled_input_formats markdown,textile

Configuring Output Format

By default, markup files will be converted into PDF files, but you can convert to HTML (or any other supported format) instead by setting the pandoc.output_format setting:

jirafs config --set pandoc.output_format html