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WARNING: This project has long-since been unmaintained and is very unlikely to still be usable as-is on modern versions of Gnome. Good luck, though!

Push-to-talk for Linux

This gnome application allows one to assign a key (by default F12) that will unmute one's microphone while pushed.


  • setuptools
  • pygtk
  • Xlib

On Ubuntu, this is as easy as running sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-gtk2 python-xlib.


  1. Run sudo python install.
  2. Run ptt.

If the application immediately closes with the message "You must log-out and log-in again for your system tray icon to appear.", log-out and log-back in again; a system settings change was required.

Changing the Push-to-talk Key

  1. Right-click on the microphone icon in your system tray.
  2. Click 'Set Key'.
  3. Press the key you'd like to use.