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Code and Effect

We develop association management software for professional and regulatory associations and colleges. Built using Ruby on Rails.


  1. An effective ActiveRecord to Datatables dsl for Ruby on Rails. Make intelligent tables quickly.

    JavaScript 132 34

  2. Quickly build an online store with carts, orders, automatic email receipts and payment collection via Stripe, PayPal and Moneris.

    Ruby 44 11

  3. Everything you need to get set up with bootstrap 4.

    JavaScript 7 8

  4. Replaces your Rails controllers, views and forms with meta programming. Considers routes.rb, ability.rb, current_user and does the right thing. It's ruby on rails, on effective rails.

    Ruby 13 4

  5. Stop testing and start test botting. Test your entire app without writing any tests. Rails system tests that should pass in every app.

    Ruby 9 4

  6. Create Liquid-based email templates in your rails app

    Ruby 37 9


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