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Pokémon Event Locator/Subscription Tool
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Pokémon Event Locator / Subscription Tool

This tool is a simple frontend around the official event locator. It's designed to allow you to quickly search for events by country, state, event type or game type, and then subscribe to those events via any tool that supports iCal subscriptions.

How to use this tool

If you just want to use the tool as is, there is a current version hosted on my server at You're free to subscribe to calendars generated from that site.

If you want to host this yourself, then follow these steps.

  1. Clone the code here on GitHub to your own server.
  2. Register for an account on to get an API key. You will need this to determine the correct time zone to use for each event.
  3. Register for an API key on, this is needed to support the ability to look up locations for coordinate based searches.
  4. Set up a database and run the latest version of the schema file in the resources/sql directory to create the base tables used by the tool.
  5. Set up a read only user and a read/write user (alternatively just use the one user).
  6. Copy the config.php.sample file in the resources/php directory to config.php and set up the necessary values, including your API key
  7. Set the update.php script to run via a scheduled job at whatever update interval you feel appropriate (I use hourly, there are currently ~2600 events on the official site, and at the default of 500 tournaments per run this will allow you to populate your database within 6 hours).

You should now have a full copy of the event database that you can use yourself.

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