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demo Starting interfaces for conventional messaging topology May 29, 2011
lib Fixing bugs in how queues and exchanges are bound for RabbitMQ Aug 8, 2011
misc/Experimental/Symbiote.Net Merging localChannelUpdate with master branch, and cleaning local repo Jun 1, 2011
packs Changing the nuspec file for Core to try an fix odd runtime issues Dec 15, 2010
scripts Improving the WebSocket configuration and handshake implementation Apr 16, 2010
tests Including Murmurhash3 port and tests in Symbiote.Core Aug 9, 2011
tools Cleaning up lib folders, solutions and dropping deprecated projects Mar 12, 2011
.gitignore Cleaning up assemblies that were added by accident Feb 7, 2011
LICENSE.txt Several improvements to Message and Rabbit via typed channels, protob… Oct 20, 2010
resharper_style.xml Hacking on tcp socket server for HTTP Feb 12, 2011